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My All in Baku is lovely (76,757) by Sheila from United States
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 12:37)
Did we all jump the gun? My All and that ending run is lovely.
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Fourth of July unheard vocals (76,756) by Gee from U.S.A.(NewYork City)
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 12:31)
Now that is something you can be proud of as a fan of Mariah.
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Re: When you get that check up front (76,753) (76,755) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 10:11)
There is cleary something not right with her. I can't believe no one isn't interviening.
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Re: Scans of magazines - help (76,747) (76,754) by Billy from Greece
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 10:04)
Hi Bill. I am aware of Mariah Network, but they have transcriptions of the articles, not the actual scans, which is what I'm after because I need details like pages, date of publication, publisher etc. for bibliographical purposes. Thank you though.
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When you get that check up front (76,753) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 05:05)
She looks so bored. I can't believe she just started whistling. At least look like the check was good enough to travel all that way to do a show.
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Re: "Fourth of July" - unheard vocals (76,748) (76,752) by RJJ12 from USA
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 05:03)
You know I never really cared for Fourth of July, always preferred Underneath the Stars. Now these vocals sound really good. I have a feeling these vocals aren't new but are buried underneath the layered vocals throughout the song. Although layered vocals have their place, I prefer hearing her sing loud and clear.
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Re: E=MC2 is highly underrated (76,745) (76,751) by May from Denmark
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 04:33)
Same. It's probably the album with the most upbeat songs, it's my go-to happy album. Really like it from start to end. Migrate is such a great opening song.
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Re: The press conference (76,716) (76,750) by May from Denmark
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 04:24)
I truly think Mariah doesn't care. You can't possibly be invited somewhere and not try to find out who are the people you will be surrounded by. One can't possibly be that ignorant, not someone "of the world" who constantly travels and meets important people. Remember the time she performed for one of the Gaddaffi? You can't say she didn't know. You got to be Heidi Montag or someone truly stupid for real who lives under a rug to not know. Sometimes it happens we love someone so much we end up suffering from cognitive dissonance and don't want to admit certain realities and facts for fear of everything crumbling down. I sort of accepted the fact long ago that Mariah likes the cash, the luxury life and needs a mean to support it. We don't really know how much cash she blows everyday and what are her future prospects, let's remember even mega millionaires have lost it all, nothing is for granted. I find it weird that she signed to this cosmetic Israeli brand and not doing more things with MAC after the amazing success, unless she is getting a percentage of the sales or unless she is simply after having her face and name in yet another product but why. The champagne, the vodka, the perfumes, the jewelry, the tv products show, the cosmetics, the water, the list goes on and on and lots of the projects aren't even for the fans as part of merchandise. Maybe she is looking for fast income and is trying to find a venue that gives her this. Like the Katrashcan with their beauty lines or some other celebs who have done very good in the wine industry, maybe she wants to find that something that will help her settle financially in this phase of her life. She said she would never stop making music and I believe her, but I also believe that music will become just for her and not for the world anymore because truthfully it just won't sell like in the past and she seems to be focused on doing only the music she wants and likes. She might, if all winds blow in the right direction, have one more hit under her sleeve. I want to blame Stella and her clan of sponges for lots of things but many issues have existed before she even appeared in the main picture. Nothing makes sense to me anymore. Her music used to reflect her life and feelings, always doing an introspection with a song but now at days it feels forced, "I don't" felt forced but perhaps because the docu-Stel-lie portrayed Mariah as a flirter and cheater. All this messes including the late cancelled interviews in Israel (probably for good) are not painting a good image. Anyone else feels like Mariah should have been more grown as a person now that she is a mom but instead it feels like she regressed and wants to be 20 and having the party life she couldn't have? Could it all just simply be middle life crisis? I made this very long, that's what not being able to sleep does to you I guess.
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Re: "Fourth of July" - unheard vocals (76,739) (76,749) by Stacey from USA
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 02:55)
Wow, just wow. I wish she would have sang these full voice vocals over the choruses instead of just the whisper.
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Re: "Fourth of July" - unheard vocals (76,743) (76,748) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 22:05)
Sounds so good and almost like a new song. The version on cd is beautiful and pure Mariah, but the unheard vocals are heavenly. I wish there was a cd with rare songs and unheard versions. I'll listen to the album version as well. Great song, I love the romantic MC.
