Mariah Carey joins #ChallengeAccepted

Thursday 30 July 2020

Mariah Carey joins #ChallengeAccepted |
Mariah Carey has joined the #ChallengeAccepted movement and she has taken pause to credit the great women around her. She was nominated by Jennifer Hudson and Millie Bobby Brown, and she mentioned them in her caption as being some of the women in her life that have been an inspiration to her.

The focus of some challenges is to create a comical movement, engage in a dance move, or accomplish a physical feat. This challenge is a very different one, offering an opportunity to women all around to band together in a moment of reflection and to honor the power of women, the struggle of women, and the unity that can be achieved through the movement.

Mariah Carey rose to the occasion and posted a meaningful message of inspiration and gratitude to the strong women in her life.

Those who accept this challenge are supposed to put up a black and white selfie and nominate women that are important in their lives to also participate. It's designed to empower women and demonstrate the strength of their voices, their actions, and their community. The strength the movement is instantly visible as the trend continues to be passed from one woman to another, continuously gaining steam.

Mariah Carey has been known to fixate on her appearance and post the most filtered, edited images of herself on her social media channels. She has participated in many challenges and has maintained her diva status throughout. This movement portrays a very different side of Mariah, and she took the time to clarify the difference between aesthetics and the real importance of relationships and bonds.

Mariah wrote: "I'm not one to turn down a fabulous b/w photo op, but the real op is to acknowledge the incredible women in my life and career who motivate me and give me strength every day." She then went on to throw credit in the direction of her daughters and named notable women in her circle of friends, along with some colleagues. It appears she has not yet nominated anyone in return.

This challenge has gone viral and continues to grow by the hour, yet experts reveal this isn't the first time it has seen success. The challenge was initiated in 2016 and has gone viral prior to this year. Clearly a successful campaign, women everywhere are happily participating and engaging in the process, showing solidarity among women of all ages and walks of life, all across the globe.

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