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Article: Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon getting back together? (74,683) by Mushaakiss from UAE
(Sunday 23 April 2017; 01:23)
This story warms my heart. I really hope they do get back together.
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Sleeping on matresses with 5 girls? (74,682) by THE TRUTH from USA
(Sunday 23 April 2017; 00:29)
Why is she making up these new lies? Mariah why can't you just tell the truth? Your truth is pretty impressive; multiple Grammy wins, massive record sales, and number 1 singles, stop telling lies it's so not necessary. Why isn't icon status enough for you? Sorry lambs but Mariah was never poor, it's a myth.
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Re: Nick (74,663) (74,681) by Special K from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 22:02)
Exactly. What's crazy is that Mariah showcased her dirt. Anyways, thanks girlie.
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Re: Nick (74,662) (74,680) by Special K from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 22:00)
Thanks Jade.
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Re: Dear Stella (74,668) (74,679) by DV from US
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 21:36)
I love this lol so true like girl bye.
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Re: Staged moments (74,676) (74,678) by Manny from U.S.
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 21:08)
Nick was testing to see if Mariah is allowed to go out in public by herself, without Stella and her circus. Nick is also trying to talk to her in person. The rumor is that Stella has Mariah's cell tap and can hear her conversations. When Stella hears someone doesn't like her, she makes every effort to get rid of them. It can be by calling TMZ and set them up (a la Danielle). Sometimes she just does voo doo on them. It depends on whether it's a full moon or not. Nick wanted to tell her how he really feels about Stella. He thinks she is Mottolaesque.
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Re: Staged moments (74,676) (74,677) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 20:35)
The pic of Roe didn't come out. I still think a lot of their recent togetherness is planning for their kids' 6th birthday party. Anyway, I hope it is, because I would like to see a fun/fab kids party moment. Any relationship stuff, I hope they keep it real, get counseling and pack Stellar in that Vuitton coffin/valise marked to Russia with no return.
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Staged moments (74,676) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 19:59)
Monroe's expression here is literally me whenever I see a new staged moment with Mariah and Stella haha. Honestly I'm so tired of the same routine. We've had it back to back twice, do we really need a third time? Nick, boy talk some sense into Mariah. These over publicized moments will only cause problems later. Anyways to add more fuel to fire, Nick and Mariah were out last night without the kids in Malibu. I need Stella to delete TMz's number right about now.
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Re: Nick (74,672) (74,675) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 19:46)
Haha one good thing that'll come out if Nick does get back with MC is that he'll kick Stella out for sure. I don't think he'll be here for this entire family shadowing Mariah and living in her house especially since he explicitly said once that one (of the many reasons) that broke them apart was her huge entourage and how they always kept telling her that he's not right for her. I think we can all bet $1 (I'm not wasting more than that on Stella) that once Nick gets too close to Mariah, Stella will feel threatened.
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Stella (74,674) by Gee from U.S.A.(NewYork City)
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 19:19)
Stella is only doing what Mariah is allowing her to do end of story because at the end of day Mariah is Stella's boss. So until Mariah sets some boundaries the circus act will continue. Honestly since coming on board Stella has not been so stellar, she has only been a problem and not a solution. Hopefully if she and Nick are trying to work on building a bond again of some sort that Mariah puts her foot down and retires the circus act of Stella and company.
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Re: Nick (74,671) (74,673) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 17:59)
Licia, hhhaaaahahah, curse and cackle, is that like snork? Lila, here is to more family co-parenting moments and less vacuous diva moments with the uninteresting entourage.
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Re: Nick (74,669) (74,672) by Lila from United States
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 17:29)
After good co-parenting, let's list 2) outings without the circus in tow and 3) more occasions where we get to see that Mariah can still walk on her own and carry her own kid.
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Re: Nick (74,670) (74,671) by Licia from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 17:16)
Lila you just made me curse and cackle at the same d*mn time. Holy B. Fly? Can I get an amen and a hallelujah. *does praise dance*
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Re: Nick (74,665) (74,670) by Lila from United States
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 16:38)
*gasps* How dare you? I'll have you know Mariah was not playing ping pong with Packer seconds after the split, never mind the fact that she said out of her own mouth that they met at the premiere of Dwayne Johnson's movie and she hit it off with him, which occurred before her and Nick's split was public knowledge, and that she had already taken off her wedding ring and engagement band while Nick was still sporting his. The poor dear was sitting by the phone hoping, wishing, and waiting that Nick would call her on her cellphone or at least hit up the land line. Nick was the one out hopping from woman to woman, not caring. Mariah is a goddess. Everyone is supposed to have a God-like loyalty and love to her and remain faithful forever. Now of course, unlike Christian's God who will never leave you or forsake you, Mariah reserves the right to be mean, spiteful, and petty in words and actions no matter what the other person does because she is Mariah, which says it all. She is so fabulous so who cares about all that other stuff? We are to never acknowledge those unsavory character traits in her and remain loving, loyal, fans forever and Nick's job was and is to pine away for her for the rest of his natural born life. If you need anymore information on goddess Mariah, how you are to behave as a fan, and how Nick is to behave as a husband and ex-husband, you will soon be able to consult your very own manual on it. A holy book, aptly named Holy B. Fly: The book of Mariah, which shall be launching Summer 2017. I suggest you pay particularly close attention to Wronged, Never Wrong 1.
