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Name: Terna
Country: Nigeria
Mariah Carey is my favorite artist ever. Fave Era - The Emancipation of Mimi
Re: TMOMC (95,354) (95,359) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 3 September 2020; 11:33)
Lol. No it's not.
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Re: TMOMC (95,351) (95,358) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 3 September 2020; 11:32)
Haha. Practice what you preach. Now shut it on any assumptions, opinions, expectations or conclusions you might have concerning the unreleased (all caps) book, until it is actually available and you have read it. Damn.
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Re: TMOMC (95,345) (95,348) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 2 September 2020; 16:29)
I guess you have read the book already. Smh.
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Re: Best written song 90-99 (95,337) (95,347) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 2 September 2020; 16:19)
In my opinion that would be "Vision Of Love" easily. A perfect debut song accompanied by a killer vocal performance, with a unique message about realizing a dream and finding her purpose and destiny. When it comes on in a playlist it's always a breath of fresh air.
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Chadwick Boseman (95,274) by Terna from Nigeria
(Saturday 29 August 2020; 17:55)
My spirits were brought down this morning, logging into social media to see this news, it was the first thing I saw actually. It's funny how these celebrities who are under the spotlight for the most part of their lives still go through stuff like this suffering in silence, to think he was already sick in [Black Panther], goes to show we really don't know and can't say looking from the outside in. May he rest in perfect peace.
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Debut voice (95,241) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 27 August 2020; 21:04)
I think Mariah debuted with an instrument that was already compromised. If you listen to the first EP she released in celebration of MC30 her voice sounds constricted especially on the belts and she's singing with an obvious effort thus the heavy sighs at the end of every performance. And on the "Vanishing" performance at the 2:40 mark you can actually hear her clear her throat before the high belt and sustain mid song.
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Re: Interesting Google search (95,216) (95,219) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 26 August 2020; 17:51)
Google can be a little bit glitched sometimes. Lol. But it still is helpful, in enlightening those who are oblivious to that fact. In regards to Denise Williams' comment about Mariah's Instrument, first off I don't think there was any underlying malicious intent for her comment, but more from a singer's perspective, and yes I can agree to an extent on points she raised.
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Re: Andrew (95,104) (95,139) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 23 August 2020; 00:09)
"Terna and We Are Lambily irritate the hell out of me with their 'Mariah has never done anything wrong; she's never even stepped on an ant.'" Neither of us are as you just described. We just choose to remain positive and give her our unconditional love 24/7, unapologetically while making a conscious effort not to judge nor jump to conclusions without weighing the facts first.
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Re: The Rarities new vocals only (95,134) (95,138) by Terna from Nigeria
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 23:47)
Lol, after all the how many weeks at number one on pre-orders alone. Only to find out the Tokyo concert is actually all the lock-down concerts she's been having with Roc & Roe with one audience member - Tanaka. Haha. I would have a field day laughing at Bill. Better don't give her any ideas. We all know by now she's on this message board. Hehe.
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Save the Day (95,063) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 21 August 2020; 11:52)
A clip of it leaked on Instagram yesterday and I thought it was something made up by the Lambily in anticipation of the actual record. Turns out it was legit but just a snippet. Now that I've heard it in its entirety, I can see why it was left in the vault, I feel like that sample works, up until the "lalala" part towards the end where you unconsciously just want to go "strumming my pain" lol. That's testament to Lauryn's talent, and the identity of that original sample. Records like that are very hard to sample and make your own. Mariah gets points for taking such a distinctive record and crafting one with a different facet both lyrically and melodically.
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Re: I got some tea (95,050) (95,058) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 21 August 2020; 11:35)
Hold up. "Out here on my own" by Irene Cara?
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Rarities / GMA (94,988) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 19 August 2020; 18:38)
It's such an exciting time to be a Mariah Carey fan right now. This new compilation "The Rarities" is just what the Lambily and the rest of the world needs right now. I followed the link to Amazon music and there [are] so many tracks. Such a treat Watching her perform "Vision of Love" a song she's sung a million times and still inject new life into its interpretation was a breath of fresh air.
