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Name: Terna
Country: Nigeria
Mariah Carey is my favorite artist ever. Fave Era - The Emancipation of Mimi
Superbowl (92,744) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 6 February 2020; 17:11)
If Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Diana Ross, Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake to name a few can do it, so can Mariah Carey. She's bringing her own brand of music and sass to the event, and the audience already knows she's not that kind of high energy performer so they won't be expecting. She's engaging in her own way plus she's got the massive hits and I'm not just talking about her number ones, both uptempo, ballads and killer remixes, undeniable hits that can get the crowd moving, playing as an energized playlist with the Dancers. Mariah's always got a trick up her sleeves testament to her versatility.
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Re: Ariana Grande (92,646) (92,650) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 28 January 2020; 21:19)
I think Mariah doesn't duet with females often because her vocals, harmonies, layering, melodies and key she might choose to sing in are on another level and the female duet partner might not be able to keep up and then there's also the tendency for it to become a screaming match. Lol, and honestly Arianna's vocals aren't mature enough to pair with Mariah's. She just gives me this kiddies vibe on all her recordings that I don't take her seriously.
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Kobe Bryant (92,638) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 27 January 2020; 22:02)
Losing someone isn't easy, especially a family member and then the head of the house along with a child? I can only imagine what his wife is going through now. I too lost my dad last December on the first. It hits you like a lightning bolt and you're never really the same. May God carry her and the remaining children in this trying time. This is so sad.
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Re: Hidden song - Love Take Time (92,623) (92,636) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 27 January 2020; 20:45)
That's so cool, hope you held unto that one though, might become pricey years from now. Never can tell.
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Cathedral of St. John The Divine performance (92,608) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 26 January 2020; 21:55)
I noticed a while back, that the key she sings these songs in this live performance are a semitone (half step) lower than the original recordings. Would've never noticed if it wasn't for these darn piano lessons. Lol.
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Hidden song - Love Take Time (92,607) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 26 January 2020; 21:44)
I just realized something about the mastering of her first album. It was reported how this song was the last to be recorded for the debut and the record was already even being mastered, but the executives really wanted this particular record on the debut and that some copies of the album sleeve didn't even have the song listed on the tracklist, but yet it was present on the record technically making it a hidden song. Did Mariah start this trend subconsciously? Lol. Because it became a thing years down the line especially in the late 90's and 2000's. Notable recordings "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" and Alicia Key's "Songs in A Minor" both having hidden songs to name a few. Check this list out. None predates 1990.
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Re: Love Takes Time (92,601) (92,606) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 26 January 2020; 21:17)
Or maybe Walter Afanasieff. Who better than him to create his own sound? Just not overproduced this time.
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Songwriter's Hall of fame 2020. (92,386) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 16 January 2020; 18:32)
Isn't this just the best news ever? Wow, a big congratulations are in order for Mariah. Long overdue if you ask me. I know this means a lot to her as she's always mentioned the fact she's not just a singer but even a songwriter first and foremost. Finally Mariah is getting the respect she deserves. Legend.
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Re: You're Mine vs You Don''t Know What as first single (92,372) (92,384) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 16 January 2020; 18:23)
There is a Mariah only version you which sounds much better.
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Charmbracelet era and album (92,362) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 15 January 2020; 22:21)
Just throw that whole album and era away. Delete. That was the most pathetic, intimidating time to be a lamb and it's a time I don't look back with fun memories at all (all caps). I was sorta still a new "Lambie" and it was painful to see our once high and mighty Mariah had diminished into a whisper literally. "Through the Rain" was the best song on that album and sorta the only semblance of the Old Mariah - the real Mariah so to speak. I remember on the day I bought the CD, I also bought the earlier albums "Daydream" and "Mariah Carey", and I played those records first. Now imagine playing "Charmbracelet" next with all the excitement, I noticed it immediately, nothing but shouting and whispering no middle voice nor mix there. There's never a time she doesn't sound like singing is a chore when trying to belt (have you heard the full version of "You Got Me" it's over 5 minutes long) the ease of singing is non existent. Ugh. And don't get me started on that hideous, sorry excuse of a BOTHB remake (have you heard the original version?). . I was so disappointed in Mariah and I said to myself if I hear this sh*t on her next album, I'm done. Well you know the rest.
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Re: Televised performances (92,214) (92,217) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 7 January 2020; 19:08)
Speaking of televised performances, what is it about the "We Belong Together" performance from Jey Leno in 2005 (wrap around blue dress) that gets YouTube all rilled up that they delete it as soon as you've uploaded it, while sending you a warning to desist or get your account terminated. I have that particular performance and so I tried uploading it and the action was immediate. Other users got the same feedback as well. Is it a copyright thingy?
