Mariah Carey plays ding dong ditch prank  |

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Mariah Carey plays "ding dong ditch" prank

Kai Cenat linked up with music legend Mariah Carey for a game of "ding dong ditch" in a hotel while celebrating North West's 11th birthday. Kai Cenat is one of Twitch's biggest superstars who regularly rubs elbows with A-list celebrities, having just come down from his massively successful broadcast with comedian Kevin Hart.

On June 15, he celebrated North West's 11th birthday, joining the famous tween and her family in a swanky hotel where she informed him that she wanted to play a "ding dong ditch" prank on other guests with her friends.

"Ding dong ditch" is a game with a lengthy history where people - usually children - will run up to someone's house, ring their doorbell, and run away, baiting the resident into answering the door when no one is really there.

Kai joined in on the prank, which saw the group don matching tutus and facemasks as a way to "disguise" themselves. After their first prank attempt failed, Kai introduced himself to Mariah Carey, who was watching the festivities go down from across the hallway.

As the squad piled into an elevator to try their luck on the floor below, Kai asked if Mariah would be interested in "ding dong ditching" with them - and she agreed. "I'll do some ding dong ditching," she answered, smiling at the camera. "Why not?"

Mariah even decided to be the first to "ding dong ditch" someone, knocking relentlessly on another guest's door, but no one answered. Eventually, Kim Kardashian told Kai that "the moms" were stepping out for a break, leaving him and the kiddos to continue their festivities.

That was just a taste of the shenanigans they got into during North's birthday bash, as the duo went on to interview people on the street in New York City - and North even called up Tyla to say hello and inform the "Water" singer about Kai's not-so-secret crush on her.

Kai's hangout with North has caused some controversy online, as some netizens criticized the streamer for spending time with a child, calling him "weird". Kai was quick to clap back at the backlash, reminding viewers that North wanted to meet him as part of her birthday gift since he is her "favorite streamer".


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