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Name: Todd
Country: Australia
My Jack Russell is fond of Infinity
I broke the seal (85,006) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 18 October 2018; 01:16)
Yesterday I had the MC playlist on Spotify on shuffle. AIWFCIY came on. Normally I'd hit next. But given Christmas stuff is already everywhere here in Melbourne (and it's nudging 30C/85F - which despite the lyrics in all the songs is very much Christmas weather), I figured why the hell not. I enjoyed it. I smiled. I felt Christmassy. However - it's October. I am a bit of a Christmas freak, but usually hold out until mid-end November before busting out the Buble-Clarkson-Carey combo otherwise I'm sick to death of it by December 25. So now I fear that I've opened a can of festive worms and now it's the beginning of the end. Christmas music wise, at least.
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Re: Album title (84,991) (85,005) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 18 October 2018; 01:10)
I enjoy getting stuck in 2010 too for the Christmas season.
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Album cover (84,913) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 15 October 2018; 22:26)
What do we reckon guys and girls? Do you think it'll be the first MC album without her on it, eg just the caution tape? (Which by the way I would be all for). Or do you think it'll be Mariah, wearing some caution tape?
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Re: A little confused (84,756) (84,770) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 12 October 2018; 01:20)
Or, in the spirit of Halloween, she should embrace the "Michael Myers looks like Mariah Carey" meme that is going around.
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With You video (84,743) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 11 October 2018; 12:34)
I enjoy it. The last 5 seconds, however, when she starts being what I believe to be herself (eg singing into the hairbrush and singing herself), gives me the warm fuzzies in which I am reminded how much I really love Mariah Carey.
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The scheduling conflicts (84,644) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 10 October 2018; 11:25)
So I got a reminder on my phone tonight - "Mariah Carey @ Rod Laver Arena". Tonight, I would have seen the #1s Tour with 40,000 others. I can't be too mad about it though, because at least there's new music, but ditched for the AMA's? Well, I've been dropped for less I guess. I would have been pissed had she been swanning around the Caribbean somewhere on a boat with the dancerman. Her AMA performance, well - she looked good. The choreography gave her a reason to stand still. I didn't mind it. Yes, she lipsynch'd the entire 4 note variation of a song. That was disappointing. But, 99.9% of people have never heard the song, and likely never will again, so who cares?
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Widjoo (84,296) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 4 October 2018; 10:12)
The only terrible thing about the song is a 48 year old woman saying "WidJoo". Cringe cringe and cringe some more.
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With You (84,295) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 4 October 2018; 10:10)
It's okay. Would I like it if it wasn't Mariah? Probably not. It's just kind of beige. Not bad. Not great. Nick was talking about the bubble she lives in - this is the bubble in which she assumes when she references the "Bone Thugs" song that every human on the planet knows she means Breakdown. It's the bubble in which she believes the "whole damn nation" knows that she was engaged to James Packer and is now with Bryan. She always says she doesn't listen to "pop music" so it's within this bubble that she believes this is a radio friendly jam. I'll save it on my Spotify and give it some love, but... sigh.
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Re: Andrew (84,170) (84,181) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 1 October 2018; 14:11)
An angry queen? No need to be all homophobic and Trump-ish. You can get your point across without being a complete utter next Tuesday.
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Whatever happened to Shelley? (83,980) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 24 September 2018; 13:08)
Do you guys remember Shelley from this message board? I think she was from the USA. She always used to talk about her dream that Mariah would close out a concert with "We Are The Champions" by Queen. She also never had a bad word to say about anybody, let alone Mariah. I have no idea why I was thinking about her, but I wonder what her, and people that were so devoted to the Mariah of the 1990s, make of Infinity/I Don't/GTFO.
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Re: GTFO rollout (83,842) (83,848) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 18 September 2018; 01:25)
Similarly in this part of the world. I was living in New Zealand when WBT came out, and Mariah hadn't been on the radio since the Rainbow era, with Heartbreaker and then the Westlife version of "Against All Odds". #1's, Glitter and Charmbracelet went unnoticed down here. As did "It's Like That". It wasn't until WBT came out that the public started enjoying her music again. It continued with "Shake it Off", "Don't Forget About Us", "Touch My Body", and then died a quick death with "Bye Bye". Even "Obsessed" didn't get much of a look in.
