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Name: RibbonB
Country: USA
I love Mariah's Music.
Re: Adele (98,973) (98,976) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 18:55)
It's good to see two opposing reviews. I love her new music, but 19 is still my absolute fave Adele poject. On 30, I love the orchestration on Strangers song and the beat on My Little Love is everything. It's good stuff and I'm glad she is just being true to herself. Now I personally would love if she UT more rhythm and musical variance in some of her songs. But she is giving people something good from where she is. Her limelight will likely fade but at least she seems to be doing it for love not desperation or just income. Some artists, not necessarily Mariah, seem to do it for the later reasons.
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Re: Kirk Franklin (98,964) (98,968) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 18 November 2021; 17:18)
I've seen multiple videos. His son made a lot of seemingly drug influenced videos. His ramblings were jumbled and vague and fell short of any criminal allegations. He seems mentally ill and just angry. Reminded me how Allison has treated her sister over the years, lashing out for attention.
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Re: MC's Range Media has ties to TM (98,954) (98,960) by RibbonB from USA
(Wednesday 17 November 2021; 17:39)
Mimi is past her prime. Adele is doing prime time ish and she us better at it than Mimi ever was. Mariah wasn't the best at revealing interviews, either said too much or too little. Mariah is a great artist, but people need to stop hoping she's twenty three married to Motorola. She's about 53 with a declining voice, lots of drama that she will never talk about, because she's never done the self reflecting that a 33 year old Adele has done. Perhaps if Mimi would take a break and write 60 she can get a roll out of a missed legend.
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Re: Too much hype (98,868) (98,888) by RibbonB from USA
(Monday 8 November 2021; 19:19)
Really Edward, bringing up Tony/Tommy? The "songs" are strange. The first part is a missed opportunity to showcase Khalid's vocals, which is obscured by auto tune or something. The second song actually is a little earworm. But it's just a strange combination. If she'd just let someone construct her some great songs, or just sing some of the great American songbook tunes, she'd be better off at this stage of her voice.
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Re: Mimi is also immature (98,711) (98,717) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 9 October 2021; 20:32)
So sorry for the typos, typing on tablet in bed.
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Re: Marriage (98,714) (98,716) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 9 October 2021; 20:31)
Exactly, it's not the phone itself, that's inevitable in this age. Regular parents will have the talk with their kids about sex, race, etc. Mimi may not want to deal with the celebrity issue, but that is inevitable. Get ahead of it anyway, phone or no phone.
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Re: Mimi is also immature (98,712) (98,715) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 9 October 2021; 20:28)
They've been on the web for years, have iPad's and Roc has even schooled fans in the past about their comments. The issue is parenting and having parameters on those devices. Kids even use tablets for school. After watching the segment, both she and Nick were probably joking. But the kids accessing the web is inevitable. What they discover about her is mostly up to her going forward. Her past is out of her control. Both parents seem to have established a foundation of love and trust with their parents. They will both have to give talks with them about celebrity culture, gossip, etc.
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Mimi is also immature (98,711) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 9 October 2021; 10:48)
I refuse to read such a long post at the moment. By these are the parents they have. Mimi centers those kids around her needs and emotions. She also thought nothing of allowing Doc yo suck on a binky with a full mouth of teeth and him walking and talking. And she joked about Nick disapproving. They were even still married then, I believe. The phone thing isn't even about phoebes, it's about parenting your kids and how about living in the manner you want them to respect, not preventing "googlation". But have fun writing out your examples because he has a whole tv show to display his humor. Not bad from the shirt binge I was able to do online. I love the three kids singing on his show theme song.
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Marriage (98,709) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 8 October 2021; 18:35)
Ok, I will take bait and add this tidbit. I didn't watch Nick's new show, but read this story about him giving their kids phones. This story is hilarious to me, especially the part about Mimi worrying, jokingly or not, about the twins googling their parents. I mean, the stories and gossip they have to look forward to and that Mimi should be concerned about us vast. As far as any potential new marriages, she would be a fool dummy to do so just look at Kelly Clarkson and Mary J. Blige recent payouts. Hopefully Mimi has the dancer's employment papers airtight, or she will be in paying palimony territory when she is done with him.

But back to the kids, is she sure they haven't googled them on their little iPad's already? I can't wait till they get to the Stellar stories. Skso, from the article, Mimi knows the babies are their brothers and new sister. They've already met Golden and Powerful based on pictures that have been posted.
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Re: Kelly Clarkson (98,665) (98,680) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 1 October 2021; 19:15)
Whatever happened to Juicy?
