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Name: Todd
Country: Australia
My Jack Russell is fond of Infinity
Re: Attacking Andrew (73,402) (73,415) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 6 March 2017; 22:10)
Now now. We all know she just uses a Wonderbra.
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I'm a fan of it (72,033) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 3 February 2017; 8:00)
I actually quite like "I Don't". I suspect this will all change when I see the R18+ video clip though. One question - why get a rapper on board that clearly has a speech impediment and learning disabilities?
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Sorry Mariah (71,954) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 2 February 2017; 12:08)
OK. So I'm alone (the other half is in Paris, stupid Melbourne), and tonight I put my iTunes on a Mariah shuffle. I heard songs I haven't even thought about for years. "The Wind", "Right to Dream", "Open Arms", "Butterfly", "Music Box". And I was reminded why I completely fell in love with this woman's voice, songwriting and charisma that no other artist has come close to (in my humble opinion). I'm exceptionally critical of the Mariah of 2017 (friends of mine take great pleasure in pointing out NYE and Mariah's World antics), but at the end of the day this is someone who, without going into soppy detail, saved my life 20 years ago - and without her I wouldn't be here typing this Sauvignon Blanc induced post. And for that, I literally owe her my life. Yeah, the Mariah's World era bugs the f**k out of me. Stella is a c**t. But ultimately, I will forever support Mariah Carey.
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Mariah's World (71,894) by Todd from Australia
(Wednesday 1 February 2017; 6:01)
Well, I don't wish bad ratings on anyone. But good Lord I'm glad that mess of a TV series fell of the ratings charts. It was a complete embarrassment to a once celebrated musician. I hope for her sanity and reputation series two isn't ordered. As for the new song, it sounds OK, looking forward to the whole thing later this week. And the cover? She's now gone full on porn, I see. Close your mouth, you'll attract the flies. You're 47, with a banging bod, but please, "don't walk out your house without your clothes on". Maybe bust out the Frey topped jeans again. And a tee. It won't kill you.
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Re: Charmbracelet on replay (71,438) (71,465) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 21:16)
Might have to get on board with this Charmbracelet loving and put it on this morning. I listened to E=MC2 yesterday for the first time in years and I have new found respect for IBLYLT. Charmbracelet was/is a great album, "Bringing on the Heartbreak" is one of my favourite MC songs ever. (Yes I know it's a cover.) It's easy to forget that Mariah is actually a singer songwriter with a catalogue of incredible music, not just a scantily clad, pot-buying, binge drinking reality TV personality that's dating a child whilst having earpiece dramas. Good one Stella. You've really f*cked that one up you dopey mole.
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MW Ep 6 - Hero (71,380) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 17 January 2017; 13:00)
Does anyone else think that this episode was re-edited in the last couple weeks to ensure a lengthy clip of her singing Hero in Paris? The first few episodes haven't shown her actually being a musician at all, give or take a few tiny interludes. She has a major, international faux pas, and then all of a sudden she's singing Hero, and her greatest hits album skyrockets up the charts. Not complaining at all, I think her singing should make up 75% of the show. Just an observation.
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Relax about the wine (70,828) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 5 January 2017; 12:54)
It's not like it was an empty bottle of Jack Daniels propped up behind her. There are wine bottles in 98% of photos of me, and most people I know, taken from December 1st through January 31st. And besides. She's in Colorado. She's probably baked.
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If Stella lurks in the darkness (70,349) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 27 December 2016; 19:23)
If Stella is a phantom messageboarder, here's a tip for you. I'm about to unlike Mariah on Facebook because of the daily posts linking back to the mindless "articles" that are being posted on the abhorrent I've been a diehard fan since 1995 - so who knows what the casual AIWFCIY fans are thinking.
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Re: Mariah's World and WWHL (70,121) (70,124) by Todd from Australia
(Tuesday 20 December 2016; 2:59)
Bah. That is a name I haven't heard for years. Well done. I'd be impressed if I wasn't slightly unnerved.
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Mariah's World and WWHL (70,118) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 19 December 2016; 23:37)
I really wanted to give MW a shot, thinking it might be an intelligent look into what it takes to put on a tour. It is rapidly descending into reality trash, and for the first time in my life (when it comes to MC), I was looking at my phone wondering how much longer it was going for. Stella is a foul-mouthed, self serving moron. I have no objections to swearing - but when you use it as punctuation, it's just a sign of under-education.
And then over to WWHL. I honestly don't think she was being shady. She is not saying "I don't know OF them", she's saying "I don't know them". I don't know Andrew from UK who posts on here, although suspect we'd get along just fine. That's not an insult - it's the truth. I don't know him. What I cannot stand, and I hope a host calls her on it - is her deflection and constant monitor checking. Someone move the damn monitor so she stops looking at herself. Andy would have been well within his rights to say "Why can you never answer a question? If you don't want to talk about something, say so. No need to be a dork."
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Silver lining (68,953) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 1 December 2016; 22:04)
I guess a silver lining of this could be that Mariah's increasingly obnoxious behaviour over the last 2-3 years as resulted in a dramatic culling of her fanbase. This in turn mean that for the most part, the general public have no idea of these recent career-ending antics, nor do they care, because I'm fairly certain most people would find this typical of what they deem to be a self obsessed idiot who's last album was in 2005 (the most common description). The only reason I know that she was getting some PG-13 action on some beach somewhere with one of her kids friends is because I visit this website and read trashy 'news" sites. So I wouldn't stress about what she's doing now. It's like throwing a glass of water into the sea.
