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Name: Todd
Country: Australia
My Jack Russell is fond of Infinity
Re: Firecracker Loverboy vs Cameo Loverboy vs Remix Lo (96,360) (96,373) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 20 October 2020; 22:15)
Ha. That took me a while to figure out. Warner’s stupidity must have rubbed off on me. Your google skills know no bounds, do they? Ahh Wales. I went there once by accident when I missed a turn off for Chester. Pretty.
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Re: Firecracker Loverboy vs Cameo Loverboy vs Remix Lo (96,352) (96,355) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 19 October 2020; 21:27)
I'm with you on this one, England. The Firecracker one craps all over the Cameo one.
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Re: Trash (96,068) (96,070) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 10 October 2020; 02:49)
This is an interesting debate. My opinion is that it's not necessarily disrespectful, but more annoying. Mariah loves Aretha the way that we love Mariah. Imagine for a moment that we were invited to sing on stage with Mariah, and then Christina Aguilera or Leona Lewis is also there, and starts singing over the top of Mariah and "showing off". The audience would probably be like "oooh damn saaaang", but we, being the mega fans like Mariah was that night, would look at her and think "oh bitch please, take a seat". I've had a bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc so maybe this makes more sense in my head.
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Re: Memoir MIAs (95,990) (95,992) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 6 October 2020; 09:58)
I think she dodged a bullet there, he's in the news in Australia at the moment for his involvement/knowledge of money laundering and criminal activity at his Australian casinos.
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The Meaning of Mariah Carey (95,952) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 4 October 2020; 13:47)
Interesting to read the different opinions here. For me, I thought it was incredibly well written. And to be honest, I was still interested in the music, but not so much the person as of late - however reading this has completely changed that. As stupid as this sounds, I really feel like I know her more now, and the connection that I used to feel to her (similarly to Andrew, MC literally saved my life in the late 90's), has been restored.
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Loverboy v.1 (95,934) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 3 October 2020; 13:50)
I really like the Firecracker version of Loverboy. It continues the first single vibes that Dreamlover, Fantasy, Honey and Heartbreaker started. I never really liked the Candy version, as it sounded disjointed, and she sounded like she had a cold. But this one - I now understand why she was so pissed off. Would it have saved the movie? No, nothing would but the soundtrack might have had a fighting chance. I really like all The Rarities songs with exception to "I Pray". I like her gospel tinged songs, but this one sounds like being smacked over the head with a bible.
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Skippy repeats (95,704) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 23 September 2020; 04:59)
Mariah Carey
Skip: There's Got to Be A Way
Repeat: Sent From Up Above

Skip: Make It Happen
Repeat: And You Don't Remember

MTV Unplugged
Skip: I'll Be There
Repeat: Can't Let Go

Music Box
Skip: Now That I Know
Repeat: Everything Fades Away

Merry Christmas
Skip: Jesus Born on This Day

Skip: Underneath the Stars
Repeat: Fantasy

Skip: Whenever You Call
Repeat: The Beautiful Ones

Skip: Whenever You Call (stop put it on things)
Repeat: When You Believe

Skip: How Much
Repeat: Crybaby

Skip: Want You
Repeat: Don't Stop (Funkin 4 Jamaica)

Skip: You Got Me
Repeat: Bringing on the Heartbreak

The Emancipation of Mimi
Skip: I Wish You Knew
Repeat: We belong together

Skip: Heat
Repeat: I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
Skip: Candy Bling
Repeat: Betcha Gon' Know

Merry Christmas II You
Skip: O Holy Night (Live)
Repeat: When Christmas Comes

Me. I am Mariah... the Elusive Chanteuse
Skip: Meteorite
Repeat: Art of Letting Go

Skip: Stay Long Love You / One Mo' Gen / 8th Grade
Repeat: Giving Me Life
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Out Here On My Own (95,609) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 18 September 2020; 11:52)
I must have listened to this at least 50 times. It has always been one of my favourite songs, but the way Mariah does it - it's utterly spellbinding. Good work MC.
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Re: Every song (95,554) (95,561) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 16 September 2020; 06:48)
Now now Andypants, some of the '10s are OK. MIAMTEC I quite enjoy. It will be, however, the first time I listen to every song on Caution I think. You know, the "cohesive body of work" album.
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Re: Save the Day (95,525) (95,529) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 13 September 2020; 08:42)
Ooooh the comparison to I Don't is a bit rough innit? That was a visual assault.
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Every song (95,527) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 13 September 2020; 07:12)
I'm gearing up to spend 14 days in hotel quarantine. 14 days with no outside. So I've decided at one point I will listen to every single song Mariah has recorded (even the shit ones) in the hope I rediscover some old loves.
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Re: Best written song 90-99 (95,337) (95,346) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 2 September 2020; 15:03)
Well it's obviously "Boy (I Need You)" or "Did I Do That".

