Mariah Carey makes a mad dash out of her hotel  |

Friday 20 May 2016

Mariah Carey makes a mad dash out of her hotel

She is known as a diva for a reason. Mariah Carey has long believed her right side is her best side, and she was not about to let a stampede of fans stop her from looking her best. The 46-year-old created quite a stir as she left Claridge's in London on Thursday night.

In a rush to leave and with fans surrounding the hotel's exit, the singer's bodyguard did his best to get the star from the door to the car as quickly as possible. Obviously not factoring in Mariah's diva requirements, the bodyguard's attempts to drag her through the crowed were thwarted by the singer herself.

Spotting a camera wielding fan coming up on her right side, which could have left her with her "bad side" exposed, a quick thinking Mariah stopped and quickly posed. Facing her back to the fan instead of leaning in as most would have done, the star seamlessly ensured her right side was in shot.

The Hero songstress also flashed plenty of cleavage thanks to her very low cut black and white striped dress, which was part bandage dress up top, and part gala gown on the bottom with a flowing black sheer skirt. Mariah accessorized her look with lots of diamond jewellery and wore a big pair of sunglasses, despite it being nighttime.

Mariah Carey makes a mad dash out of her hotel  |

Thanks to her posing attics there was no time to spare, so her burly bodyguard bundled her into the car in a less than picture perfect way. Mariah's "bad side" has long been an issue for the star and this week saw her demanding host Andy Cohen swap seats with her on his own show, Watch What Happens Live.

The star - who turned up late to the Bravo talk show - is about to give fans an inside look at exactly what her diva-tastic life is like on show Mariah's World. The reality show will be on E! but it will not feature Mariah's fiance, Australian business tycoon James Packer.

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