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Passing (98,659) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 25 September 2021; 03:26)
Speaking of Netflix, the movie Passing is comiing in November. This looks very interesting, starring Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson and directed by actress Rebecca Hall. It's based on the 1929 novel "Passing". The movie is bound to spark much conversation and debate. Rebecca Hall's backstory is equally interesting with her own familial connection to passing from her maternal grandfather. She also appears on a forthcoming episode of Finding Our Roots, where she wss able to learn more than her family ever knew on the subject. Dev Hynes is doing the musical score. I'm sure Mimi will be checking this movie out as well as she seems to like the old Hollywood black and white melodramas. This move is a period piece in that vein.
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Re: Did anybody catch the shade? (98,627) (98,629) by RibbonB from USA
(Monday 20 September 2021; 01:47)
I totally agree. I don't know the context at all though, but it's childish and petty if she is referring to her kids' siblings. A lot of silly fans like to stir the pot and say things to her to get a reaction, but her standard "we love everybody" would've sufficed. Of course some other silly fans call her mom, now that would have been shade if she were referring to them. She has only to look at her own nieces and nephews to steer clear of that kind of talk, but then maybe she only recognizes the first two.
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Re: Thoughts on Christmas show? (98,506) (98,509) by RibbonB from USA
(Wednesday 11 August 2021; 15:13)
That's her bread and butter these days. Yes.
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Re: MC's sexiest album cover (98,470) (98,478) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 1 August 2021; 03:28)
Many of you often assume she is, was in love, thus her happiness, sexy songs, good or bad vocals, blah, blah, blah. Didn't she tell y'all that mess ain't true in the Meaning of Mariah?
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Re: Mariah's World (98,432) (98,435) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 24 July 2021; 21:19)
Sorry that should say only let, not Inky. Autocorrect gets weird on me.
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Re: Mariah's World (98,430) (98,432) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 24 July 2021; 20:04)
Just tell granny no, don't let her watch it. Inky let her watch quality tv. But if she dies, watch the whole thing, please let us know her reaction to Stella.
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Kelly Price (98,425) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 24 July 2021; 05:45)
So I was watching the Terrell Show on YouTube and caught this great Kelly Price interview. She was asked about working with Mini [sic] at around 12 minute mark. She says all great things and sings some ABMB backing vocals. He further references Mariah at around 24 minutes. Terrell really has grown his show and has hosted many great singers. If Mini [sic] ever appeared it would blow his mind. She would have to be ready to blow, live and up close though. Kelly was very complimentary of her experience working for Mariah, her first big gig.
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Re: Mariah (98,415) (98,422) by RibbonB from USA
(Friday 23 July 2021; 00:27)
I was talking about the kids being friends with each other. I don't expect any mama drama. You can be related and not be friends, or even "cool".
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Re: Mariah (98,417) (98,419) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 12:40)
Hopefully they won't be tainted by Mariah's side of the family. The tainted siblings are the twins' aunt and uncle, no relation to the rest of the half siblings.
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Re: Mariah (98,410) (98,418) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 05:03)
Us online actually has a spread of recent pictures of Nick with the oldest four. Monroe is holding Powerful, looking adoringly at her face. Rocky is the big brother overseeing the gang. There's a cute pic of Nick with Roc who they misidentified as Golden. They also called Nick's grandma his mother. His mom Beth probably is overwhelmed with grands, yikes. I know it's bananas but we don't know their lives really.
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Re: Mariah (98,410) (98,411) by RibbonB from USA
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 01:49)
You're so petty, lol. But Monroe looks so lovingly at her new baby sister. I do hope they will all be cool, if not friends with one another.
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Re: Monroe (98,403) (98,407) by RibbonB from USA
(Wednesday 21 July 2021; 19:23)
She's really growing and getting her own look. She's going to be very tall it seems.
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Re: The elephant in the room (98,399) (98,400) by RibbonB from USA
(Tuesday 20 July 2021; 03:23)
I hope she's ok, but she could use a Krispy Kreme or two.
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Holliday twine (98,397) by RibbonB from USA
(Monday 19 July 2021; 17:06)
That twine is cute though, but the spool is too tall. It should be like a fat ball ornament. She would gave been genius if she had designed some exclusive wrapping paper, perhaps with her own artwork. She shouldn't cheapen the season, but if she's going to do it, she should really curate a cute limited edition package.
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Re: The elephant in the room (98,386) (98,388) by RibbonB from USA
(Monday 19 July 2021; 00:46)
I don't doubt her drinking has probably affected her voice. I was just laughing at your storytelling, like you were a fly on the wall in so many circumstances. All I needed was more dialog. But I also agree with others that she needed vocal training early on and may have trashed her voice early in her career. There are lots of drinkers and smokers who sang well into their older years. I can't believe you're dragging Celine Dion, the Keto queen.
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