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Name: Victor
Country: Costa Rica
Mariah's music has touched my soul.
I'm a hardcore fan since 1995.
Re: MC Vegas vocals (77,120) (77,158) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Saturday 15 July 2017; 02:34)
I knew it. You had to be in show business. Are you a dancer? A singer? An actor? Do you work on productions?
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Re: Voice coach or operation (77,119) (77,157) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Saturday 15 July 2017; 02:31)
Vocal coaching. If she loose the whistle register she will loose part of her self being. She had nodules since she was a kid, so we know her that way and we need to understand her singing is evolving with wisdom.
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Re: Why you mad at Mariah? (77,097) (77,108) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Friday 14 July 2017; 07:00)
Don't think I don't understand what you feel. I do have high expectations for her. Sometimes they are fulfilled, sometimes they aren't. My point here (with the initial post) is that if you have a problem and you spend all day long talking about that problem, you will never leave it behind and won't be able to move on because you will be surounded by the toxicity that comes with it and at the end you will be the problem because it will get materialized through you. I guess that is what happened with the lambily. We haven't been able to manage frustration/ dissapointment on a healthy way and we are helping to make things worse than what they really are. Some drama is good, but this shit is 0. Hahaha. (I'm talking about the Lambily.) My advise is: Count your blessings instead of your misery. Life will be better for her and us with the right approach.
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Re: The truth (77,095) (77,106) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Friday 14 July 2017; 06:44)
[censored] Aren't you tired of being perceived as a negative person, or tired of misrepresenting your self image that way?
Of course she can sing. She sings different from how she used to sing and that my friend is called aging and life. No one can stay the same along the way. If you pay attention to her voice, it carries scars from experience and her voice has evolved to a level that is beyond our comprehension. I wish you could understand and enjoy without judging.
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Re: Why you mad at Mariah? (77,088) (77,105) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Friday 14 July 2017; 06:12)
Thanks Geraldine. It's just that I wish we all could try to not analyze everything Mariah does or probably express less our opinions when we don't like or disagree with most of things she does or has become because it is wrong to do that. I have accepted that she has changed and I have embraced her new persona, her new style, her new singing, her new life and her new business vision. I don't judge her in any way because I support what I like and wish her the best no matter what. I forget the things I don't like or at least I don't get mortified about it. And I'm grateful for the amazing music she has given us all these years and for the great music I know will come soon and later. Her legacy will last and stands out forever. We all know that.
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Re: Why you mad at Mariah? (77,064) (77,081) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Thursday 13 July 2017; 04:36)
I may not be helping her. But at least I'm not contributing to making it worse. Have you seen the subjects of the messages in this board? They are all related to concerns, depression, anger, frustration, hard fellings against people in this board, disrespect. I used to enthusiacticly read all the comments posted here, but lately it's kind of difficult feel united under the same feeling or feel identified/closed to most of the lambily. This is a war zone. We become what we think and desire. And most of people here are expecting something beyong what's mean to be. Learn to enjoy and live with what's given at the moment and you will be able to spread your wings and fly. Something grandiouse may happen after that. The unnexpected things are the best ones. I feel Mariah has moved on and accepted that. But feels that the lambily hasn't yet. Probably that's what is frustrating her and turn her off about music. Lambily is never satisfied about anything. There's always a flaw or someone to blame. Sometimes I think we are the main problem and Mariah doesn't know what to do or how to react toward us. It must be exhausting and could be a factor for rejection.
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Re: Why you mad at Mariah? (77,031) (77,055) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Wednesday 12 July 2017; 03:08)
Hi MusicfanJ from Germany. Thanks for your reply. Probably she doesn't think that we deserve her, but I guess it's clear she is trying to use us (using and standing alone on her name). And I think she has doing it very well as she is always making headlines and money without the need to put much effort in anything she does. If I'm not mistaken, she is the only artist out there doing this and being successful. I have a lot of theories, so I will share them later with this lambily messageboard.
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Re: Mariah jams to bump in the car (77,036) (77,042) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Tuesday 11 July 2017; 17:59)
Mine are:
- Shake It Off
- I Know What You Want (very common to hear it in the cars in the hood... at least here in Costa Rica)
- Heartbreaker (Remix)
- You Don't Know What To Do
- Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
- One And Only (Part II)
- Cruise Control
All of them (well... most of them) have a ghetto appeal that made me feel like a bad boy.
