Mariah is ruling all of the six Billboard holiday charts

Monday 18 November 2019

Mariah is ruling all of the six Billboard holiday charts |
Thanksgiving hasn't even come and gone yet, but Christmas has arrived when it comes to the music industry. As big-name talents begin to roll out new versions of seasonal favorites, one musician already dominates the holiday, and she's not likely to let go of her iron-tight grasp on the colder months.

Mariah Carey currently sits at No. 1 on all six of Billboard's holiday-only charts, which rank the most popular tracks and albums that fit under the "holiday" label. Impressively, she manages to sit atop half a dozen lists with music that has already been out for a quarter of a century, but which people simply cannot get enough of.

Four of Billboard's holiday-only charts rank songs, but in different ways. It doesn't matter what the methodology, Carey's unstoppable smash "All I Want for Christmas Is You" runs the show on the Holiday 100 (similar to the Hot 100, but just for those cuts that become popular during November and December), Holiday Streaming Songs, Holiday Airplay and Holiday Digital Song Sales.

That means that whether it comes to streaming, sales, radio play and a mix of all those factors, "All I Want for Christmas Is You" rules supreme.

The remaining two holiday charts, Top Holiday Albums and Holiday Album Sales, are both controlled by Carey as well. Her full-length Merry Christmas, which spawned the international phenomenon that is "All I Want for Christmas Is You", was also recently rereleased with some new tracks attached. Thanks to a combination of the new edition dropping and millions of people returning to the most popular single, the superstar's first holiday album is at No. 1 once again.

While the season is just beginning and there are sure to be a number of well-known figures who gift their renditions of Christmas songs and drop new albums, it's tough to imagine anyone else stealing the spotlight from Carey this time around, at least not for very long. It's entirely possible that the chanteuse may completely own this holiday... and potentially every one after that.


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