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Re: I Don't remix (73,960) (73,964) by Deedre aka MiTodoChop @HBF from Canada
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 18:57)
Seems more like an alternate rap then a remix. It just doesn't feel inspired. I am looking forward to hearing the Busta song and ready to move on from I Don't.
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Re: The fateful fall (from grace) (73,959) (73,963) by Lila from United States
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 17:14)
Mariah's mess of a career is no one's fault but her own. There is no reason why she can't put out a good album or single and then give it good, active promotion. She broke her shoulder in 2013, she didn't die. While I'm sure that she has residual issues from it, it wasn't a career ending injury. There are people who are born with much worse conditions than her broken shoulder and they get on with their lives, not just surviving but thriving and going on to do amazing things. The past three years, she's had the time, energy, and inclination to engage in two fake, pathetic relationships, take a dozen vacations on Packer's dime, do a tour, go out to countless dinners with her leeches, and the list goes on. If Mariah wanted to do something meaningful with her career, then she would do it. There is nothing holding her back, least of all that shoulder. All signs are pointing to the case being that Mariah doesn't want to do it. She certainly doesn't want to put in the hard work and attention to detail that would be required.
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Re: The fateful fall (from grace) (73,959) (73,962) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 16:45)
Seems like you hate to place the blame on Mariah. She is the only one responsible for her fall, or dancing on whatever you claim she was dancing on. She seems to do whatever she wants, in fact she is now taking credit for directing most of the videos that have been attributed to others. Mariah is the drinker and possible drug taker and Nick has no responsibility for that, nor does this current team, they in fact encourage that behavior and indulge in it with her. At least Nick allegedly encouraged her to get some help with her issues. Mariah can't even dance, so why she keeps trying and being lifted in every show, is all her own doing with the help of her hired hands, of course.
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Re: The fateful fall (from grace) (73,959) (73,961) by Lexingz from Estonia
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 15:56)
I think she was inebriated. I have no way to know but I feel so. You can disagree if you want to.
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I Don't remix (73,960) by Darren from Indonesia
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 15:23)
Okay what the [censored] Mariah. I thought you couldn't make a remix worse than the atrocity that is Why You Mad. This remix is so uninspired and doesn't make any sense. I'm just gonna pretend this remix doesn't exist and push it away from my memory. Mariah, take a few years off, fire Stella and her gang, go on some vacation with your kids and start to be inspired again. There's no way you can be inspired by all the plastic currently surrounding you and your life.
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Re: The fateful fall (from grace) (73,946) (73,959) by hilton from
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 14:49)
That fall will go down as the moment Mariah lost her storied career. I've been saying this all along. Hate to place blame but it seems like Nick Cannon is the curse to Mariah's career. She should've never been on a table dancing without some serious caution measures in place. I hope she wasn't tipsy. Had the injury never happened she would've been promoting #Beautiful full stop and the album would've came out in 2013 at some point. To me Mariah as an active recording artist (who could compete and be relevant) is 1990-2013. After that it's just Mariah hanging around as a semi-legacy act. It's starting to get embarrassing. And it's a shame because I think if she didn't fall and break her shoulder she would've had another few years as a major force in music.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey flashes her boobs in see-through top (73,954) (73,958) by M from UK
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 14:44)
Haha it's been a few days and no one had said anything. I was beginning to get worried. But you're right, this is just another normal night out/in for M.
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Article: Mariah Carey flashes her boobs in see-through top (73,957) by Andrew from London, UK
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 12:50)
Congratulations, Mariah and Stella. It worked. Your nipples got you attention. Now everyone thinks you're even more of a [censored] than they did before lmao. What a tragedy.
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Re: I Don't no-mix (73,930) (73,956) by harudo from singapore
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 07:41)
Sorry what's the song WYM remix are you referring? Got it now. Why You Mad.
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Re: The fateful fall (from grace) (73,951) (73,955) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 07:22)
Hahah "with the strength to blush along". You had me cracking up at that.
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Article: Mariah Carey flashes her boobs in see-through top (73,954) by this_is_qhm from the Philippines
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 05:12)
Apparently this is normal for Mariah fans in 2017.
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Remy Ma I Don't remix (73,953) by RibbonB from USA
(Sunday 26 March 2017; 01:06)
This song never seemed to be about James based on the original lyrics and the YG verse, but Ok they let the public go with that. It doesn't even seem like Remy is rapping about the same song, or maybe she is, but this is just another layer of who/what the song is about. It's all so lame though, all of it. Remy sounded half dead and somebody should try to make sure any song/collaboration and remix at least has a cohesive theme. Or course if all of this is a round about way for her to keep talking about Nick, then she has a long way to go and a lot of work to do. Let's see what this Busta Rhyme fest brings.
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Re: I Don't no-mix (73,932) (73,952) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 20:52)
This remix is really terrible. I had to laugh at the end of the "rap". Honestly there are a lot of fan made and dj remixes which are so good. I would love a strong house remix or something new. I won't listen twice to this remix. The original is perfect compared to this.
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Re: The fateful fall (from grace) (73,950) (73,951) by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 19:42)
Never thought of it, but it's true since that everything was "falling down". And Mariah said the injury was worse than she said at the beginning. And then a Crustella came along, with the strength to blush on. Grace is needed especially today.