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Re: Can somebody explain this to me (68,752) (68,760) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 28 November 2016; 22:42)
Agreed. I think that at this point. Mariah needs a manager that, honestly, cannot stand the woman and her antics. Someone that says "No Mariah, you're not wearing that, it's a daytime TV show", "No, Mariah, you're not going to post pictures of yourself in the bathtub, infact, you've had too much to drink, give me your phone", "No Mariah, put the knockers away, put some pants on and get back in the studio." I'm kidding. Somewhat. I imagine such a person would never be hired.
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Re: Randy (68,736) (68,738) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 28 November 2016; 12:38)
Haha lexically. That's an Oxford University/"Art of Letting Go" word there ever was one.
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Re: Randy (68,725) (68,733) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 28 November 2016; 7:45)
Wholeheartedly agree, Randy. I personally noticed it during My All in the first VH1 Divas Live - there was a significant change, and I remember even thinking "wow, she's got a cold", and there's been a deterioration since. Personally, I love her raspyness and hoarse sounding timbre and infact prefer it to her Daydream-era voice. But yes, there was a definite shift around the Butterfly album.
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Re: Bruno Mars (68,675) (68,678) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 25 November 2016; 11:56)
The album "Doo Wops & Hooligans" is one of my favourite albums. "Talking to the Moon" is a beautiful song.
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Christmas compilations (68,306) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 14 November 2016; 2:47)
Has anybody else noticed that Mariah's "All I Want for Christmas" (or any other of her Christmas songs for that matter) is very rarely on any of these "Best Christmas Songs of All Time" type collections that get released every year? It's arguably the most successful Christmas song of all time, so I often wonder why it doesn't get included. Whether it's Mariah's call, thinking that it will drive people to purchase her album/single, or if it's the industry that deliberately avoid her music? On the subject of Christmas music - I've recently discovered Kelly Clarkson's "Wrapped in Red", and it easily join's Mariah and Buble's offerings in my opinion.
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Hamilton mix tape (67,952) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 4 November 2016; 12:57)
Change of topic here, but I think Mariah missed a massive opportunity here. Lin Manuel Miranda has announced a Hamilton mix tape released December 4, and Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Usher, Alicia Keys among others are all on it. Would have been amazing to scan that track list and see Mariah's name. She'd have killed Burn. She's one of the few celebrities that doesn't appear to have been. Maybe because there's some great female vocalists in it she gave it a skip in protest? (I kid, I kid.)
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Awww Mariah (67,536) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 27 October 2016; 13:00)
I feel bad for her if this is all true, which I think it is. It's even on the news here. We have no idea what their relationship was like. I too didn't think she was that into it, but who knows? A breakdown of any relationship is sad, and I really hope she's okay. One thing that annoys me is the Australian assumption that she's a gold digger, and the reports that she "refused" to attend James' sisters thing in Sydney. They fail to mention that she is worth half a billion USD, and she wasn't in Sydney because she was contractually obligated to be in Las Vegas. Idiots. Also - the Brazil thing - that sucks balls. Although it does sound like she might have been the victim of her appalling management. To those of you who are worried it's going to effect AIWFCIY sales: relax. The general public will have no idea she was even meant to be going to South America. Hell most of them don't think she's had a song out since Hero.
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Re: Madonna is Billboard's 2016 Woman of the Year (67,283) (67,284) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 15 October 2016; 9:37)
It would never happen in a million years, but it would be awesome if Mariah presented her with the award. Or took part in a tribute. She could nail Like A Prayer.
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Give the guy a break (67,105) by Todd from Australia
(Saturday 8 October 2016; 23:47)
Come on people, it's a message board. Lives are not as risk here. People are allowed to voice opinions that don't match yours. Opinions are subjective and the (at times) vastly different point of views on this board is what makes it so interesting. If everybody was holding hands and signing Kumbaya (or There's Got To Be A Way if you need an MC reference) this board would stink. From all the vomit it would induce.
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I was loving Infamous (66,991) by Todd from Australia
(Monday 3 October 2016; 21:41)
I love me a slow jam, so I was loving Infamous. That is until I was playing it in my car and noticed "Drop it Like its Hot" style tongue clicks in the chorus. Now that's all I can hear.
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Re: These songs represent the real Mariah not Infamous (66,862) (66,877) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 30 September 2016; 14:38)
Wholeheartedly agree. I feel like the original post was listing songs that Mariah resents having to record. She's clearly more ODB than she is Westlife.
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Infamous vocals (66,812) by Todd from Australia
(Thursday 29 September 2016; 11:08)
I'm gonna go against y'all and say that I don't mind it. It's leaps and bounds above Infinity. And the vocals actually sound like her current voice. She could actually sing this live without there being earpiece dramas.
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Naked bathtub moments (66,016) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 9 September 2016; 14:12)
Okay. After the last Instagram post I think me and Mariah are nearing the end of our 26 year love affair. What does James think, I wonder? What does Oprah think? Celine? Nick, Tommy, Luis, Da Brat? It sucks. 3 years ago when MIAM came out, I excitedly bought it on day one despite "sourcing" it online the week before. She was in Melbourne for two shows. I went to both and was completely captivated. 3 years later I'm becoming a bit disinterested. Maybe I've just grown up, or maybe Ms Carey has just become a tad unlikeable. I really hope I find that spark again, because even Butterfly and TEOM are being indirectly ruined by current era MC. Pointless post, I know.
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Re: Alison HIV status (65,869) (65,870) by Todd from Australia
(Sunday 4 September 2016; 1:11)
I agree that normally it shouldn't be relevant to a story, but there's a special place in hell reserved for people that are HIV+ and sleep around without full disclosure. Did she mention it in her ad I wonder?
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