Through The Rain

Thursday 12 September 2002

A year after the tragic attacks on America and the release of Mariah's "Glitter" soundtrack album, a new hope is being spread. That hope comes in the form of "Through The Rain" - the brand new single from Mariah. The new track was exclusively premiered on New York's leading radio station, Z100. Minneapolis dream team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced the track alongside Carey and Flyte Tyme partner James "Big Jim" Wright.
"Through The Rain," Jam says, is "a star search ballad about making it through the storm." It is also supposedly one of the first tracks in the singer's recent career that brings her back to the vintage sound of her debut. "Through The Rain" is the first release from MonarC Music Entertainment - the newly established record label headed by Carey herself. MonarC is a division of Island/Def Jam records - a part of the Universal Music Group.

When you get caught in the rain with no where to run
When you're distraught and in pain without anyone
When you keep crying out to be saved
But nobody comes and you feel so far away
That you just can't find your way home
You can get there alone
It's okay, what you say is

I can make it through the rain
I can stand up once again on my own
And I know that I'm strong enough to mend
And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith
And I live one more day and I make it through the rain

And if you keep falling down don't you dare give in
You will arise safe and sound, so keep pressing on steadfastly
And you'll find what you need to prevail
What you say is


And when the rain blows, as shadows grow close don't be afraid
There's nothing you can't face
And should they tell you you'll never pull through
Don't hesitate, stand tall and say


I can make it through the rain
And stand up once again
And I live one more day
And I can make it through the rain
(Yes you can)
You will make it through the rain

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