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Why you mad at Mariah? (77,030) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Tuesday 11 July 2017; 06:18)
What is going on in this messageboard? I don't understand why everybody complain so much about everything Mariah does. Look, we all have different opinions about her but why do you need to express your frustrations? Can't you see that negativism is contagious? We are sending to her. So instead of supporting and help her heal what's need to be heal, we are not helping her and the world to move on. Remember that life is a cycle. When she was at her peak she raised the bar so high that we idolize her because she was the closest to perfection, but when someone of her caliber falls, the fall will be epic because it will reach levels not expected/imagined for this person. I think she is hurt in a very deep level plus she could be been blackmailed (that's a theory I have, but that's another topic I would like to discuss in another message). Regarding her attitude I have a theory: She knows she is the biggest pop act and the greatest singer of all time. And she is hurt because she feels betrayed by everybody (record labels, music industry, colleagues, fans, radio, etc). She thinks the world doesn't deserve her anymore. That's why she is doing the minimal effort in things she does. She doesn't want to meet our expectations anymore because she knows it isn't worth it. She has so many enemies due to envy and she is tired of fighting alone. I just wish her well to be brave to continue dealing with what she is going through. I really love her and want her to be happy. Her music is heaven and life without it will be worse than anything most of you post here.
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Tour (60,528) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Thursday 17 March 2016; 20:56)
Mariah, please come to Latin America. You are wasting a huge market opportunity. If you recapture your fans back, you will be invincible.
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Re: Backup singers - male vs female (60,504) (60,527) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Thursday 17 March 2016; 20:54)
I like both. I guess at the begining she was using male backup singers in order to let her voice shine. At that time no one could say that she received female support in order to sound good or similar to the records.
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Re: Beyonce and Mariah (59,751) (59,753) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Friday 12 February 2016; 18:05)
See? Beyonce is not the artist who stole Mariah's idea and album concept. I still believe it could be Taylor, especially for Taylor's reaction during Mariah's performance at the Billboard Awards last year (it was kind of shady). Mariah and Beyonce are still friends and this picture proves it.
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Re: Mariah's personal friend Beyonce (59,731) (59,742) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Thursday 11 February 2016; 21:28)
Hello RJJ12. Thanks fo reply back. I'm starting to feel like I'm part of the family on this board. True about Beyonce, they seem so distant now. I think if Mariah would have added the demo recordings to the MIAM, it would have sold a lot more because we as fans miss the 90's Mariah. I'm not saying that 90's Mariah is better than current Mariah, it's just that we want her to give us a little bit of that again. The success, the voice, the looks. We require the epicness to come back (generally speaking of music and she represents all that). I would like to hear all the records she has hidden somewhere. Hey, and don't you think it's weird that a fan released the Carey/Bolton record of "We are not making love anymore"? How does he get it? I always found that strange as he was the first one on releasing that as a snipped to the world. Is someone from Sony leaking Mariah's material/ideas? Should we expect more sabotages? Does Tommy has something to do with all this?
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Re: Mariah's personal friend Beyonce (59,700) (59,725) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Wednesday 10 February 2016; 23:28)
Hello RJJ12. It could be Beyonce due to what Mariah explained about the visuals. And also the surprise factor of the unexpected release in iTunes. But it could be Taylor Swift too. Taylor released the 1989 album of her demos. I'm pretty sure Mariah had the same idea. Remember a video back in 2014 in which someone was playing the Vanishing demo tape. I'm sure that finger is Mariah's. Mariah now owns all her material from Sony. I wouldn't be surpised if she includes in her new album old records never released. Besides she looks so relaxed like if everything is under control, like if she didn't have to invest too much effort in her upcoming album. Also, I remember that when the first tracking list of MIAM was leaked, there was a song which was supposedly a duet with Steve Wonder called "We will still be around" and Mariah has the rights as lyrists for a song under the same name back in day before she released her first album. Who knows? I could be wrong.
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Mariah new sound (50,799) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Thursday 12 March 2015; 1:09)
Hi everybody. I would like to hear Mariah singing rock or metal. Or a classic acoustic ballad. Or maybe something autochthonic from places/countries that have a banner sound, like flamenco from Spain, samba from Brazil, etc.
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The Elusive Chanteuse Show (46,660) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Sunday 7 September 2014; 2:51)
Hello everybody. I think Mariah should tour Latin America and Europe as well. I would love to hear Almost Home, Slipping Away, Music Box, Vanishing, Loverboy, Bringing On The Heartbreak, Blessed, Melt Away, Breakdown, Sweetheart, After Tonight, One & Only (Original or Part II), For The Record, Miss You, Endless Love, Circles, Ribbon, Make It Look Good, and Triumphan remix. The hits she always sings are ok, but I guess fans need to hear something new for the first time (at least live).
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Touring (46,255) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Friday 22 August 2014; 18:39)
I think Mariah should do a world tour call "The eras of my life" and have special segments dedicated to each of her albums (probably she could dress like some videos in order to represent the most iconic moments of her career). As she has a lot of song under her credit and a lot of hits, I thinks she could do a medley of their songs in order to give fans a little bit of everything. Maybe she could sing one entire song per album (the most popular), and do a medley with the others. That would be fantastic. I want to hear live some songs from Glitter, especially Loverboy. It's not my favorite song, but I know she was going to sing that song during MTV's 20th anniversary, but she couldn't because she had the breakdown. I know that if she would sung it, the song would reached the #1 spot in Billboard. What do you think guy?
