Nick Cannon says Mariah Carey "still mad"

Friday 8 October 2021

Nick Cannon says Mariah Carey still mad |
Nick Cannon is most definitely not the apple of ex-wife Mariah Carey's eye. Cannon said the Grammy winner was "mad" at him for buying cellphones for their twins, Monroe and Moroccan, when they turned 10.

"My oldest twins, Roc and Roe, wanted a cellphone at 8," he said on Friday's episode of his talk show. "And they have iPads, and I was all for it. I'm all about it. But Mariah was like, 'Uh-uh. They ain't going to be Googling us. Nuh-uh. Learning about all their new brothers and sisters. No, we ain't playing'," he said, referencing the other five kids he has with three different women.

Cannon said he respected the decision to hold off on buying phones when Monroe and Moroccan were 8, but felt differently two years later. "We said at 10, then they can have it,” he said, and his audience also felt that was a more reasonable age, judging by the sounds of agreement they made. Carey wasn't exactly on board with that sentiment, though, forcing Cannon to take covert action.

"Mariah said, 'Uh uh! No!' And then, so at 10, I snuck, and I still got them the cellphones for their birthday," he said. He explained the twins had a birthday party, and when it as time for presents, he got a little nervous.

"It was time to open the gifts, I was like, 'I'm going to leave these right here, and tell your mama I'll be back'," he joked, as he motioned like he was running away. Cannon said Carey has yet to get over it. "Mariah is still mad at me to this day, so I'm sorry. I think the kids should have cellphones," he said. "Forgive me, Mariah," he added.

(Yahoo! News)

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