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Name: Myles
Country: CT, USA
Re: Is there any soso track on MIAMTEC? (77,983) (77,997) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 21 August 2017; 03:07)
Hmmm. I like this album but it really isn't a wow album for me. Although I feel that Dedicated and #Beautiful are her freshest tracks in years. For me I would have to say besides those dreadful cut and paste duets on the deluxe addition it would have to be Money, or One Last Try. One Last Try could've been epic but the vocals and strange background choice of music ruins it from truly being spectacular.
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Re: One question (77,893) (77,897) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 14 August 2017; 03:19)
My thought is because unfortunately her music doesn't sell anymore. Legendary artists make most of their money touring. The music business kinda sucks nowadays. Missing the bread and butter of her studio magic as well because from what I've been lately she needs the rest. Stat.
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Re: The truth (77,107) (77,117) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 14 July 2017; 13:21)
I hate to agree but I'm still looking for the proof. Everything sounds dry and Katy Perryish. It pains me to say that but there's no fluidity in her voice. It doesn't sound pleasant, for years now.
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Re: Mariah Carey featuring Mariah Carey (74,449) (74,457) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 13 April 2017; 05:19)
This is the truest piece of composition I have ever read. It's so on point.
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#17 (72,187) by Myles from CT, USA
(Saturday 4 February 2017; 22:32)
The song is quickly descending and I am shocked it stayed in the top ten as long as it did. A top ten on Billboard would be nice but where's the promo? Her team sucks. But she allows it. They both suck quite frankly.
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Re: The show must go on (71,678) (71,698) by Myles from CT, USA
(Saturday 28 January 2017; 7:48)
Andrew I just adore her. Mariah, Whitney, Celine and Toni Braxton were my vocal saviors growing up. I'm so jealous and I hope you have an amazing time.
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The voice (69,708) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 9 December 2016; 14:20)
I'm afraid I've come to accept that her 5 octave range has now become 2. The whisper vocal and the "infamous" vocals (song with Jussie) is all that is left. Even watching the Beacon show clips it's all to obvious. It makes me so sad. It also pisses me off because I've just kind of lost interest in seeing her perform. Oh Mariah, does anyone else feel the same? Her current voice is so unpleasant to the ear. The staccato vocals are just terrible.
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Stella (68,343) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 16 November 2016; 2:43)
Either Mariah genuinely enjoys her company as a manager/friend or Stella has so much dirt on Mariah that she's afraid to let go. Just a thought.
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(67,869) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 2 November 2016; 19:32)
Why are so many IG users commenting RIP on Mariah's pictures? It's freaking me out.
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Infamous (66,792) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 29 September 2016; 4:54)
Absolutely terrible. Flat vocals, terrible terrible terrible vocals. The auto tone? Absolutely terrible part 2.
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Vocals (65,405) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 18 August 2016; 20:13)
I am so over talking about Mariah's current state. It is nowhere near the shy but bold mature woman we knew in 1993-1995. I miss that Mariah, but that is just beating a dead horse. I feel selfish saying that because that was when she was a prisoner. Anyway, the vocals on the Merry Christmas album was her voice at her finest. I still have never heard crystal clear, well pronounced, strong vocals like that on any other album. It always reminds me of my childhood, my father, and happier times. And that is why I will always love Mariah Carey. Forever.
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Re: Dearest Heart (62,881) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 31 May 2016; 16:00)
Mommie Dearest, best movie of all time.
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Butterfly VS MIAM (61,453) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 20 April 2016; 18:47)
Butterfly. The lyrics, the vocals, the image awakening. MIAM just doesn't compare. That was a special time in Mariah's life. Butterfly is truly her opus.
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Whitney vs Mariah (57,958) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 24 November 2015; 18:30)
Anyone remember this show on VH1 in the early 90s? They played back to back Whitney and Mariah videos only. The 90s was and will always be the best decade for music.
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Randy / Waiting to Ezhale (57,943) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 23 November 2015; 20:12)
yes. I was always so angry that Mariah was not featured on that amazing soundtrack. I would say right after SWV's All Night Long. I love it.
