Monday 17 June 2013

Mariah Carey's new album title is kind of depressing

Mariah Carey seems like she's in a really good place in her life right now. She's so happily married to Nick Cannon that they got re-married in Disneyland a few months back, and while her stint on American Idol didn't quite work out, she still got paid. So how come her new album has such a depressing title?

Mariah's The Art of Letting Go is due to drop on July 23, and is already available for pre-sale. Carey explained in the caption for an Instagram shot that the title refers to finally unleashing the very intimate material that she's been working on for so long: "Melancholic moment of letting go of something this personal to me yet I couldn't be more excited to give three years of my soul to the fans."

So don't worry, guys - Mariah's doing just fine, she's just a little emotional over finally letting go of this stuff. Which hopefully means it's amazing.


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