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Re: Daydream EPs (94,904) (94,906) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 14 August 2020; 23:11)
A visual from the "Daydream" era making it out for the first time in 2020, 25 years later in the Vevo/streaming era might just be what Mariah needs to tie that 20th Billboard number 1 Beatles record. This is so crazy in a very good mind boggling way. Like who is this woman?
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Re: Triumphant (94,823) (94,841) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 6 August 2020; 16:07)
"Snoozebox". Haha. I cackled out loud. Sacrilege.
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Re: Triumphant (94,823) (94,840) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 6 August 2020; 16:02)
Yeah you're right about the Lambily ruining the moment. Lol. All I heard was how Mariah was singing the hook on her own song, so much so that Jermaine or Randy Jackson had to explain that every song is different and they all come in different ways in other words, different songs have different structure and that was just the way "Triumphant" came. You think Mariah didn't know that it might be perceived like that? However you don't mess up the creative process during songwriting trying to fit in a boxed idea of how a song should be. I loved the song with the first listen and still do today.
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Re: Article: Should have been bigger: Mariah's "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" (94,819) (94,839) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 6 August 2020; 15:48)
Jade, lol I didn't mean the acapella version that was just for Bill's reset of his detest for the song. Yeah the original version is what I was referring to is perfect for jump rope. Hehe.
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Re: Article: Should have been bigger: Mariah's "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" (94,803) (94,816) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 5 August 2020; 11:53)
You must've not gotten the song on [first] listen, try listening to the acapella version for a reset. It is a powerful song with an uplifting message and great for working out to.
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Re: Divas Live 1998 (94,800) (94,815) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 5 August 2020; 11:46)
She was sick and was in the middle of the Butterfly world tour now wasn't she? 1998 was a very busy year for her also.
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Re: Divas Live 1998 (94,798) (94,814) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 5 August 2020; 11:36)
Thanks for this. You totally get it. I watched this show live on VH1, she sang "My All" first and then "Make it Happen" live and I recorded it at the same time on VHS back then. Lol and you're right there was something so confident and freeing about her demeanor that night, watching her I couldn't help but realize that she was leveling up into icon status. It is also in my overall top 5 performances of her career and that's saying a lot as she's had stellar live performances even after.
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Re: Divas Live 1998 (94,792) (94,795) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 3 August 2020; 10:23)
Here comes the ever resident troll on here that won't go away. Like you said it's all an opinion just like yours, but I guess even Mariah herself agrees with mine.
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Divas Live 1998 (94,788) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 2 August 2020; 12:07)
That VH1 Divas 1998 performance of "Make it Happen" is the best she's ever sung that song live and honestly hasn't ever since. I don't think I had ever seen Mariah command a stage and work it with such class, grace and confidence as she exuded that night, at one point she even asked the audience to get up on their feet and they obliged - truly epic. You can tell she's very proud of that performance as she's basically always made reference to the way she sang it then anytime she performs it today; that version is still the template she uses. I'm glad she's released it currently for the younger generation to discover, it is one of the many treasures from Mariah's prime years. The Butterfly era was everything.
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Re: Hero melody / MC30 wants (94,735) (94,736) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 28 July 2020; 14:44)
I always wondered how that song would've sounded like, as I love Lauryn Hill as well. However I don't think they even got together to record the song as I recall Mariah insinuating Lauryn's people kinda blocked her out.
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The vault (94,706) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 24 July 2020; 23:37)
With the way Mariah keeps unearthing singles, remixes and compilations tucked away in the vault well over 30 years, this could go on for a whole year and we would just be at maybe the "Daydream" era. Lol. This latest AIYM clip got the whole Lambs excited (did you guys see the date it was recorded - 1989). Makes one at the edge of our seats for those hidden gems from the debut era, "Into The Light", "Here we go round again". I wonder what other goodies she has in store for us, sitting here feigning like a new Lambie all over again. Haha. This is so (all caps) cool, and I'm loving every minute of it. What a time to be a Mariah Carey fan.
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Re: New book (94,671) (94,682) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 23 July 2020; 21:41)
She already bodied him and literally ended his career with "Obsessed". I doubt there would be any mention of him in this book. Lol.
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Re: Nick (94,659) (94,681) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 23 July 2020; 21:26)
Rarely do I read a post this lengthy and for some reason I did yours and i'm glad I did. Thank you for this message it gave me life and made my heart smile.
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