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Re: Next album/era (92,207) (92,216) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 7 January 2020; 18:55)
Contrary to popular belief, I don't want Mariah to release her next number 1 featuring Bruno nor Drake, or any other artist for that matter. I want her to hit number 1 by herself. That makes it more genuine and the trolls cannot attribute it to the featured act. She's still got it and can still churn out a massive hit. And I believe the lambs both old and new will support her with streaming and radio, Vevo etc.
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Re: Mariah (92,178) (92,192) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 6 January 2020; 16:06)
Oh wow, you backed it up with receipts. I recall seeing this on Instagram. Nice job Lambily and yeah I believe this. She's always been huge in Asia even with the Glitter soundtrack.
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Re: New album (92,078) (92,086) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 2 January 2020; 18:30)
If she broke Elvis's record, she'll break The Beatles' as well.
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Re: Collaborators past and present (92,077) (92,085) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 2 January 2020; 18:29)
I want more from Skrillex and Poo Bear. "The Distance" from "Caution" is stellar.
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Re: New #1s album art (92,056) (92,084) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 2 January 2020; 18:00)
No you're not the only one, I too love and can appreciate "Infinity". I believe it kinda has a deeper meaning and I call it Mariah's victory song, such a bop. Lol. It also features a full orchestra - a sound I absolutely love and is tied to this milestone in her career what a moment
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Re: "All I want for Christmas is you" all-star tribute (91,924) (91,932) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 24 December 2019; 01:49)
I just saw it and I was like wow. Honestly, I don't even know half of the celebrities in the video. But I did recognize most, wasn't that Chance the rapper? Then Cyndi Lauper on the street and our very dear Patti. This kinda tops the carpool karaoke from a few years ago.
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Mad love (91,931) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 24 December 2019; 01:42)
We're experiencing a major event in the history of Music right now and I really wish us Lambs weren't here going back and forth arguing, just bask in the moment and revel. Getting this no.1 is a really big deal especially in the same year where she lost one of her major Billboard records only to replace it with an equally, if not more outstanding one and more importantly, one that may not ever get tied with or broken ever. Lol. Mariah is getting a lot of love right now and I'm loving it. Did you guys watch the new AIWFCIY videos? So fetch.
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Billboard Hot 100 (91,716) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 17 December 2019; 13:09)
I have a grin on my face right now. Lol.
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Re: 19th No 1 (91,710) (91,715) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 17 December 2019; 13:07)
Well even in new material now she will get another number one, I feel like she has broken that curse of her not getting another number one hit. So now it will be much easier to ascend to the top and eventually surpass The Beatles to become that b***h that's number one in the music industry overall. Haha. Anything and everything is possible. Believe. *singing there can be miracles when you believe*
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19th Billboard number one (91,692) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 16 December 2019; 22:52)
Wow. This is surreal. Congratulations are in order for my fave Mariah Carey. Can you guys believe it? 19th Billboard number 1 in 2019, 25 years later. She has the biggest best records ever. A big thumbs up to the Lambily too.
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Re: Caution (91,655) (91,662) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 16 December 2019; 18:25)
"Caution" the title track has also grown on me too. It was just ok at first, but much later on it became a top 5 favorite. Part of this had to do with looking up the lyrics since she raps sings kinda fast like in "Breakdown". Most people say it sounds like an Aaliyah song.
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Re: The Star live (91,457) (91,463) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 26 November 2019; 12:32)
You're right, it is indeed better than the studio version and it's completely live she ditched the background playback here. This put a big smile on my face and honestly I got chill when she hit the first chorus, with the way she turned back to look at her backup. Also her vocals here are much smoother than on the recording. I loved this song in 2017 when it dropped and I love it even more now. Thanks for sharing.
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Guinness World Records (91,462) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 26 November 2019; 12:20)
Who needs the Grammy's when you're making and breaking Guinness World Records like Mariah just did? Now that's a powerful world record that's gonna last, hers is one of the last songs included and recognized as one of the holiday classics. It will be playing long after were all gone. All I Want for Christmas could just be Mariah Carey's signature song.
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How the mighty have fallen (91,408) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 20 November 2019; 16:40)
Going through the Grammys nominations list, I just felt like I was going through nominations for a much lesser award like Teen Choice Awards. Lol. It doesn't feel serious at all. Where's the quality? The serious artists and the obscure ones who are really good but don't get the platform. And as usual our chanteuse was paid dust, not like she was checking for them anyways. She'll "prolly" go bowling.
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