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Name: Victor
Country: Costa Rica
Mariah's music has touched my soul.
I'm a hardcore fan since 1995.
The Art of Letting Go on the charts (39,772) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Wednesday 13 November 2013; 0:37)
#1 Brunei Darussalam (+76) (NE)
#1 Bulgaria (+1) (NE)
#1 Malaysia (+1) (NE)
#1 Philippines (=) (NE)
#1 Singapore (+2) (NE)
#1 Taiwan (=) (NE)
#1 Vietnam (+2)
#1 Costa Rica (NE)
Source: iTunes
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A total surprise and everything makes sense (39,731) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Tuesday 12 November 2013; 0:55)
I'm more than pleased. This is art people. Stop judging the song and enjoy the emotional ride that comes with it. I was surprised at the begining because I wasn't expecting the way she started singing, but then I understood why the song was made that way. She is a storyteller, and she should remove feelings from it in order to let us know relate to the story and not the voice. Then a little breaks comes and it's when she relates to it and the powerful voice is released. This will be a classic and her future signature song. It moved me, I enjoy listening her struggle and that she realizes about the issue she has. I totally approve this song and believe in her and this song.
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Live fan Q&A (39,674) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Wednesday 6 November 2013; 21:14)
Hello lambs. Remember that the Live fan Q&A will be regarding the song, not the album or any other topic. I guess Mariah will reveal slowly the details on the album, live, projects, etc. I believe her intention right now is to focus the attention to the single. The lyrics must be very biographical, intense and shocking. We will all know what she is letting go in her live at this point. Or what she can't let go. I can't wait to hear the song!
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Songs Mariah has never performed live (39,608) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Wednesday 30 October 2013; 19:22)
I would love to hear Mariah singing the following songs in a live event or televised show: "When I saw you", "Melt away", "If we", "Miss you", "So cold", "To be around you", "Music box", "Never forget you", "The beautiful ones", "Sweetheart", "After tonight", "Vulnerability", "Want you", "You had your chance", "God rest ye merry gentlemen", "Cruise control", "For the record", "One and only", "Circles", "The first Noel / Born is the king", "Almost home", "Lil Love". There's so many great songs never released as a single or never performed live.
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Show (one song from each album) (39,607) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Wednesday 30 October 2013; 19:08)
Hello everybody, I hope you are fine. I would like to be in a Mariah Carey concert to hear live the following songs (one from each album):
1. Vanishing
2. Emotions
3. I'll be there
4. Dreamlover
5. Christmas (Baby please come home)
6. When I saw you
7. Breakdown
8. I still believe
9. Heartbreaker
10. Never too far
11. Miss you
12. We belong together
13. I'll be loving you long time
14. Angels cry
15. Oh Santa!
16. TBD (from The Art of Letting Go)
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Dreaming about Mariah collaborations (39,314) by Victor from Costa Rica
(Monday 23 September 2013; 21:05)
Hello everybody. I'm in love with Mariah's voice since the first time I heard it. And I have always fantasized about these possible duos or collaborations:
1. Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton: In my opinion best female and male voices ever. Besides both were huge during the 90's, when singers were truly gifted and amazing vocalists.
2. Mariah Carey and Celine Dion: The only two divas left in this world.
3. Mariah Carey and Laura Pauisini: A great combination of culture. Both are very passionate.
4. Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff: Both made Mariah's best work and I guess we all miss this kind of magic they used to create.
5. Mariah Carey and Bryan Adams: A pop-rock ballad between them would be a huge success.
6. Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera: That could be epic. Like Mariah sharing and accepting new generations inspired by her.
7. Mariah Carey and Josh Groban: Amazing voices exploding our senses.
8. Mariah Carey and Elvis Presley: Could you imagine that? Fusing two legends and icons.
9. Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin: I visualize this duo singing a latin rhythm. Pure energy making us vibrating.
10. Mariah Carey and her fans: She should record a song with a live audience singing the chorus (of course it would have to be rehearsed first).
What do you think about it? Are we sharing same expectations? I would like to hear Mariah sing with someone that could match her vocal range and stardom.
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