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Name: Todd
Country: Australia
My Jack Russell is fond of Infinity
Re: feeding hungry kids (82,583) (82,585) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 30 May 2018; 13:57)
Go on and preach muh brotha
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Re: Album delayed (82,546) (82,550) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 28 May 2018; 10:29)
The only mention of Mariah's new album has been on her social media. The general public are completely unaware of any album's potential existence, let alone the delays. I mentioned to my Mum the other day I was seeing her in concert later in the year, and the response was "Oh - is she still going?" My mother, despite what she thinks, very rarely has her finger on the pulse but in this instance I think she shares the masses' thoughts. I guess the silver lining on the cloud of "pop stars of time gone by" is that when she comes out with something completely awesome, which I believe she will, there will be an element of surprise for most. We, on the other hand, will know its track listing and be complaining about artwork before it's even available.
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Re: Whitney Houston (82,524) (82,529) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 26 May 2018; 10:14)
I've never enjoyed her live performances, mainly because she speak-sings outside of the studio. And it's cheating. Post 2000, her interviews were fairly obnoxious. Oprah should have got all Wendy Williams on her ass and put her in her place.
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Re: Mariah in Blackpool (82,377) (82,380) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 12 May 2018; 04:06)
I mentioned it to some mates in London and Manchester, and they said, "Yeah she'll love it there. It's trashy chavvy central."
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Re: Accelerate (82,329) (82,331) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 7 May 2018; 22:42)
I didn't know she had a new song out. I just listened to it, and it makes "I Don't" sound like Hotel California. What could she have been thinking to listen to that and go "Yep. That's perfect. Release it."
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I love a list (82,090) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 22 April 2018; 07:12)
Favorite albums: Butterfly and The Emancipation of Mimi
Favorite album track: Everything Fades Away
Favorite tracks that should have been singles: Cry, Melt Away
Favorite promo single: The Art of Letting Go
Favorite #1 songs: We Belong Together and Dreamlover
Most underrated singles: Butterfly, The Roof and Bringing on the Heartache
Favorite bonus tracks: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Favorite b-side: There For Me
Favorite vocal performance: We Belong Together at the MTV Movie Awards, and You & I at the Stevie Wonder tribute
Favorite high notes: the octave jump in Love Takes Time, or the chorus of Without You
Favorite videos: Crybaby and Breakdown
Funniest videos: Heartbreaker
Favorite remake/cover: Bringing on the Heartache (or is it Heartbreak)
Favorite collaboration: When You Believe
Favorite gospel song: Heavenly
Favorite holiday songs: AIWFCIY, O Holy Night and Oh Santa
Favorite dance mix: Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely
Favorite urban remix: TGIFY - Make It Last Forever
Favorite era: E=MC2
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MIAM (81,967) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 18 April 2018; 07:00)
So the other day I was driving around and my phone had died so couldn't listen to (non-radio) music. First world problem. But anyway, I found the CD for MIAMTEC in the glovebox and listened to it. I haven't heard it for probably about 3 years, and had completely forgotten about songs like "Dedicated" and "Cry" and "YDKWTD". I still skipped "Faded", that "Money" noise. But overall, it was a good trip down not-so-distant-memory lane. And also re: that article - my question to the room is who hasb't had a dinner party for Whitney at some point in their life? That's just a regular Tuesday for me.
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Re: Dummy spills tea (81,853) (81,863) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 15 April 2018; 21:08)
This is my favourite post so far. I can't stand this Damizza creature. He's a runt with a capital C.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey is coming back to Manila (81,722) (81,732) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 11 April 2018; 00:46)
Hey now Only Fools and Horses, it's meant to be the #1s show from Vegas that she's doing in Australia so I'm expecting it to be song #1. And she better be wearing that big cloud fur thing.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey is coming back to Manila (81,691) (81,704) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 8 April 2018; 05:31)
Hey now. We plebs down in the Asia-Pac region have never had a greatest hits tour. I can't wait for the #1s tour in Melbourne, might finally hear VOL at a concert.
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Re: The greatest album closing track (81,614) (81,628) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 31 March 2018; 20:41)
I agree with EastEnders. EFA is one of her best tracks. Personally my #2 would be "I Wish You Well". Special mention to "Infinity" and "Loverboy Remix".
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Take a breath everybody (81,517) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 26 March 2018; 03:37)
How about we all just calm the eff down, take a breath, hold hands and sing Kumbaya? Or given where we are, "There's Got To Be A Way". Y'all are getting worked up over Andrew, but the reality is that 99% of the time, he's just saying what Mr and Mrs Joe Public are saying/thinking. It's very clear that he doesn't "hate" Mariah, he's just a bit disappointed with her of late (correct me if I'm wrong, Emmerdale). It's all just banter, so everybody zip it, pour a wine and watch Wisegirls.
