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Name: Warrior Butterfly
Country: USA
Hello MCA-ers!

I have finally decided to join but have followed MCA since the late 1990s' I've known of Mariah since the MTV Unplugged era and became a lamb with butterfly in 1997.
Former lamb on YouTube make a great point (75,138) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Thursday 11 May 2017; 05:30)
This former lamb makes excellent point. Their views also apply to other artists.
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Re: The stolen idea (73,152) (73,219) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Tuesday 28 February 2017; 0:41)
Mariah should release the concept anyway, call it 1985 since that's when she began to register songs with the copyright office.
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Re: Magazine scans - help (71,463) (71,467) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Thursday 19 January 2017; 22:34)
Go to and type in MariahDaily's website address.
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The Columbia Records version of Mariah (70,182) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Wednesday 21 December 2016; 19:23)
I am rereading Chris Nickson's Mariah Carey Revised and noticed a small enduring trait she possessed. Everyone that was involved with her always complimented that she was on time. I'm in the midst of the Music Box era of the book. Columbia gave her a strong and sound business approach to her career. I'm just going to say it she needs to consider another Mottola type of presences and it ain't Stella.
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Re: My "Infinity" re-edit (69,076) (69,093) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Monday 5 December 2016; 14:58)
Could you please email it to me as well. Thanks.
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Re: So... (68,504) (68,539) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Monday 21 November 2016; 22:27)
Emotions has always had a jazzy feel to it especially tracks like Till The End Of Time.
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Spotify doesn't have (68,536) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Monday 21 November 2016; 19:10)
The glitter album.
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Re: Sex with no context (63,636) (63,677) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Tuesday 21 June 2016; 19:15)
Marissa, you said this very well.
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Re: Sex with no context (63,619) (63,631) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Monday 20 June 2016; 23:28)
I have to agree with you and expand on it bare with me. When she was going through her liberation in the mid-late 90's her choosen image may have been surprising to people but it made sense given her age. Even if the audience watching knew nothing about her, she was in her 20's having fun, normal. I get they "made her button up" in the early phases of her career, so she "rebelled". However the seeds of a conservative look was a smart business move for Mariah's career longevity going beyond three albums, had MT allowed her to dress in a provocative style of the time she would have been forgotten quickly. Although I have to wonder how controlled she really was some of those dresses from back then were pretty tight. Looking at Mariah Carey without knowing anything about her image just viewing her album covers, even her debut promo shots are very figure hugging. Emotions cover shot tight dress, Merry Christmas cover the sexy Mrs. Clause look wish she had gone with the alternate look in her promo material such as this. The Daydream cover was the most covered just a peek at her stomach. Butterfly tube top and Capri pants sexy but not over the top. #1's tight halter top dress, Rainbow essentially tank top and underwear not what I essentially think an MC album cover should be, she is not Madonna or Janet. It's just not her look as a person. After her breakdown in 2001 she had to clean up otherwise the public and the business industry would have not taken her seriously it was damage control. Now that she fixed her hiccup with Glitter she feels she can do whatever she wants. She struck a good balance during her 30's the Charmbracelet era 2002, over all look flirty but sensible though she did strong hints at her chest, TEOM 2005 sexualized with videos, however another balance was her look from the 2006 Grammy's figure flattering and elegant. In 2008 with E=MC2 when she closed out the early 2000's sex was there all the way nothing but boa on her cover even the back cover hint of bare breast, she says she doesn't realize she's being flirtatious I strongly doubt it. She feels the pressure to compete with each the new crop of singers that are not her. Even what made her synonymous with the term whistle register is being challenged via Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera.
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Re: The powers that be (62,058) (62,102) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Friday 13 May 2016; 19:11)
Mariah Carey - Alone In Love
Emotions - You're So Cold
Musicbox - Never Forget You (Radio Edit)
Merry Christmas - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Daydream - Melt Away
Butterfly - Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)
Rainbow - After Tonight
Glitter - If We
Charmbracelet- Subtle Invitation
TEOM - Mine Again
E=MC2 - O.O.C.
