Mariah Carey set for comeback with "Hope Street" single

Monday 21 January 2013

Today, KIIS FM in Los Angeles mentioned how Mariah Carey is finishing her new album. But the news that will have gay men quivering is that we interviewed a very big record executive this morning during our trip to Los Angeles (full interview coming this week) and he revealed that Mariah and her team are deciding on the first single. As of today, it is believed that a scorching ballad called "Hope Street" will be making its way to radio in March.
"This isn't cheesy rent-a-rapper Mariah who squeals every note possible. It is awesome, experimental, and sounds like a Joni Mitchell record on steroids. Mariah uses the lower register of her voice to an amazing effect," we are told. Apparently, Mariah is tired of trying to appeal to teenagers and has made an album that is heartfelt, personal and very artistic.
In other good news for Mrs. Cannon, it looks like American Idol ratings were pretty decent on Thursday. Still, we wish Mariah would get off of television and get back on stage.


Dennis from Ukraine
(Sunday 21 January 2018; 12:47)
And where is all that I wonder?
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