I kid, I kid. I think "Outside" takes it out for me.
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Re: Rarities tracklisting - real? (95,261) (95,278) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 29 August 2020; 22:21)
Everything Fades Away needs to be included. It's one of her best songs and it pains me that it's not in streaming services, same with Slipping Away. The alternative All In My Mind doesn't particularly interest me, so I'm not too concerned if that teaser doesn't eventuate into anything. If the list is legit, I'm most excited to hear the cover of Out Here On My Own.
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Re: ABMB (95,163) (95,170) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 24 August 2020; 12:26)
It's often played [here] too, but it's a song I've never really liked. Oh do I have to return my lamb card now?
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Re: He should be banned (95,106) (95,120) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 16:02)
You're welcome for the reminder. I have completely turned into Patsy in this lockdown. Drinking and smoking don't count in 2020.
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Re: There For Me (95,109) (95,119) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 16:00)
Yeah I'm with you - I've always liked it. Another one of my favourite "rarities" is "Help Me Make it Through the Night" - wouldn't be mad if that made it on there. As far as STD - I quite like it. The chorus is stuck in my head, as is the LA LA LAAAAH bit. Also, it has been picked up by radio in Australia, which hasn't happened since #Beautiful, so that's nice to see. I'm just glad it wasn't another "I Don't".
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How is everybody? (95,018) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 15:04)
Completely off topic - how's everybody doing with this shitshow of a year? It's f**king bleak here in Melbourne. Allowed out for one hour a day, and we have an 8pm curfew. But on the plus side I'm making my way through all of Aldi's wine range and have a newfound appreciation for Everybody Loves Raymond and Absolutely Fabulous. Hope you are all doing well.
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Re: Lauryn Hill (94,993) (95,002) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 02:59)
So... a Mariah Carey song with JD squeaking "you know who this is" and Lauryn Hill saying "one time, one time"? I kid, I kid. Looking forward to hearing it.
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Lauryn Hill (94,970) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 19 August 2020; 13:41)
Well I might have to eat my words. I've spent most of my life actively disliking Lauryn Hill. Something about her voice just makes me squirm. But who knows - I couldn't stand Bone Thugs but then "Breakdown" became one of my favourites. If this carries on, next year she'll release a song with Katy Perry or Sam Smith.
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Re: Great documentary (94,420) (94,422) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 22 June 2020; 02:44)
I'm going to have to rewatch the Oscars performance. The Oprah performance seemed like a much more even playing field. One thing I've always remembered about this song is the music video. I think MC looks incredible, for starters. But also, I've always thought there were some faces being pulled by WH - take a look at 4:10 and 4:23 of the video on Whitney's Vevo channel on Youtube - she has a bit of a smirk, and both parts are big "Mariah" moments.
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Re: What More Can I Give? (94,303) (94,304) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 4 June 2020; 14:04)
Damn. I thought I'd just get some requests for the mp3 to be emailed. I'll just pop those worms back into this here can. But also, murder should cause more outrage than looting.
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What More Can I Give? (94,274) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 2 June 2020; 07:57)
Now would be an excellent time for the Jackson estate to put up 'What More Can I Give' on all platforms. Somehow I ended up with the MP3, it's a good bop, and doesn't sound as early 2000's as it should.
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Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,091) (94,093) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 14 May 2020; 03:12)
Yeah, her voice has changed. It's most apparent when she's trying to sing like she did in 1994. She can't. Neither can I. It's a massive problem in her case because essentially she's a 1990's singer (yes I know TEOM was in 2005 but nobody thinks of MC and instantly goes to 'Shake it Off'). The songs need to be rearranged to suit her current range. Drop it down a few keys lady. I loved the version of "You and I" she did, and the cover of "Help Me Make It Through the Night" from Tennessee. I think she could still sing these songs and sound incredibel even if she'd just rolled out of bed. I suspect there's an element of "I have a six octave range and imma use it even if I sound like a balloon being let down" related ego getting in the way, which is a shame. But I get the sense there's a bit of grounding going on in Mariah's World right now, so potentially that ego is dwindling a bit?
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Re: We're in this together (93,327) (93,332) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 19 March 2020; 23:51)
In Australia, the government is more concerned with the economy and football than they are people's health and for the most part have buried their heads in the sand. If we were still able to travel, Scott Morrison would probably be in Hawaii.
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Re: "Everything Fades Away" (93,307) (93,309) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 17 March 2020; 12:55)
Everything Fades Away is such a good song that I spent an afternoon in January figuring out how to get it into my Spotify app.
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