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Mariah and the Adele debate (57,634) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 3 November 2015; 23:15)
Honestly I love Adele. I love her lyrics and the emotions in her voice. I am just going to add my two cents on why Mariah's recent songs are not translating well on radio. I feel like the productions of Mariah's latest songs are just too much. Don't get me wrong, I love Cry, I love One More Try and I did like TAOLG. The problem with her recent releases is that there is so much vocal layering that it sounds messy at times. Just like the last chorus of IWTKWLI, it is way too much. I want to hear Mariah and a simple production with minimal or no vocal stacking. Mariah your voice, whether some say is broken or not, is still full of emotion and still beautiful. Less is more.
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VOL (55,444) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 24 July 2015; 21:35)
Anyone else not love this song? I do not hate it but that's just not my song. Great debut single though.
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Least favorite Mariah songs (54,227) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 5 June 2015; 17:36)
1. Last Kiss - Filler.
2. You Need Me - Girl bye.
3. Did I Do That - Yes, and don't do it again.
4. Funkin 4 Jamaica - And it loses more points because Mariah is passing around chicken in the video.
5. To The Floor - Keep it down there.
6. The Impossible - Zzzzzzzzzz.
7. Heavenly - I do not think her voice sounds great at all on this record. I wanted to love it.
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I cannot even believe what I am reading (53,115) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 8 May 2015; 22:04)
Over the course of two years I have read people saying on this board, "She is not even trying anymore", "Why is she not promoting?", "She is not even singing live, she doesn't respect her fans", "Why isn't she promoting and singing live on talk shows?" Well guess what, she is doing all of that right now and still cannot please you people. Mariah Carey will never please the general public anymore because you are telling her "we want the 90s Mariah back" but at the same time you are saying "Mariah needs to try something new." She has no idea what her fans want anymore and I truly hope she never comes here for advice. This has been the best promo she has received in the last two years. Some of which yes maybe she did cause. I for one am going to bask in this great promotion and always be hopeful that her legacy will cary on.
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Re: B from the USA (48,446) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 10 December 2014; 19:35)
Unfortunately that song was a cover so it would not be eligible for a nom. Both songs from Tennessee were fantastic and amazing.
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Wendy (47,220) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 7 October 2014; 0:17)
I have been a huge fan of Wendy since her last radio show in NYC. I like her tv talk show and seeing some of the attacks on her here is just childish. The thing that is so appealing about her is her honest opinions. Has she said anything that was not true? Wendy has always supported Mariah's career. The one thing Mariah has is her voice. I am so beyond embarrassed for her. It's all going downhill and it's so depressing to watch. This reminds me of watching some of Whitney's last performances. I can no longer be in denial about her. Mariah has always been a hero of mine and the whole thing is breaking my heart. I'm sure she feels broken as well. Mariah come clean honey and stop hiding behind titles that no longer apply to you. God bless.
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Butterfly (46,975) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 26 September 2014; 18:53)
Happy Friday everyone. Has anyone else thought Mariah wrote the song "Butterfly" from Tommy's point of view? I always thought that was why the song was truly brilliant. I most certainly could be wrong but I think it is truly genius.
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Ariana (46,742) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 11 September 2014; 18:39)
I jumped on the Ariana "Please Enunciate" bandwagon too but then I remembered Mariah's later songs. This is why I was happy she include the lyrics. "Breakdown", "Miss you" and the whole Charmbracelet album. Lol, I love her anyway.
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Ultimate fantasy compilation (46,637) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 5 September 2014; 16:42)
Simply titled: Mariah, The Greatest
1. Underneath The Stars
2. Do You Think Of Me?
3. The Roof
4. Subtle Invitation
5. Circles
6. Everything Fades Away
7. For The Record
8. Breakdown
9. Long Ago
10. Dedicated
11. Candy Bling
12. Do You Know Where You're Going To?
13. Crybaby
14. When I Feel It
15. I Still Believe/Pure Imagination
16. Alone In Love
17. Never Forget You
18. Help Me Make It Through The Night
19. Want You
20. Fly Like A Bird
Not with really one blockbuster hit, but that album would sound so euphoric and flow together so well. I may burn a cd of my own suggestion lol.
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Mimi L (44,517) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 6 June 2014; 0:29)
Thank you. Sorry for the wrong information. Now I want to know who she is referring to. Oy, Mrs. Carey needs a boost. This album is actually quite good. My boyfriend is not a "lamb" per se but he loves the album. Those numbers scare me because I bought 4 copies myself and I know a lot of people who also bought multiple copies. I am confused and saddened.
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