Mariah Carey's upcoming memoir "takes no prisoners"?

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Mariah Carey's upcoming memoir takes no prisoners? |
Is Mariah Carey's memoir going to be a nightmare for those she holds a grudge against? A tabloid claims the singer's upcoming tell-all book "takes no prisoners". Gossip Cop can correct the story.

According to the National Enquirer, Mariah Carey will use her upcoming memoir as a means to "settle" old scores which have half of Hollywood "quaking in their boots". A so-called insider tells the paper, "From old friends to family to old rivals, Mariah has a long list of people she believes deserves some payback, and she's set to serve it up in spades." The dubious insider continues, "No one who has crossed her will be safe from her poison pen."

The supposed insider claims the singer will spill on her difficult relationships with her brother, Morgan, and her sister, Alison. The insider purports her siblings have been a "thorn" in her side since she got famous but she is still close with her mother, Patricia.

The outlet also contends the singer will speak on her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, and how he tried to sabotage her career. "She'll explain how Tommy tried to get people to trash her movie Glitter and promoted Jennifer Lopez as his next prized pop star. Even though she had nowhere near Mariah's vocal talent," the alleged source says.

Also, the tabloid further contends on Carey's hit list is her former husband, Nick Cannon, and Ryan Seacrest. "Mariah doesn't have to play nice anymore," states the sketchy source, adding, "and she has no intention of putting a filter on what she has to say." Regardless of what the Enquirer is trying to convey, Gossip Cop has learned none of this true. We asked Carey's spokesperson for clarification, who told us this about the singer's memoir:

"Despite what the tabloids think, even though they have not read the memoir, it's already been shared by Mariah and her publishers what the book is truly about, which is 'an improbable and inspiring journey of survival and resilience as she struggles through complex issues of race, identity, class, childhood and family trauma during her meteoric rise to music superstardom'."

Moreover, this isn't the first time we debunked the Enquirer for being wrong about Mariah Carey. A few months ago, we busted the unreliable paper for claiming Carey wasn't handling turning 50 well. An unnamed source told the outlet the singer was having a "meltdown" because she was getting older and demanded a grand party in her honor. None of this was remotely true. Gossip Cop learned from a spokesperson for Carey that the article was made-up.

Last December, we debunked the Globe for alleging Carey and Nicki Minaj teamed up to keep Jennifer Lopez from winning an Oscar. The idea that Carey would try to sabotage anyone's career was simply too ridiculous to believe. Gossip Cop instincts were correct. We learned after investigating the story that it wasn't true.

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