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Saturday 17 June 2017

Mariah did not pay Bryan to get back together

Mariah Carey did not pay Bryan Tanaka to get back together, nor is she paying him to stay in a relationship with her, despite outrageous claims. Gossip Cop can correct these allegations, which come from a tabloid.

According to the new issue of OK!, Carey and Tanaka essentially played "let's make a deal" when it came to getting back together. The story alleges the superstar went "crawling back" to the backup dancer due to loneliness, but he had a steep price. "Mariah hates being single, so she decided to give it another go," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying.

"She lured him back in by increasing his weekly stipend and promising to help him boost his career," the supposed source claims to the gossip magazine. The outlet's snitch continues, "It's crazy, but keeping up the public perception that she's desirable is more important to her than money." But the "insider" adds, "Mariah's friends worry she's putting her fortune at risk just for companionship."

Well, that's ridiculous. All of it. Carey is worth A lot. Even if she was giving Tanaka a "stipend" to be her boyfriend, which she's not, her large fortune would not be "at risk". But more crazy, of course, is the notion that she "lured" him with the promise of money to ease her own loneliness. If Carey is so desperate to not be single and willing to pay her romantic partner, then arguably it didn't have to be Tanaka. She could just pay anyone.

But she chose to get back together with him not because of a bribe, but because of their connection. And Tanaka is only compensated for the things he does in a work capacity, such as appearing in concerts and on "Mariah's World". Any exchange of money has a professional purpose, contrary to the assertions here. A spokesperson for Carey flatly tells Gossip Cop the claims are "not true".

It's also worth noting OK! has been making a lot of inaccurate allegations about the singer over the last few months. In January, for instance, the publication said Carey was feuding with Lionel Richie, and blamed her for jeopardizing their tour when it was actually postponed due to his knee surgery. That was followed in March by a made-up story about Carey and Nick Cannon having a fight at the Kids' Choice Awards.

And just last month, the tabloid maintained Carey was having a "midlife crisis". If anything, it seems like the magazine and its reporting are in "crisis", not the star, who is happily living her life.

(Gossip Cop)

Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter wrote:
Oh boy.

(Sunday 18 June 2017; 00:33)
RibbonB from USA wrote:
Lol according to Shawn, they never broke up. Of course one could also infer from that, that they were never together.
(Sunday 18 June 2017; 01:03)
90sMariah from SG wrote:
Stella's storyline is cheap and gross; and Mariah's willingness to participate in that awful, obviously fake, made for tv, relationship is equally gross and demeaning for a superstar like herself. Her manager made her and continues to make her look pressed and thirsty for attention. She's not a reality star. And she should not even be called that, but here we are. Mariah, make people thirsty for your talent and not for the mess you're going to do next. You're turning 50 soon.
(Sunday 18 June 2017; 12:33)

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