MOAIA - Standing O
MCIIY - O Little Town of Bethlehem
MIAMTEC - Make It Look Good
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Re: Future releases (61,209) (61,219) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Monday 11 April 2016; 19:13)
When thinking of this take off the lamb goggles, I noticed that Mariah's material had better staying power across the board, when there where less hands in the cookie jar. Daydream was her last simplistic body of work front to back. Butterfly moved in slightly different direction, granted these where the TM and WA years but nine people to write the music for Honey. Breakdown has three lyric writers because of Bone-Thugs but still two music writers. Then Rainbow happened five writers for Heartbraker, Bliss is a fan favorite IMO because of who was working with her James Harris III, Terry Lewis & James Wright. They did not over power the Mariah sound. After Tonight, X-Girlfriend three writers. Eight for Crybaby. Charmbracelet three to four through out the album. TEOM ten for WBT, yes a #1. Point being that Mariah Carey fairs better when it's just her and one to two producers. John/Jane Public does not know the the inner woven back stories of these records, just that she made one. Frankly let the charts thing stop being a main focus of her work. Yes it is an achievement, she will be forever associated with the 1990s' even if someone brakes her records. "Records are made to be broken." Oprah to Mariah 1999.
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Re: Warrior Butterfly, Infinity Enhanced (61,047) (61,076) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Wednesday 6 April 2016; 6:00)
Loving it thank you so much lamb.
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Re: Warrior Butterfly from USA, Infinity Enhanced (61,021) (61,025) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Monday 4 April 2016; 16:31)
Yay. Thank you John.
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Re: Infinity enhanced mix (52,768) (61,017) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Monday 4 April 2016; 6:02)
Does anyone have this mix? The original link no longer works.
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The reality of Mariah (60,340) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Thursday 10 March 2016; 22:14)
I'm on the fence the Kardashian's are laughed at, but they have been on multiple seasons/ I hope that the "series" is short and to the point/ I recently re-watched Celine Dion's "Through the Eyes of the World" and loved how it was done. Her concert set, done around the world, running parallel with her visiting each stop and spending time with her family and down sides of her career such as voice problems during the tour.
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Vegas VIP package (59,411) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Thursday 28 January 2016; 22:28)
What's does it include? The site does not specify.
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Does anyone have (59,360) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Wednesday 27 January 2016; 4:14)
The MP3 versions of:
Out in Japan 96
Out in Japan 98
Here Is Mariah Carey
Music Box Tour - LA
Home Coming Special
Fantasy: Mariah Carey at Madison Square Garden
The Adventures Of Mimi
Barretos Brazil August 21
Elusive Chanteuse Tour - Live in Beijing 10 October 2014
LasVegas Palms September 11
LasVegas Palms September 12
Mariah Carey Live at Ischgl, Austria
Mariah Carey Live in Morocco
Thank you everyone.
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(59,263) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Saturday 23 January 2016; 1:22)
My external drive crashed, a friend is trying to bring it back to life, my wedding, my child's pictures I need positive lamb vibes.
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Michael Bolton Twitter (58,912) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Wednesday 6 January 2016; 7:57)
Guess Micheal Bolton heard of the WNMLAM leek, check out his twitter: "Mariah Carey, I'm seeing lots of wishes for a duet together. What do you think, should we do it?"
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Re: Underrated songs with chart potentials (58,880) (58,906) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Wednesday 6 January 2016; 1:28)
Can't Let Go, the label should have let that one ride to #1 but they pulled promotion.
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Re: A or B (58,681) (58,682) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Thursday 24 December 2015; 2:50)
That's a hard one. Her body seems to fit her. Throw out her career.
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Re: Must watch lamb video (58,640) (58,661) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Wednesday 23 December 2015; 3:43)
I though this was a lamb urban legend. AIWFC is that full audio.
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A Christmas Melody (58,631) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Tuesday 22 December 2015; 6:12)
This project is very Hallmark and very Mariah Carey at the same time. Hallmark because they love to give that fuzzy feeling, like Lifetime loves to turn out unauthorized TV movies. However being a lamb kind of ruined it for me in some ways all I could see was Mariah, not just as the PTA character but her other lambified hints. Emily being refereed to as "M", Emily carries a butterfly pillow to her new house, Abigail Mariah's film daughter looks like an older Monroe. I'm sure the method of playing a character the opposite of yourself in real life appealed to Mariah as a person, but I still saw Mariah Carey. I know it's nit picky but for the opening credits the font used is LaguneBold, Mariah's default font if you will. What I did like was that Oh Santa was changed up to fit the plot of the film. I wounder how a non-Mariah fan perceived the film some one flipping through the channels and happened to stop there. I wish she had more anaminity.
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Re: Mariah Carey Merriest Christmas (58,572) (58,584) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Sunday 20 December 2015; 19:46)
Try this lamb.
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Re: Survey question for the lambs (58,469) (58,475) by Warrior Butterfly from USA
(Wednesday 16 December 2015; 3:15)
One Sweet Day replaced with Never Forget You.
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