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Best videos for each album's lead single (45,281) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Tuesday 8 July 2014; 21:51)
1. Heartbreaker
2. Sweetheart
3. Honey
4. It's Like That
5. Touch My Body
6. Dreamlover
5. Touch My Body
7. Fantasy
8. Through The Rain
9. Obsessed
10. All I Want For Christmas Is You (B&W version)
11. #Beautiful
12. I'll Be There
13. Emotions
14. Loverboy
15. Vision Of Love
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YDKWTD and Tommy theories (45,262) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Monday 7 July 2014; 22:57)
First of all, thanks to Mike, James (Twiggy) and Shelly for your reply to my comment. And by the way, I'm not high. Hahahaha. Rashidi, interesting fact that you pointed out, so that means that this song was written or at least the concept came up at that time. As Shelly pointed out, I do think that The Art Of Letting Go is exclusively dedicated to Tommy, I guess Mariah finally feels free from his dominion, but it was very hard for her to move on after their marriage. There are several songs that evoque Tommy in every of her albums: Side Effects and Wish You Well (E=MC2), You Had Your Chance (Charmbracelet). Plus two themed videos of their story (It's Like That and We Belong Together). And let's not forget about the Larry King interview in 2009 when she talked about the violence in their marriage. I mean, it's not her fault, this guy tried to destroy her, of course he means a lot to her for good and bad. That's why I still think she cleverly put some hidden messages in their songs to not make things so evident. Of course the lyrics in YDKWYD goes "You love me more than you love sunny summer days". But I'm sure she meant it to sound that way to cover the "Sony summer days". Like reffering to her glory days with Tommy. She is married and has two beautiful kids. She can't continue openly talking about it because it will seem like if she was "laying in a ring not making a sound". Have a great day everybody.
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YDKWTD Lyrics (45,249) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Monday 7 July 2014; 4:13)
"You love me more than you love Sony summer days". I have always thougth Mariah didn't release the lyrics of the album because she doesn't want to explain the hidden messages in her songs. In my opinion, this song is dedicated to Tommy. Knowing Mariah, I'm pretty sure he is her biggest inspiration and the love of her life.
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Tracking list differences and my guess on what will happen with the songs not included on this album (43,238) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Friday 2 May 2014; 22:49)
Hello lambs. I'm very curious about Mariah's new album. Based on what was reveled back in September, here is the previous track list shared. The list of songs of the new album "The Art Of Letting Go":
01. Make It Look Good
02. #Beautiful (feat. Miguel)
03. You're Mine
04. You Don't Know What
05. Hope Street
06. Lullaby of Birdland
07. The Art of Letting Go
08. I Can't Love U (feat. R. Kelly)
09. Mr. Operator
10. Hurricane
11. This Cannot Be Love
12. I'll Still Be Around (feat. Stevie Wonder)
13. Heart
14. Save The Day
As you can see, only 6 songs out of 14 will be included in her new album. So I guess the songs that were not included on Me: I am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse will be released on a second sequel of this album (like what JT did with the 20/20Experience). I'm pretty sure that the special guest has not been revealed yet because the main stuff will be released on the sequel. But she mentions it now because both albums are part of the same project. And for me including Betcha and It's a Wrap makes sense because I'm sure this will be the last project she will have with IDJ, so she will make sure all the material she recorded with them see the light of the day. I wouldn't be surprised if in the sequel of this project included the version of "Yours" she recorded with JT back in 2002. IDJ will have to release a Greatest Hits album anyways, so probably most of the songs will be included on it. What do you think? Am I crazy?
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Mariah knows how to bring back the memories (42,016) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Friday 7 March 2014; 16:14)
Have you see the pic on "Mariah Carey goes swimming with Dem Babies" article? It reminds me a little bit the Music Box era (probably the NBC's Thanksgiving special shots while she is driving or even the Dreamlover video look). And people, please change topics of this message board, all you do is argue. Who cares about other's people opinions? Let them express themselves (if they unproperly decide to do that, if you don't like or disagree on what they write, just ignore them). The important thing is to be loyal to your believes, have your own opinion (probably keep it to yourself) and hope for the best from Mariah. That's what I do. Have a nice day.
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New song (41,087) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Monday 10 February 2014; 19:42)
Hello lambs. The new song is amazing. The first time I heard it it reminded me a little bit of [...] mixed with [...]. Do you think the same? Anyways, it's going to be eipc and the ending of the song is espectacular. Please do not forget to purchase the song as soon as it gets released.
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Listen to "Be Mine" here (40,996) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Friday 7 February 2014; 21:14)
Hello Lambs. Someone uploaded the new Mariah single on the internet. It's a poor bad quality file, but now you can have an idea of how the new single would sound like. It's not a ballad. Mmmm, it reminds me of "Heartbreaker" a little bit (the way she plays with her voice). Enjoy it.
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R Kelly talks new Mariah Carey album (40,029) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Thursday 28 November 2013; 17:28)
Hi guys. Am I interpreting this article correctly? Did R Kelly say that he and Mariah will collaborate on 2013 AMAs? That would be fantastic!
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