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Name: Todd
Country: Australia
My Jack Russell is fond of Infinity
Close My Eyes (78,389) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 17 September 2017; 12:36)
I was lucky enough to see Mariah sing this live in Melbourne in 2013. I just wish I had been sober enough to remember it. Ooops.
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Public Service Announcement (78,245) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 2 September 2017; 07:15)
You'd be forgiven for thinking that Mariah and/or French Montana had "had enough Gumbo" for 24. But alas, they haven't. They've have enough *Convo*. Which I guess is how the kids say conversation. You are all welcome. Namaste.
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Re: Article: Christian singer aims to "invade" tour with God's love (77,923) (77,931) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 16 August 2017; 14:30)
Amen, Sista. Actually I thought exactly the same thing. Enough of that crap is going on in the world without being forced to endure it on an arena scale.
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Re: Take a song from all albums to make the album (77,739) (77,760) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 6 August 2017; 01:05)
Sent From Up Above
And You Don't Remember
Can't Let Go (doing this in the spur of the moment)
Everything Fades Away
Melt Away
Lead The Way
Bringing on The Heartbreak
Stay The Night
It's a Wrap
When Christmas Comes
The Art of Letting Go
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Re: Mariah and Chelsea (77,530) (77,531) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 28 July 2017; 02:13)
I know that her and Nick Cannon have had some beef, but thought she wasn't fairly indifferent to Mariah. Also I don't think she throws shade, she just says what everybody is thinking.
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Re: Mariah and Chelsea (77,524) (77,527) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 27 July 2017; 21:43)
Sorry, that last message made no sense. I mean Chelsea would *not* put up with any crap.
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Mariah and Chelsea (77,524) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 27 July 2017; 14:19)
I would love to see Mariah go on Chelsea and have a chat with Chelsea Handler. I feel like she would put up with any crap or diva antics. Also, it was disappointing to see that long clawed Pennywise the Clown banshee in the background of Mariah's again. Shouldn't she be in an office in LA doing managerial sort of stuff?
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Re: MC Vegas vocals (77,158) (77,184) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 15 July 2017; 14:59)
You knew it? I'm an actor and a singer. Can't dance to save myself. Unless there's vodka.
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MC Vegas vocals (77,120) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 14 July 2017; 14:29)
Honestly, I don't mind the vocals. Yes, she should have put some more effort into the first couple of shows, and that is completely unprofessional. But what does bother me is just how unequivocally miserable she looks on stage. She clearly doesn't want to be there. And through it all, she's always (in my opinion) showed up for her fans, as we have always managed to remind her why she does what she does. But something has changed. In saying that though, I've just finished a 5 month tour of Les Mis, and as fun as it was, I can't think of anything worse than doing it again. Same show day in day out got old. Real quick. And 5 months ain't nothing on 27 years. Oh Mariah.
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Million Reasons and WBT (76,784) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 30 June 2017; 14:49)
Lady Gaga's "Million Reasons" is probabaly my favourite song of the year. So you can imagine my delight at finding this mashup of "We Belong Together" to the "Million Reasons" music. It's incredible.
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Legit question (76,599) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 24 June 2017; 10:12)
Does anyone else sometimes forget that Mariah Carey is actually a singer?
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So long Martyn (75,653) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 24 May 2017; 15:59)
Even though I don't know the guy, and our communication was limited to agreeing on certain topics, I can't help but feel completely heartbroken. I was googling his name today in hope I stumbled across a "confirmed alive in hospital" type post. I'm heading the UK next week and was considering cancelling, but I refuse to let this sort of horror dictate our lives. If his family for some reason stumble across this site, please know that you're in our thoughts, and the entire world is with you right now.
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Re: Manchester (75,585) (75,590) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 23 May 2017; 16:08)
I hardly think you can take from that message that all I'm concerned about is twitter. That's absurd. What's happened is utterly horrific, there's no debating that. It was merely an observation. No harm or ill intent intended, and I'm sorry if it came across that way.
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Re: Manchester (75,570) (75,574) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 23 May 2017; 10:35)
Thought MC might have been on the list of celebrities and musicians throwing out a thought or prayer for the victims. But alas - maybe that would be seen as endorsing Ms Grande?
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Re: Songs you don't like that are fan favourites (75,088) (75,099) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 9 May 2017; 16:15)
I really don't like Always Be My Baby. There. I said it.
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Re: Todd from Australia (74,228) (74,252) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 8 April 2017; 03:09)
If you get Shortland Street over there then I'm due another pay check.
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Re: Todd from Australia (74,204) (74,218) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 7 April 2017; 00:05)
Haha thanks mate. Angling for a love interest cameo in Mariah's World season 2.
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Re: AI producers (74,186) (74,189) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 5 April 2017; 23:41)
Well, her sound engineers, for starters.
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Re: The Art of Letting Go (74,034) (74,039) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 30 March 2017; 05:02)
I personally think that "The Art of Letting Go" is Mariah's best ballad since "Butterfly" - and is one of my all time favourites. People's tastes are so interesting. I, for instance, would take "Infinity" or "I Dont" any day over "You're Mine (Eternal)".
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Mariah and success (73,936) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 24 March 2017; 22:34)
Does anybody else ever get the feeling that Mariah is under the impression her singles are really successful? That she's maybe getting fed Photoshopped Billboard screenshots from her team? And constantly being told by that headlice of a manager that she's at the top of her game and the charts? I can't help but think if she was aware that "I Don't" pretty much disappeared from iTunes charts overnight, she wouldn't have even considered this remix, or the one with Bieber for "Infinity". Both could have been called "The Flogging of the Dead Horse Mix".
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Year round Christmas (73,847) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 22 March 2017; 09:56)
Now, I love Christmas. And I love Mariah Carey. Sidenote: Not sure which was first, it's a chicken or egg situation. But advertising something like this at the end of March suggests very much a 'Mariah's World' where she's maybe been told by her minders that "Everybody loves Christmas all year round. It's not just you. Go on wit' yo bad self." I'm still trying to avoid my credit card bill from Christmas just gone.
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Re: Wasted songs, should have been singles (73,727) (73,728) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 17 March 2017; 12:02)
At the risk of losing all of my messageboard lovers, I don't actually rate Faded. I think "Cry" was a missed opportunity. Currently on a champagne fueled Mariah shuffle. Presently enjoying "Never Forget You". I should snapchat this. If you're on it, I'm "dontcallmetoddy". Eric - keen to hear your thoughts about potential hits that never made it?
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Re: Todd from Australia (73,705) (73,709) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 16 March 2017; 18:55)
Oh you guys.
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Most played MC song in iTunes (73,689) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 16 March 2017; 12:59)
Curious to know - what's your most played MC song in iTunes (if you use it)? Mine is "The Art of Letting Go", followed by "Everything Fades Away". AIWFCIY is also up there which is fairly embarrassing. I'm forever being all "oh, I thought I'd taken all my Christmas music off my phone" when it's on shuffle.
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Re: Attacking Andrew (73,408) (73,417) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 6 March 2017; 22:21)
Wow. Accusations of mental illness now put into the mix? Come on kids play nice. 99% of the time when Andrew replies to someone, they had it coming, as it's usually in response to some sort of "you guys the 1994 voice is back". Or "you guys 'I Don't' / 'Infinity' / 'Infamous' is her 19th #1" comment.
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