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Name: Nikki
Country: usa
Re: Daily Shame (89,971) by Nikki from usa
(Thursday 13 June 2019; 23:57)
I hate to be the bearer of bad facts with so many drooling over Mariah's intended misfortune. However, most of this was on Mariah's World - this isn't new, it's just a twisted version of Stella's new script. Mariah was getting down at the party on the show. In the previews and behind the scenes snippets we can hear the director giving Mariah and Tanaka instructions. It's television. You aren't a fly on the wall seeing something nobody else can conceive, it's scripted and intended for viewership. Those photos are bad, but not any worse than what Mishka was uploading during the time period. It changed nothing. I also don't see anything in the text excerpts proving Mariah and Bryan were doing anything at the time. Mariah was renting a chateau for them all to stay in, not just Bryan. That was also in the show, along with the fact Tanaka was always helping her with her kids. We all know there were a lot of re-shoots too. Mariah would do well to stop being so "nice" with Stella and bury her already. A contract means nothing if you don't go through with the consequences for breaking it.
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Re: So, Taylor Swift has a new song (89,397) by Nikki from usa
(Wednesday 1 May 2019; 10:21)
Funny, you should mention those two songs. One Sweet Day had more push than the usual Mariah fare because Boyz II Men had just signed up to the label. It was also considered their first release, so there was a lot of extra promo for it. Meanwhile, My All was only a #1 for a week and had a lot of push from both MC and the label. Mariah promoted My All more than she did Honey. It is possible to get a hit without a lot of promotion. Mariah proved that with #Beautiful. However, it still requires that enough of the general public hear it to request it. Just leaving a song for a radio release with no management or push isn't going to keep it around long enough for many to hear it, much less request it.
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A No No promo (89,396) by Nikki from usa
(Wednesday 1 May 2019; 10:12)
There isn't any. Will Mariah's publicist please stand up? I have to say I'm not impressed with whomever is supposed to be MC's main publicist. How is she receiving an award with a tribute and have complete crickets chirping leading up to it? Mariah Carey is the only person not trending right now who's attending it. There's practically no news about her at all. Where's her hype people at?
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It's all about the platform (89,382) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 29 April 2019; 07:48)
After a woman turns 40 she will no longer be backed by her label. They have to find another platform. Madonna had turned to touring and releasing albums almost as an excuse to go on tour. She's even offered tickets with her albums and still does the traditional promo on live TV and radio. Jennifer Lopez was over at 35. She went on American Idol to rebrand her image, has millions of viewers to watch her, and promotes her new music. She's used image and spotlight to keep many projects going at the same time. Then, she bought shares in music channel Fuse to decide what gets played. She also has a stake in the channel showing the dancing competition which is how she got that new judges position. That'll give her job security as long as she wants it. Celine turned into a Vegas act with an extravaganza. She uses it to push albums. Her performing game is on point and now she's taking it on the road while including albums into ticket sales. Mariah's posh deal ran out in 2013. She has no platform. She can't release things with just her lambs looking for her and be successful. She also can't be compared to performers. Touring will lose its appeal for her. MC's a content creator. She needs a new platform.
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So, Taylor Swift has a new song (89,381) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 29 April 2019; 07:13)
Taylor Swift has a new song out and I'm guessing Mariah's "Beautiful" deal times a thousand. Every radio station did a world debut of it yesterday every hour. I only went to work and came home, yet heard it 9 times. I thought it was cute and catchy. It's very much a Taylor Swift song, but by the end of the day I was so sick of it. This is an example of an artist or song getting "pushed". When other artists are backed they're going to get airplay over someone who just releases things. You can't compare Mariah to Beyonce. Beyonce is still current and never left. Mariah dropped off after #Beautiful and never returned. She can't just drop a new joint and get airplay like a current artist, especially when current artists like Swift have this much backing to boot.
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Angel's Cry (89,326) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 26 April 2019; 09:21)
I'm so surprised this track has over 125 million views. This wasn't even a real release or a major single. The love for it is overwhelming. It's a very 90's like Mariah Carey ballad compared to the rest of her work in the 2000's. This was the song I was hoping would've been after Obsessed. I wonder how differently things would've turned out if it did. I also wanted More Than Just Friends or Standing O. I thought those were stronger choices. Congrats to Angel's Cry.
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Celine's doing it (89,203) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 16 April 2019; 09:59)
MC wraps up her tour and now Lopez is having one. Celine just announced hers as well, but she's actually doing something so many of us wanted MC to do. She's including her new album into the ticket prices. It would've helped Caution a lot if Mariah did that.
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RE: TJ (89,202) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 16 April 2019; 09:56)
I don't think you've seen my comment, then. I'm still not on board.
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Re: B (89,137) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 12 April 2019; 07:25)
I believe the Artist of the Millenium Award was given to her by the World Music Awards.
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Icon award (89,136) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 12 April 2019; 07:21)
"Prestigious"? The fact they debuted the award by giving it to Jennifer Lopez invalidates it altogether. She's had the least amount of success on the Billboard charts. They should've given it to Aretha Franklin as a debut while she was still alive. At the very least, Christina Aguilera should've received it before Lopez. I'm not sure what something as vague as "icon" is supposed to represent at this point.
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Singles choices (89,090) by Nikki from usa
(Wednesday 10 April 2019; 19:19)
Yes, Mariah did want Migrate as the second single. She said it twice and was featured on a social media site in '08 talking with a fan where she stated, "It wasn't a 'Mariah Carey' record."

