It costs Mariah $150,000 "just to walk out the house"

Tuesday 7 June 2022

It costs Mariah $150,000 just to walk out the house |
Nick Cannon discussed how his marriage to his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, influenced his work ethic on "The Joe Budden Podcast", saying that the singer wouldn't leave the house for a gig unless there was a hefty price tag attached.

"Mariah don't step out the house - it cost her $150,000, $200,000 just to walk out the house," Cannon, who was married to Carey from 2008 to 2014, said. The "Masked Singer" host attributed the costs to "everything from security to hair and makeup to jets".

Cannon said that despite having success in the film and music industries, he had yet to experience the serious costs associated with Carey's level of fame until the couple began "building a partnership". "I've never dealt with these levels of numbers that now I'm 50-50 in," he said, adding that his "ego" told him he needed to be "a breadwinner too".

"I'm not a boy toy," he said, acknowledging that people initially questioned why Carey married him. Cannon later said he sought advice from professionals, including "financial advisors" and "board members" so he could work toward earning more.

Carey has been known for her extravagant lifestyle. According to Vanity Fair, while on tour, she's stayed at luxurious hotels with a price tag of $15,000 a night. She was also gifted a boat from the billionaire James Packer, her ex-fiancé with whom she split in 2016. "Entertainment Tonight" said the boat cost about $340,000 a week for upkeep.

Cannon and Carey got married in 2008 and had twins, Moroccan and Monroe, in 2011 before separating in 2014. Their divorce was finalized in 2016.

(Business Insider India)

Nikki from usa
(Friday 10 June 2022; 06:58)
I listened to this interview and feel this excerpt is slightly out of context. Nick was discussing business and how much he was learning from his marriage to Mariah. She does big international things and he's dealing with big money and acquisitions through their marriage.
I don't think he was describing Mariah walking out to the grocery store. It sounds more like album promo with "security" and "jets". The big money deals she's involved with. Also, James never gifted Mariah a boat. He rented one for her for a week while they were on vacation.
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