Tuesday 9 April 2002

I just found out that along with the I'm Real remix steal, the original track pinched the loop from one of the early versions of Loverboy. That's how Yellow Magic Orchestra's Firecracker comes into the picture. Mariah called them about using their song for the loop of Loverboy and a month later J.Lo does the same for I'm Real.
Tommy Mottola had the rights to Glitter until its rights were released to Mariah when the diva left the label and that was after everything had been completed. Mottola knew what was being laid down on tape and pinched more than a few tracks for Jennifer's sophomore project, J.Lo.
Some say the stolen song was If We, but I got the impression from the Irv Gotti interview that it was another unreleased track. I think it is the latter, I remember Mariah complaining about a song having cancelled because of Jennifer. Still looking for more info, if it is indeed the latter I hope Mariah releases it. It deserves earplay.
One thing that has to be noted, it took a long time for Irv Gotti to come forward and even the others whose stories are surfacing only now, held back for a long time. It's surprising how we burn hot for an artist and drop them like ice as soon as we're no longer interested. Fickle is the industry we so love. Four months ago, when the diva was crying and claiming these songs from a hospital bed, you gave her no sympathy, now it's in fashion. Where's the heart in a buisness that's built on passion and art? I suppose it is wherever it looks pleasant.

(Just Noise)

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