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Name: Myles
Country: CT, USA
Mimi L collabos (44,513) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 5 June 2014; 22:57)
I believe she was referring to Trey Songz in the You're Mine remix or the Mary J duet. Yeah, I was disappointed too lol.
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J from the USA (42,788) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 22 April 2014; 17:12)
I agree 100%. First off in this day in age, Mariah has a hard enough time selling albums and singles when the whole world knows they are available. A surprise album is a disastrous idea. IDC anymore, I want the album.
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Perez Hilton (42,635) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 15 April 2014; 20:50)
Hello, Perez mentioned something today to the effect of "We would be surprised if Mariah actually did release her album on 5/6." This era is horribly sloppy and at this point I just want the album. That is all.
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Live performances / promotion (42,567) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 10 April 2014; 17:16)
There is a reason she does not perform live anymore. There will be no more live performances. I think I am okay with that. So looking forward to the TBA album. I cannot believe the time is almost amongst us.
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(42,529) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 8 April 2014; 18:07)
Fans have been critiquing their favorite artists for years. We buy the music; we made them who they are today. We have every right to agree or disagree with the way our favorite artists run their career. Of course there are people that take it too far. Mariah Carey is not the exception to fan critiquing. We all do it. Isn't this where we come to discuss her? Some posts are more negative than other so I get it; I get not wanting to see negativity all the time. With that said, you cannot have it only one way. Still looking forward to this album, maybe it will be her second Opus? Butterfly obviously being the first. Anyone here on Instagram? If so follow me, @mylee_arthur. It would be fun to see the faces of fellow fans.
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12 thumbs down? (42,511) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 7 April 2014; 21:26)
Really? Because I want album details? Lame. PS I love the Kik idea.
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Listening party (42,464) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 3 April 2014; 19:32)
Where the hell are the details? Tracklisting? Album title? Ugh I need to know.
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You're Mine remixes (42,430) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 1 April 2014; 23:16)
Snooooozeeeeee. Onto the album puh-leasssse. Sorry I don't mean to sound like a jerk.
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The first time I heard of Mariah Carey (42,368) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 28 March 2014; 14:37)
Believe it or not, I used to be Whitney Houston's number one fan. It was around 1992 and The Bodyguard soundtrack had just come out. I was a young 8 year boy who would listen to Whitney's powerful instrument over and over in my room. I knew of Mariah and I didn't even give her a chance, I was all about Whitney. Does anyone else remember the "Whitney vs Mariah" show on VH1? Anywho, "Dreamlover" came out and I about had a homosexual panic. Music Box was the first cd album I ever had, which I got that following Christmas. Ever since then Mariah has been the queen of my heart. Although I must admit growing up listening to Mariah between 1993-1995 were the best years a fan could have.
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The Jump Smoker's mix of You're Mine (41,293) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 14 February 2014; 16:23)
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Random opinion (41,176) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 12 February 2014; 17:44)
Mrs. Mariah, please stay away from Bobbi Kristina. She is not very talented and you do not owe this to Whitney. Stick to your own career darling and stay away from that unlikeable mess.
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The album title will not be TAOLG (41,154) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 12 February 2014; 15:44)
She said it on the radio this morning. It will be changed.
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(41,100) by Myles from CT, USA
(Monday 10 February 2014; 23:03)
This song is giving me Janet "Come back to me" realness. I am in love; it is lush, has a great production and a wonderful melody. Can we even talk about that power belt transforming into that fearless high note? This will be a top 10 hit. It is wonderful.
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Last night (40,879) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 30 January 2014; 19:36)
I had a dream last night Mariah dropped two previews of her 2 new singles she was releasing to radio. One was a great pop song and the other a slower but amazing and moving cover. I wish I could remember the damn song! It was so magical and then I realized it was not real.
