Mariah Carey has to watch what she says about fiance |

Friday 20 May 2016

Mariah Carey has to watch what she says about fiance

Mariah Carey has to be careful what she says about fiance James Packer in TV interviews because her openness can get her into trouble. The diva was asked to reveal more about her man during an appearance on U.S. show Access Hollywood Live on Thursday, but insisted she'd rather not chat about him.

"He's a private businessman, so I don't like to talk about him in these public moments," she said. "People listen to what you say and they're interested and then they're gonna pick it up. I don't wanna be, like, inappropriate, or anything. I just say whatever."

But she did offer up a few adjectives about the guy who will become Mariah's third husband later this year, adding, "He's a great guy, he's amazing, he's generous, he's kind, he's loving, he's fantastic."

The Australian billionaire proposed to the singer during a private dinner party in January, when Mariah was surrounded by close friends and family members. The happy couple has been dating since last June and spent much of the summer touring around Europe and the Middle East on James' luxury yacht.

Both Mariah and James have been married before - the singer was previously wed to music executive Tommy Mottola and actor/entrepreneur Nick Cannon, while James divorced model and singer Erica Baxter in 2013.

The Hero superstar has publicly gushed about her beau in the past, calling him her dream man just two months after they got together. "He's just an incredible guy. He really is a good person, and that's hard to find," she said. "I think anybody that's a friend of his would say the same thing, if not more, so I can't say enough nice things about him. He's just a spectacular guy."

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