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Re: Smoke and mirrors (81,181) (81,182) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 27 February 2018; 11:25)
Ah ye olde running through the apartment videos. Amongst the most awkward of her products I've witnessed. Up there with the R18+ (that's NC-17 to you Americans) Christmas videos she did in 2016.
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Re: Mariah movie (81,177) (81,180) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 27 February 2018; 06:21)
Well I'd have 3 different actresses play Mariah. 1990-1997 Mariah would be Anne Hathaway. She then all of a sudden transforms into Jennifer Hudson in 1997. Then, something happens in 2010, and she transforms into Jennifer Coolidge.
Tommy Motolla could be played by Harvey Weinstein. In the role of Nick Cannon would be the guy that played Steve Urkel in Family Matters. James Packer would have to be a semi animation, and the perfect casting would be Shrek. Stella could be Lindsay Lohan in a skanky black wig.
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Re: T4 music special (2009) (80,912) (80,914) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 14 February 2018; 02:57)
I think this period was one of her best, lookswise. But I recall she was always really "zonked" in interviews, either dead tired or valiumed to the eyeballs. Either way, bless her little cotton socks.
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Re: Mariah for SuperBowl (80,809) (80,815) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 6 February 2018; 09:21)
I like the idea of Mariah for Superbowl. But I think we would be all riddled with anxiety. I think she is also more than capable, but I can't help but feel that the general public fall into two categories: 1. Haven't heard a thing about Mariah and think her last effort was "We Belong Together", and she's since joined the company of Belinda Carlisle and Jewel; or 2. They have been completely off-sided by the last decade of diva slash wanker reputation she's picked up. So whilst I think she could do it, I doubt that at present, the demand is there.
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Re: Andrew (80,756) (80,766) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 2 February 2018; 12:22)
It's "Right to Dream", innit. "So Lonely" can't be faulted in that, erm, area.
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Re: Aussie tour (80,763) (80,765) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 2 February 2018; 12:19)
Yeah, Rod Laver is a much better choice than Melbourne Showgrounds. The QLD one looks okay, bit "Day on The Green"? I suspect this is a hangover from the Stella days.
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Aussie tour (80,760) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 2 February 2018; 01:59)
So, in Australia, concerts have been announced this week for Shania Twain, Celine Dion and Mariah (which have been rescheduled). Already there are TV commercials, radio giveaways (on top 40 stations) for Celine and Shania. It's part of the "news" on the morning TV shows. Absolutely nothing for Mariah's concerts. It's like she's singlehandedly off-sided the entire media industry across the globe. Or, maybe she just doesn't believe she needs publicity, and has a "if I build it, they will come" mentality. Either way, it's a pain in the ass.
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Re: Cover songs for new album 2018 (80,548) (80,550) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 22 January 2018; 12:41)
My favourite MC cover is "Bringing On The Heartache", so my hope would be she covers something completely unexpected. A Mariah version of "Black Hole Sun" or "Lightning Crashes" anybody?
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Well done MC (80,184) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 1 January 2018; 07:29)
I think she did very well. I was sad watching it, as she looked nervous as hell, rightly so. Of course the media have skipped over the fact that she nailed it, and are zoning in on the "tea disaster".
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Merry Christmas all (80,075) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 25 December 2017; 06:50)
Currently in Cape Town and Mariah's Christmas songs are everywhere I go. Enjoy the day if it's your thing.
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Crowd of Mariah (79,192) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 4 November 2017; 16:56)
So, I'm currently in a hotel in Perth. Because of the time difference, I'm in bed at 11PM on a Saturday night (in my defence it's 2AM at home). I was having a terribly 35 year old moment because I can very clearly hear a club of some sort nearby, complete with what I can only imagine are 100's of 23 year olds screaming along to Katy Perry. Just as I was about to get all middle-age-and-call-reception on their asses, I hear the intro of AIWFCIY. All of sudden, I'm lying in bed listening to 100's of people singing along to it. For a second I forget I'm a grumpy 35 year old. That's all.
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And it begins (79,126) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 1 November 2017; 20:37)
All I Want For Christmas Is You iTunes:
#63 Ireland
#88 Canada
#95 United States
#147 United Kingdom
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The Star (78,882) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 19 October 2017; 22:19)
Gave it a download. It's cute, and got some good vocals in it. Overall though, I suspect it's a bit too "Alabama Faith FM" to get the usual "New MC Song" treatment from me. Yes I'm aware the film is about the Christmas/Jesus story, so not sure what I was expecting.
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