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Re: The fateful fall (from grace) (73,947) (73,950) by M from Asia
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 18:44)
I agree. You can really tell that there was an amazing direction for the next era, #Beautiful, music video, remixes, its video and the release of The Art of Letting Go (album). But after that accident, it all started to messed up.
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Re: Mariah not having breast reduction surgery (73,949) by L.H from Lebanon
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 18:42)
I wish she does the surgery, not for her weight because I don't care for her shape, but for health issues and for her breathing control. Everyone keeps saying her voice changed around 98, almost the same time she had the augmentation and I feel it made her loose (partially) control over her voice. It is well known that Maria Callas (ironically same name) had major changes after her weight change.
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One thing I like about the remix of I Don't (73,948) by Edouard from France
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 17:52)
I like the fact that the "I know you love me part" is shortened in the end and not repeated twice. I like this part, don't get me wrong, but I always thought it kind of slowed down the original version. I also like the fact that it's not repeated twice, before and after YG's rap so that Mariah's last chorus comes earlier and is even more impactful. IMHO
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Re: The fateful fall (from grace) (73,946) (73,947) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 16:21)
The #Beautiful remixes were fire. Loved the one with Jeezy and I was so excited to hear the other snippet which sounded like he 90s remixes. Unfortunately those all went to waste. I wish she'd just leak it or put it up on her YouTube.
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The fateful fall (from grace) (73,946) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 14:30)
I was just thinking the other day that her fall during the filming of the "Beautiful" remix video is around where her career downfall also began. She had a reasonably successful song that you could hear on the radio with a comparatively good video (to what we get now), she was recording a resung 90s style dance mix (she played a snippet during a radio interview), had that Jeezy remix and then things started to fall apart for her. She was sidelined by a serious injury for a while, album delayed and delayed again, divorce from Nick, album didn't perform well and wasn't promoted probably because of personal issues and she went into a dark place and went and made a (management) deal with the devil (all the pun intended) and the rest is history. Yes she had a few successful stints here and there with her shows but her career hasn't really recovered since.
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Mac (73,945) by DV from US
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 05:55)
I have read in the past Mariah's line for Mac was the biggest selling for any artist, if this is true wouldn't Mac want to keep
collaborating with her? Or maybe I am thinking way too soon.
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Re: Mariah and success (73,936) (73,944) by DV from US
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 04:20)
I agree with this 100%. I mean this whole "remix" is just odd, the whole way it came out would of been cool if it was a new single, but the song was done last month. I am pretty sure someone is letting her think she is doing great etc, and the song isn't over. But something will happen eventually and Mariah will wake up and realize everything is a hot mess
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Mimi and Remy (73,943) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 03:03)
Mariah took "I Don't" and turned it into "I Don't Know WTF I'm Doing" remix. With all the pictures and exposure Mariah has been getting lately, this new remix will bubble under the Hot 100 in a year or two. She should now sign to be one of the Real Housewives, since music is definitely not one of her priorities anymore. If she's releasing singles now, well, without the pressure of an album on her shoulders, there's no reason for her to keep putting out utter shit. As a seasoned singer and lyricist, she's supposed to be getting better no worse. Ok, the voice is not way near where it used to be, but that's not reason for her to keep putting tracks out there that couldn't even compete with Jennifer Lopez, and that is sad to say. At this point is not even about the voice, it is about the quality over all, and quality she isn't giving. But let's be positive, hold hands, and request, request, and request. Maybe they'll play it 2034.
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Re: Mimi and Remy (73,941) (73,942) by Mirage_Nunez from America
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 02:08)
The point is Eminem "The Warning" was just as bad of a diss (or worse than) "Shether", and that didn't stop Nicki from working with Eminem after her and MC collaborated and allegedly became cool. So what's the big deal when Mariah works with someone that dissed Nicki? So what that they both have valid distain for her? It's not a crime for them to do a "half baked" song together if that's what they want to do. Why do you even care about them teaming? As if Nicki is some angelic victim. Nicki is petty and shady as hell her damn self. Do you remember that time Nicki dragged Mariah on Twitter then went to an industry party and took pictures cheesing with JLo and Tommy. I bet you thought that was just coincidental. Also I always thought Eminem's part on "Romans Revenge" could have easily been about Mariah, but that's neither here or there.
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Re: Mimi and Remy (73,934) (73,941) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Saturday 25 March 2017; 00:15)
Nicki and Eminem collaborated in 2010, a good couple of years before her "feud" with Mariah. Rihanna, who Mariah still praises worked with Eminem too, so what's your point? I mean had Nicki gotten with Eminem on a shady track after her fight with Mariah, it would have been a different story, where it could have been made to look like Nicki is teaming up with Eminem to bash Mariah. But that's not the case, if anything it was a diss track for Li'l Kim. Mariah herself has acknowledged that she thinks Eminem is a talented guy, so it's not surprising that Nicki, who was a relatively new rapper at that time, would want to collaborate. This is in no way the same as Mariah suddenly dropping a random track with Remy (which sounds amateurish as heck production wise) during a time when this whole feud is hot news and both Mariah and Remy have history with Nicki and now they team up suddenly on this half baked song. Like they wanted to cash in on this so fast that they didn't even get the time to write a darn new song to release? Come on now.
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Re: I Don't no-mix (73,930) (73,940) by May from Denmark
(Friday 24 March 2017; 23:37)
I thought it was like a fresh demo or wip when I listened to it the first time. Is it really the final version? What's happening with the quality, it's embarrassing.
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