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Re: How Bout You GTFO (83,672) (83,673) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 12 September 2018; 03:29)
Hmmm. Open mind. If Jay-Z likes it. Hope it's not "I Don't" #2.
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How Bout You GTFO (83,657) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 11 September 2018; 14:26)
I just read online that her new single is rumoured to be called "How Bout You GTFO". Number one - it's About. Not 'bout. Number two - GFTO? On Mileyriah Carey no. Hopefully this is just a vicious rumour.
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Re: She should've paid attention to us (83,581) (83,585) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 4 September 2018; 08:09)
I think I would rather get out of a controlling relationship and suffer professionally, than stay in one and be successful. The expectation of anything else is ridiculous and kinda creepy.
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Re: With You I'm Born Again (83,519) (83,521) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 30 August 2018; 10:53)
You can just google "YouTube to MP3" and save any video as an MP3.
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Re: Beach pictures (83,423) (83,424) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 21 August 2018; 14:16)
Probably about the same amount as whatever she's doing in October. We are a facetious and sarcastic bunch in this corner of the world - I mean no harm, Antipodean.
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Beach pictures (83,420) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 21 August 2018; 08:41)
I can't see them through all the scheduling conflicts blocking the view.
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Bon voyage Aretha (83,393) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 17 August 2018; 14:04)
Sigh. Here we have yet another example of a singer that a week ago, had you called your local station to request a song by, you'd be laughed away. Today, that station would have been talking about what a legend she was, and dropping her songs in amongst on the Taylor Sheerans and the Demi Gomezs of the world. I think it is so shit that people are never around to hear how much they were truly adored.
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Re: Cancelling Oz (83,361) (83,363) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 13 August 2018; 23:01)
It definitely wasn't due to ticket sales. A mate of mine decided to come along, and bought tickets a couple weeks ago. The best she could get was at the very back of the third level of the arena. So she should be aware that she's disappointed stadiumfuls of people here.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey's October tour to Australia postponed (83,342) (83,343) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 10 August 2018; 22:30)
It's hardly surprising. There has been absolutely zero promo for this. And that mole Stella arranged it, originally in horrific venues, so I suspect it was something she never wanted to do. Either that or she read what the Australian press have been saying about her since she split with their golden child Jimmy Packer. At this stage the refund is more exciting than the concert.
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Re: Demi Lovato is a complete idiot (83,317) (83,322) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 7 August 2018; 14:23)
What I can not stand is that people are referring to Demi has being "so strong" and "courageous" in her fight against substances. Wrong. It's not glamourous, nor should it be celebrated. Everything she is going through is the direct result of a bad choice she's made at some point. I have a massive weak spot for a cigarette every now and again. Not because of my upbringing/lifestyle/God-plan (lol), but because I tried smoking when I was 16. Also, the double standards here are sickening. 2001: Mariah heads to rehab because she's worked herself into the ground - career basically dead and buried for 5 years. 2018: Twerp woman uses drugs, almost dies, is lauded a hero, and her coincidentally named drivel of a track "Sober" is on constant rotation. I save my sympathy for people that are deserving of it.
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Do you think (83,228) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 23 July 2018; 09:52)
That Mariah lets her kids listen to current pop songs? I have nieces and nephews their age, and they are obsessed with Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran and the likes. So I wonder if her kids are all "Mummy (or Mommy), put on 'No Tears Left To Cry' again."
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Re: Studio singer subject (82,976) (82,979) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 4 July 2018; 23:10)
I'd never seen that VOL performance before. That's awesome. That's my favourite MC vocal tone and timbre right there. Right thurr.
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Current songs and albums (82,836) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 17 June 2018; 09:12)
Because we are all moderately fond of Mariah, I wonder if that means we all have similar tastes in music? What songs/albums from 2018 are you guys enjoying? I really like "Voicenotes" by Charlie Puth, and my latest song obsessions are "Never Ever" by the Rubens (sometimes just on repeat), and "Pray for Me" by the Weeknd.
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Re: Greatest Mariah performance ever (?) (82,833) (82,835) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 17 June 2018; 09:06)
My personal favourite is "You and I" at the Stevie Wonder tribute. But if it has to be a MC song, then probably "Through the Rain" at the AMAs.
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