Mariah Carey blames 9/11 for Glitter failure

Monday 1 June 2009

Mariah Carey says her infamously bad movie debut Glitter failed because of 9/11. The singer - who stars in new movie Precious - says her semi-biographical film was destined to bomb at the box office as it was released on exactly the same day as the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center eight years ago.
"That movie was released on September 11th, 2001 - could there be a worse day for that movie to come out? I don't think so," she said. "I don't even know that many people even saw the movie so I don't think it's the worst thing ever done. Glitter was a learning experience and I wouldn't do it again if you paid me. But I didn't have representation or anyone to tell me: 'What you need is a great director.' "
Carey, 39, recently played down her reputation as a diva - insisting she is simply misunderstood. "I have been through a lot that's made me stronger," she said. "They say: whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So I've been through that kind of stuff a few times. A lot of people have very different opinions about me and it's difficult to face them and to deal with them and to go on and to say: no, actually you're wrong. I am this, I am not that."

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Mariah Carey heads out for dinner date in LA
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Mariah isn't ready for "All I Want for Christmas Is You"
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He - or she - is obviously a fan. A dolphin kissed Mariah Carey and he liked it, squealing with delight as he swam away, in a heart-warming video the singing star posted on Instagram on Monday. The 49-year-old obviously liked the experience too.
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Mariah Carey is heading out of town for the long weekend
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Mariah Carey wears a silky black dress for a night out
Mariah Carey looked incredibly svelte as she stepped out in a silky number in New York City on Wednesday night. The singing sensation flashed a megawatt smile as a few handlers led her through city streets before a night out on the town.
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Mariah's diva demands revealed by Australian idol judge
Ian "Dicko" Dickson has revealed just how much of a demanding diva Mariah Carey really is. Before he was a judge on Australian Idol, Dicko was a record executive who worked with big-name artists including Pearl Jam, Celine Dion, Jamiroquai and LL Cool J.
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Mariah Carey says ex-assistant leaked medical records
Mariah is escalating the tempo in her war with an ex-assistant, claiming the woman leaked her private medical records and should pay at least $5 million in damages. She claims the ex-assistant divulged her medical history to a media outlet.
(Tuesday 20 August 2019)
Anitta shares inspiring story after Mariah follows her
As her success continues to grow, so do Brazilian singer Anitta's Instagram followers and on Sunday, she woke up with an exciting new follower, Mariah Carey. Anitta was thrilled and honored the pop icon by posting a photo showing her Carey album collection.
(Tuesday 20 August 2019)
The 25 best singers-turned-actors
Even as they've won countless awards and earned millions of dollars in the world of music, many stars aren't willing to limit their talents to just singing. A number of musicians of all genres have made the leap from music to film (or television).
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Mariah helps teacher dancing to "Obsessed" go viral
These kids may have just started back at school, and they're already trying to get some extra credit. Mr. H's students captured a video of their teacher dancing to Mariah's song "Obsessed". Mr. H said he would give his class extra credit on one condition.
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What an odd pairing: Heath Slater and Mariah Carey
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Mariah Carey flaunts curves in skintight jeans
Mariah Carey was spotted being her diva-like self this weekend and she looked great in the process. According to The Daily Mail, Mariah Carey was photographed by the paparazzi this weekend as she stepped out in New York City on Saturday.
(Sunday 18 August 2019)
Mariah with cleavage-baring shot in revealing swimsuit
Mariah Carey knows how to rock Throwback Thursday. The singer took to Instagram on Thursday to post a throwback picture of herself rocking a revealing swimsuit and showing off plenty of cleavage in a series of photos from a day out at the beach.
(Friday 16 August 2019)
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