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Re: Nick (74,665) (74,669) by RibbonB from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 16:30)
Exactly Edward. And baby Golden is such a cute little "gap baby" and sibling to Roc and Roe. That is life and yes, they had both moved on, but if there is a will there is a way for them to get back together. The presence of Stella in the mix would probably require a hell of a way for Nick to get back into that circus. It was obviously hard enough with the last team he had to contend with. But I think this could happen, it seems to have been leading to this the whole time. But as I said before, if it only means good and consistent co-parenting then it is still a good thing. Hopefully Nick and Mariah were strategizeing for this coming Wendy windfall interview. Lol.
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Dear Stella (74,668) by Darren from Indonesia
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 16:05)
Stop. Just stop.
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Re: Purse first (74,659) (74,667) by Lila from United States
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 15:34)
Instead of wasting 34K on buying Stella a Louis Vuitton trunk that she doesn't need and didn't deserve, she should've put those bucks towards a really beautiful Hermes Kelly handbag in black box leather (epsom is nice too), in a size 35 cm. Yes that's my dream bag lol but really it's such an elegant bag, especially in that color and leather type, it goes with most any outfit that Mariah would wear, and at 35 cm it's big but Kelly's just always hang on the arm right, never awkward looking. There's also a strap so a person can just put it on their shoulder and it'll be more out of the way.
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Re: Nick (74,657) (74,666) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 15:33)
Yes Mariah won't take him back. I do believe she still loves him in some way but she's too proud and got hurt too much that there's a chance for a reunion. Also it's nice to see that they do everything for the kids and that the co-parenting is working so well. I have so much respect for it.
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Re: Nick (74,661) (74,665) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 15:33)
So, when Mariah was playing ping pong with Packer and Maracas seconds after the split, was Nick supposed to put his life on hold in hopes that one day they would get back together? Yeah right, cover the right eye and tell me a pirate's tale. The fact that Nick had a baby shouldn't be a factor in them getting together if they truly love each other, are single, and willing to work on it. Last time I checked, they were not separated, they were done. It's different. Dealing with a baby mama in that circle is not exactly the same as dealing with a "I'm knocking on your door for my child support check" baby mama with drama in what we could call "real life". The woman whom Nick had a baby with doesn't seem to be one of those type of women, and they are not even in a relationship. I don't think Nick is willing to go back into that circus and be subjected to all the pressure he was before. I think they should just keep doing the wonderful job they're doing at co-parenting. I can't wait for Wendy to ask him anything she wants, just like Oprah asked Whitney anything on that famous interview.
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Re: Purse first (74,659) (74,664) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 14:35)
Dahlin' Stella's purse of choice is Mariah Carey in the flesh.
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Re: Nick (74,661) (74,663) by Licia from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 14:18)
Did you forget that she started dating and got engaged while they were still married? Yeah he got someone else pregnant, but they were almost divorced or already divorced. It wasn't like they were reconciling at that point anyway. Both of them had moved on. Some of you like to throw around what he allegedly did wrong, but conveniently give her a pass. They've both done questionable things. Any who, Special K I'm glad you and your husband were able to work things out. I too am happy you both figured things out before signing papers. That's what I had hoped would happen for Nick and Mariah.
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Re: Nick (74,656) (74,662) by Jade from UK
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 14:12)
Really glad that you and your husband worked things out in the end Special K, and for sharing something so personal, brave of you.
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Re: Nick (74,656) (74,661) by tracey from australia
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 12:51)
Special k, did your husband run off and have a baby with someone else or possibly cheat in the relationship? It is one thing to seperate for a bit and then reconcile, it is another to try and do it with all that has gone on with what happened in Nick and Mariah's relationship, and a new baby with someone else as well. it's not so cut and dry anymore than them just reconciling and picking up where they left off.
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Re: Mariah in Jamaïca (74,639) (74,660) by Andrew from London, UK
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 10:48)
Unique? Buddy, I think there are many people in here who fabricate complete nonsense in order to comfort themselves.
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Purse first (74,659) by Lee TS from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2017; 07:12)
It looks awkward on Mariah but if she wants to wear a bag, I wish she would choose cuter choices. Maybe Stella can help in that department haha.
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