Debbie Gibson fangirls over Mariah Carey

Sunday 1 May 2022

Debbie Gibson fangirls over Mariah Carey |
Debbie Gibson
Even Pop icons can hardly keep their composure when it comes to the Songbird Supreme Mariah Carey. The diva, no stranger to receiving praise and adulation from her adoring fans and peers alike, was most recently the name on the lips of 80's hitmaker Debbie Gibson who took to social media to reveal a lovable moment the two shared.

Seemingly a dream come true for the "Only in My Dreams" singer, hop inside to see the heartwarming exchange. As seen in a video, Gibson took to Facebook Saturday (April 30) to dish on a touching moment she experienced with the "Touch My Body" singer.

Debbie - who is also a proud New Yorker like Mariah - recently sent the Grammy winner a DM to reflect on their history of being teenagers pursuing the music industry in the late 1980s (which came as a surprise to many of both singers' fans). To her shock, Mimi not only responded to the message but also sent a voice note featuring an acapella rendition of Deb's debut single – 1986's "Only In My Dreams".

"I'm sending lots of love," Carey stated before telling the story of loving "Dreams" and breaking out into the song's chorus. Debbie didn't mind sharing her appreciation of the gesture.

"It literally gave me chills to hear her singing that song that's going to be celebrating its 35th anniversary this year," Debbie said after dubbing Mariah "one of the greatest voices in the industry". "I'm so honored that she was inspired by me and that she took the time to do that."

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MusicfanJ from Germany
(Tuesday 3 May 2022; 16:27)
That's a nice story. 80ies pop is always fun, just feel-good music. I recently discovered "the Midnight" and I thought Mariah could do one song whith synthi-pop beats. ("Blinding Lights" by the Weekend was cool.) Of course Jazz is still my dream genre for Mariah. But one feel-good song would be nice. Luckily we have Glitter with the 80ies sound. She was so ahead of the time.
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