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Re: Scans of magazines - help (76,744) (76,747) by Bill from UK
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 20:27)
Have you tried Mariah Network? They have loads of magazine scans and articles on their website.
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Re: "Fourth of July" - unheard vocals (76,741) (76,746) by B from USA
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 20:16)
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Re: E=MC2 is highly underrated (76,736) (76,745) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 19:51)
It's one of my favourite albums.
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Scans of magazines - help (76,744) by Billy from Greece
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 18:09)
Does anyone have scans from Mariah's 2005 cover stories from America magazine and Essence? I can't find them on
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Re: "Fourth of July" - unheard vocals (76,739) (76,743) by Bill from UK
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 17:54)
Wow, thanks for sharing. Sounds like it could be the demo of the song maybe. Great stuff.
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Help - interview info (76,742) by Billy from Greece
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 17:36)
Does anyone know if the full interview Mariah did with John Norris in 2006 prior to the Adventures of Mimi on MTV's LOGO is still available online? There is a small excerpt on YouTube but I'm looking for more clips. Alternatively, where could I find some more "technical" info on the interview (e.g. date that aired, etc)? Thanks.
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Re: "Fourth of July" - unheard vocals (76,739) (76,741) by lamb from USA
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 16:43)
Giving us an AYNAF Soul Convention Remix vibe, love it.
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Re: "Fourth of July" - unheard vocals (76,739) (76,740) by Licia from USA
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 16:41)
I have only listened to Fourth of July maybe twice. Now I need to go and revisit the song. I love when y'all make me go and give certain songs another shot. It's like getting brand new music. Thanks for sharing.
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"Fourth of July" - unheard vocals (76,739) by Billy from Greece
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 16:34)
I just died and went to heaven.
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Re: It's not to stay relevent (76,733) (76,738) by hilton from USA
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 14:42)
She had one of the best industry managers going for touring in 2012 briefly with Irving Azoff. He is the head of Live Nation and has been in the music business forever. That was her chance at the age of 42 to start her touring career properly. I have no idea why she dropped him.
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Re: E=MC2 is highly underrated (76,736) (76,737) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 14:24)
E=MC2 could have been in the same legendary status as TEOM, if not a bigger hit, had it been promoted right.
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E=MC2 is highly underrated (76,736) by Sheila from United States
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 12:35)
I agree with these [sic] post, I think the cd could have had so many hits but Bye Bye being released and no promotion after Bye Bye ruined the CD's chances of being diamond. Cruise Control is hot, Thanks 4 Nothin, I Stay In Love, For The Record are all hot.
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Re: Thanks for Nothing in Baku (76,731) (76,735) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 11:14)
Yes "Cruise Control" should have been a hit. The whole album has so many good songs that didn't get the attention they deserved. Migrate, Side Effects and For the record had also great potential to become a hit. I love EMC2 so much. Great album.
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Re: It's not to stay relevent (76,726) (76,734) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 11:07)
Yes I do hope te music is her priority too. Or let's say will be again. It's ok to have side projects but please not only for making fast money. In the 90ies the commercials for Japan were great. The Pinko and perfume stuff is also nice. But the latest deals like champagne,, the "Israel"-water and Dead Sea cosmetics, private gigs for rich people I'm not a fan of this. I want new music which is heartfelt with great lyrics. Pop, Soul, Rnb, Jazz whatever she wants to do. And if Mariah is no longer interested in "normal" album releases, it's ok. All I'm asking for is to bring back the professional behavior with a good taste (without using the f. and too much diva-talking.) It's getting boring and she's so much more than this.
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Re: It's not to stay relevent (76,727) (76,733) by Butterfly from
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 11:04)
What Mariah doesn't realize is that she's losing money. After 40 touring is the next money making for legends. She has destroyed her image and live reputation for short term money and bad judgement (management, pr). It's not surprising she is a guest on someone else tour with a team unqualified to manage anyone in the music industry. Mariah is risking her future projects (tours, private events, Vegas money). If she wants to make big money professionalism is the way to go. She needs levelheaded people around her.
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