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Sunday 13 January 2008

Mariah and Jasmine Dotiwala
Christmas represents the birth of Christ. It also makes us think of snow, reindeer, Santa, fireplaces, Christmas trees, hot cocoa, skiing, snowboarding, gifts, horse-pulled sleigh rides and other Christmas card visuals. And thanks to Mariah, this is always my experience of the holiday season.
I began my adventure in New York at Mariah's home, where seven Escalades picked us - and our huge amount of luggage - up, and sped us to a private air-field. There, two private jets (G5's) awaited our arrival, and eggnog with champers was served to get us into the spirit.
Also joining us on our annual adventure was a new addition to MC's family: JJ (Jack Junior), a new Jack Russell puppy. MC's original, and already famous Jack (recently voted 3rd most famous dog in the world), this year decided to hang out in the Bahamas at MCs new house, where he enjoyed the warmth of the hot tub and rolling in the pink sand, whilst waiting for our New Year arrival.
We arrived in Aspen to deep powdery snow and the biggest house I've ever seen, with 10 bedrooms, complete with huge flat-screen TVs, real fireplaces, en suite sunken tubs, showers and walk in wardrobes. In addition, there was a 360 degree panoramic view of the mountains right outside my bedroom. On a few mornings, I watched real reindeer just chillin' outside my window.
On our first day, we were in our pyjamas, relaxing with Christmas music, (that's an MC Christmas tradition) and movies and hours in the hot tub, which was outside this year, in the centre of snowy hills and four huge fire-places.
The second day saw us eating all the good things that our chef whipped up - all in front of MC, who wasn't allowed to indulge at all, as she's shooting a video this fortnight for her new album, which is totally off the hook. I spent all holiday listening to it as MC sang parts to me and explained other more slick verses and choruses with double entendres. It really was like the best kinda listening party you could ever wish for.
By day three, MC threw all the diva rumours out into the snow (and we all know that she can surely diva it up), by sitting me in her make up chair and giving me a facial. Yes, really. From cleansing and scrubbing to moisturising with finesse, it was making me hysterical to see her pampering me, whilst saying, "Sit back and relax dah-ling. I can give you the best facial you'll ever have - you know I have 500 hours at beauty school."
That evening, we did the annual Denver Children's Charity evening that MC does, where 100 under-privileged kids are treated to snowboarding, skiing, dinner, games and fun, before MC arrives with Santa and his sleigh of reindeer and gives them all gifts and takes photos with them. Many of them have heartbreaking stories and this always makes us count our blessings and put our own lives in perspective.
On day four, we began our annual Brits versus the Yanks cussing session, where I was told that we Brits love us some Americanisms. I informed them that we taught them to speak English and until they could cuss me in their own language, they better keep quiet. Still, I was severely out-numbered so on this occasion, so the UK had to put up the white flag.
On day five, I encouraged our drivers to take me on a picturesque mountain walk, which was stunning. I wanted to take JJ on his first mountain walk like I do with his brother Jack, but he's too small right now. On day six - Christmas Eve - MC's Pastor Clarence Keaton and his wife Eartha flew in from NYC to give us some Brooklyn flavour, bring us the realness, pray with us and host a midnight service at the local church. (Mind you, by the time we arrived it was around 1am. Oops. He forgave us though.) After that, we spent hours wrapping gifts until 8am, when the kids in the house (nieces, nephews and friends' kids) awoke and got beyond over-excited at the incredibly authentic "Santa's arrival".
Finally, on day seven - Christmas Day - we slept in until noon then hit the hot-tub for some Christmas morning champers, as it snowed on us in our bikinis, shades and santa hats. Later, we dressed for dinner at 9pm. The theme was "red" and we donned long ruby red gowns and diamonds - and bare feet. (No one is allowed to wear shoes on the expensive carpet covering the hard wood Aspen floors.)
We opened most of our gifts on Christmas day, but didn't finish finally until 1am Boxing Day. ("Santa" was kind enough to bring me and Mariah an abundance of goodies, including some very nice boots that we both modeled in front of the Christmas tree, that very moment.) On day eight - boxing day - there was post gift excitement, more hot tub costumed shenanigans, and our traditional sleigh ride with hot cocoa underneath the stars. Bliss.
On day nine, I went on a two-hour snow trail along Rio Grande, where I saw beautiful icy rivers and snow capped giant truffles, along mountain waterfalls, which had to be seen to be believed. That evening, we all watched an ice hockey match (my first) and embarrassed ourselves with a cheerleading chant and routine.
Later that night, we opened all MC's cards and gifts from her fans, which were as creative and as thoughtful as ever. (Quick note for MC fans: Please don't write "Merry Xmas" to MC instead of "Merry Christmas", as she doesn't like to take the "Christ" out of "Christmas".)
Then we packed our bags and got ready for Vegas, where MC was hosting our New Years Eve party. Flying into Vegas was phenomena. The view flying in on the jet over-looking the Vegas strip was spectacular. As ever, loads of SUVs were lined up on the private field waiting our arrival... You'll get all that juice next week. Vegas, here we come!

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