Mariah Carey's sexy Instagrams? Fine with Nick Cannon

Monday 15 July 2013

No shirt, no shoes, no much of anything, no problem. Nick Cannon says he's completely supportive of wife Mariah Carey posting a sexy video on Instagram of herself celebrating the 4th of July in a red bikini, leaving little to the imagination.
"I encourage her to do that stuff as long as it makes her happy," he told People Wednesday at the launch of his NCredible headphones at a Midtown Staples in New York City last week. "When you got it, flaunt it. It's a beautiful thing to be a mother and to be able to express your sexuality."
Carey recently dislocated her right shoulder while filming a music video in New York. And even with her arm in a sling for the next couple of weeks, she still manages to look g orgeous. But does Cannon ever worry about all those male admirers?
"Nah. We're so secure with who we are. And Mariah's my dream girl," he says. "I actually grew up as one of those guys that loved to see those pictures."


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