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Name: Myles
Country: CT, USA
Re: Fave five The Rarities songs (96,003) (96,005) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 7 October 2020; 15:35)
1. Cool On You
2. All I Live For
3. One Night
4. Can You Hear Me
5. Loverboy
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Re: OHOMO (95,654) (95,661) by Myles from CT, USA
(Sunday 20 September 2020; 03:23)
Andrew the way you write about Mariah is like poetry. Beautiful. Made me tear up. And I know exactly what you mean.
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Re: Once In A Lifetime ringtone (95,184) (95,196) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 25 August 2020; 05:49)
I could not agree more. I want all of those ringtones as full songs. Here’s hoping.
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Track 13 (95,077) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 21 August 2020; 15:43)
[Seems] to be [Lullaby of birdland] per the credits. George Shearing David Weiss.
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Save The Day (95,072) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 21 August 2020; 13:55)
Um... so do you think we will get the Butterfly EP's next week? Let's pray.
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Rumor (94,903) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 14 August 2020; 19:44)
Someone on twitter said they heard a rumor that the big announcement is an album coming out of all her unreleased material. Now I have no idea how valid that claim is, just repeating lol.
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Re: Daydream EPs (94,901) (94,902) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 14 August 2020; 19:06)
I was just going to create a message asking where the reggae remixes were? I remember they were on the original single EP they were on there. I loved the "Chucky" line lol.
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Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,085) (94,086) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 13 May 2020; 04:30)
I love Mariah and I love the arrangement. But I cannot help but to agree with you. It's all nasal and extremely throaty. Parts of it are a little cringe. I hate to even say it but what can we do anyway. Just grateful she is singing songs we thought we would never hear again.
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Re: Loverboy Firecracker (94,061) (94,076) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 12 May 2020; 14:49)
Agreed. I believe the version with Cameo is far superior.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey makes "Tiger King" themed cake (93,642) (93,648) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 16 April 2020; 01:21)
Mariah Carey owns a 4-bedroom, 4-1/2 bath triplex penthouse in the Franklin Towers at 90 Franklin Street in Tribeca, which she purchased in mid-2000 for more than $9 million. It also has a 38-foot-long bathroom and a media room.
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Re: NHS choir - Anytime You Need A Friend (93,514) (93,518) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 6 April 2020; 22:01)
I agree, Andrew I so look forward to reading your messages as of recent. You have a beautiful way with words that describe nostalgia perfectly. Thank you. Wishing you all healing and strength during this difficult and crazy time.
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Re: Anyone else listen to E=MC2 more than TEOM? (93,081) (93,083) by Myles from CT, USA
(Saturday 29 February 2020; 04:30)
Yes. I mean I love them both. E=MC2 had such a party, fun and summery theme. So many wasted singles opportunities. Cruise Control, Side Effects and I'm That Chick are incredible. For The Record Is A Gem that has always been a go to for me. I love this album so much.
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Re: A joke (92,981) (92,993) by Myles from CT, USA
(Saturday 22 February 2020; 19:33)
Shame on me? Shame on you all for speculating that she is an alcoholic. That's a very personal and shameful disease. The truth of the matter is it's non of our business. The only person that can help Mariah is Mariah herself. I'm actually shocked at what I'm reading. You would have to be a fool to not realize all the things we wish we could change about her current state. Who are we to bring light to something she may not or may be ready to admit? You might as well black mail her like this current lawsuit. This is absolutely insane. My love for her runs deep and I only wish the best. If and when she is ready I am sure she will all send our support.
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A joke (92,979) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 21 February 2020; 22:52)
I cannot believe how many messages I am reading about Mariah being an alcoholic. What is wrong with you all? Anyway there are a lot of things that we all wish we could change about Mariah's current situation. Can't we just enjoy the fact that Mariah has had a number one song on the Billboard chart? A feat we never thought she would achieve again? She is in a good place with the public currently. Let's enjoy this.
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Underneath The Stars video found (90,765) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 9 September 2019; 04:37)
Is this for real? I’m wondering why it hasn’t been mentioned here.
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Re: Higher Love (90,184) (90,189) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 4 July 2019; 04:29)
Hearing those peak Whitney vocals brought me back to my childhood. Magical. Nostalgic. Nothing will ever beat the music of 1993-1994. A moment. Needless to say I love the song and as a huge fan of Whitney I am surprised I never heard this before.
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The return of impressive vocals (89,812) by Myles from CT, USA
(Sunday 2 June 2019; 20:18)
All I can say is wow. Mariah is truly killing this European tour. She sounds terrific and what a treat she’s giving everyone over there. I literally about screamed listening to her actually slay the snippets of Melt Away, Slipping Away. Endless Love was impressive and beautiful. What an iconic queen. I am so happy for our legend.
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Tomorrow (88,994) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 4 April 2019; 19:35)
Going to see Mariah in CT tomorrow. Super excited.
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Re: For The Record appreciation (88,796) (88,806) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 26 March 2019; 18:44)
One of her best songs of all time. Totally underrated and the true star of E=MC2.
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A No No video (88,381) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 8 March 2019; 09:58)
Another wasted potential. What a terrible video. I'm so disappointed. I do enjoy the added whistle tones though. But really, that's what we came up with? People dancing in the aisle of subway train? With Mariah sitting? I can't.
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A No No (88,306) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 4 March 2019; 20:40)
Where is the promo Mariah? This song could be a smash. Lets go.
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Re: Till the end of time (88,300) (88,303) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 4 March 2019; 19:51)
Andrew. Welcome back. Although your insight may have been harsh at times I must say that you were rarely incorrect. I think you love the same 1993-1994 Mariah that I fell in love with. She was perfection then and it is so hard let that go.
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Re: My All (88,058) (88,102) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 18 February 2019; 23:39)
I agree. I see posts on IG all the time with her ad libing like that with people saying. Those clips are not helping any judgement against her lol. I hate the way she sings it now, it doesn't sound good.
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Re: Caution tracks (88,006) (88,007) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 12 February 2019; 06:02)
Yes. April 5th. I will be there. So so so excited.
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Re: Butterfly (87,940) (87,963) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 8 February 2019; 02:25)
I seriously almost puked at this post. I respect your opinion but really? I am sure Mariah has somehow survived knowing that "straight guys" are no longer following her. Seriously? That's the last opinion I hope she cares about.
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