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Favorite songs per album (40,470) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 8 January 2014; 22:03)
Mariah Carey - Love Takes Time
Emotions - Can't Let Go
Unplugged - I'll Be There
Music Box - Never Forget You
Merry Christmas - Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
Daydream - Looking In
Butterfly - Outside
#1's - When You Believe
Rainbow - Petals
Glitter - Never Too Far
Charmbracelet - Subtle Invitation
The Emancipation Of Mimi - Fly Like A Bird
E=MC2 - For The Record
MOAIA - Angels Cry
MCIIY - Charlie Brown Christmas
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Bryant (40,182) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 11 December 2013; 19:57)
Maybe that is the problem. Maybe we are still hoping she will become what she once was, not what she is now. It is getting harder and harder to naturally love a woman so obsessed with age, vanity and her own ego. Sometimes it makes me sick. But I will always love Mariah. After all, I have been a dedicated fan since 1993. I am not into kicking people when they are down, it's just she is not doing anything to bring herself back up.
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Her vanity got the best of her (40,166) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 10 December 2013; 16:06)
I will always love Mariah, but the passion I used to feel for her is fading. Her vanity got the best of her. Remember when she put on a good show? Ran across the stage and sang her heart out? The energy she brought was magnificent. It was about the music then. Now it is about the right angle and the right dress. She just stands there and tries to sing as she once did. It depresses me.
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The Art Of Letting Go (39,749) by Myles from CT, USA
(Tuesday 12 November 2013; 15:51)
I am left feeling so empty after this mess of a song. I bought it on iTunes as I will always support Mariah. #Beautiful was such a great, well produced, pop song. The Art of Letting Go is messy, the lyrics are horrid, and I really have no desire to listen to the song again. I was rather happy to see that it did climb to #29 on iTunes! I didn't think it would go far. I still hope she does well and the album is incredible. Feeling so disappointed right now. Terrible song.
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Frustrated (39,151) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 30 August 2013; 20:27)
I am that selfish fan, I am getting more and more agitated and annoyed with no music in sight. What happened to the days of putting a single out and then an album. Two "buzz" singles and no album. Who is she, Azealia Banks? Get real, put the album out.
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Skipped Song (39,126) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 28 August 2013; 15:57)
- Prisoner
- Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child
- Open Arms
- Butterfly Reprise
- Did I Do That
- Funkin' For Jamaica
- Irresistible
- To The Floor
- Last Kiss
- Love Story
- O Holy Night "live"
- Impossible
- More than Just Friends
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Favorite Mariah albums (39,073) by Myles from CT, USA
(Thursday 22 August 2013; 16:05)
- Music Box
- Butterfly
- Merry Christmas
- The Emancipation Of Mimi
- Daydream
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Mariah's most genius moments as a lyricist (39,024) by Myles from CT, USA
(Friday 16 August 2013; 22:35)
Close My Eyes, Subtle Invitation, The Roof, Butterfly. Can't Let Go, Looking In, Love Takes Time, If It's Over, All I Want For Christmas Is You, HATEU.
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A deteriorating voice (38,551) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 3 July 2013; 22:22)
I once heard that Barbra Streisand refused to get a nose job because she was afraid it would ruin the quality of her voice. It just seemed like in 1996 Mariah had a voice that could soar. 1997 hit and it just changed, overnight almost. Has Mariah's rhinoplasties affected the quality of her voice? I am not a specialist and have no idea, I am wondering. Can someone fill me in?
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#Beautiful (38,548) by Myles from CT, USA
(Wednesday 3 July 2013; 17:14)
I have been a reader of this messageboard for quite sometime and today I decided to finally post something. Why haven't we acknowledged that #Beautiful is her biggest radio hit in years? It is seriously on the radio here in CT 3 times an hour. It is amazing that someone can still have such a massive radio hit 23 years after their debut. Whitney didn't, Celine couldn't and let's not even discuss Madonna. Through all the bullshit we can at least agree that #Beautiful is doing wonderful on radio, even with all the bad press Mariah is getting.
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