The label wanted Mariah the Ballad Queen. Singles are and will forever be chosen by the label. They're not going to pay to create an album and promote it with the singers doing as they please. The general rule of thumb is the first single has to be a hit and the label will give the singer more say in it's follow up. That's only if the first single does well. The final say for single choices will always be the label. It doesn't matter who you are as long as the label is funding you.

Mariah is no longer with a label willing to promote her. It doesn't matter if she makes the greatest music in the world if nobody knows about it. The Caution era has been nothing but MC promoting herself. When was the last commercial, ad, billboard, magazine cover, or radio shout out you've seen for Caution? How about internet ads? There is no promo, Mariah is the promo. "With You" was only released to A/C and adult R&B stations while "A No No" seems to be going to hip-hop and general R&B stations. She's not going to chart like that.
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Re: Marissa (88,782) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 25 March 2019; 04:51)
I agree with you. I think her new strategy has more to do with being signed with Jay-Z than anything. MC isn't a performer and she seems depressed when she's on the road for too long. I think she needs to make up her own new strategy. So many fans want to see her live or unplugged. I think she should plan out a great concert for just one arena. Sell the album along with the price of the concert ticket. It will be unplugged, well planned, and televised, then eventually for sale. Then, make a new album and repeat. She has side businesses with makeup, perfume, and what not. She could use new songs to go along with commercials for those ventures. She could release songs to ringtones again and buff up her merch while she's at it.
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Suicide? (88,781) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 25 March 2019; 04:27)
Mariah went on a maze of interviews to discuss that very topic after her breakdown. She went into great detail of her breakdown during interviews afterward to specifically debunk the suicide claim. She was clearly ticked because of it. I think those certain people are aware of that which is why they're spreading those rumors in the first place. According to Mariah, she stopped sleeping after If We was stolen to protect her project from further theft. After the 9th day of no sleep people were recongnizing her odd behavior which is why her mom took her home. Mariah passed out and was taken to a hospital. She was given a psych evaluation after she woke up. That's what they do when someone is depriving themselves of life necessities like food or sleep. That can kill you. She didn't know that. They needed to make sure she didn't have a worse underlying issue. MC never brought up her diagnosis at this time obviously. However, she was allowed to go because she didn't have a self-harm issue. She was just a workaholic and apparently also bi-polar, which we learned later. However, paparazzi caught her leaving the psych ward and the media had a frenzy.
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Mariah's networth (88,780) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 25 March 2019; 04:06)
Celebrity Networth, who's been claiming Mariah's networth of over 500 million, just lowered it to 300 million this year without a word of why. Same thing happened to Shakira. I had seen a celebrity networth magazine edition this month and saw a lot of people on the cover. J.Lo and Madonna had a lot of mentions in it, I was just surprised Mariah had none. Now, they're televising Mariah's "breakdown" made of people that trash her? I'm not sure what the point is of all of this.

MC is such a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and she kept her wealth under wraps. Mariah doesn't publicize hers either. She didn't even announce how much her residency was worth in 2014. I didn't get how MC could be worth over 500 in 2011, get that AI gig, go on tour, have all those endorsements, and it only went up 20 by 2014. It's never been raised since then and now it's decreased by 200 million.
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Unauthorized (88,779) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 25 March 2019; 03:50)
That's what it's called when someone writes a bio for you without your input or consent. You can use anybody's name and talk about them at any time. It's called freedom of speech. Many times they'll put that directly on the cover.
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Impressed with Caution (88,479) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 11 March 2019; 17:55)
I'm a bit shocked by how much I'm not seeing any promo from her label. Mariah rolled out Caution with Mariah pushing it solo. She's pushing 50, signed a minuscule contract, and that label doesn't think she'll ever have a hit again. I understood the budget would be small. However, other than the "Mariah Experience" roll out for her record signing, I haven't seen MC promo for this era anywhere. Not even internet ads. Then, again, this is the same label that green lit "Infinity" and "I don't" then didn't promote them.

With that said, the fact Mariah gained buzz with a sexy and sassy music video with GTFO was brilliant. This new music video is pretty, but I miss Bard Mariah - music videos with a story line. It doesn't have to be expensive. Things have changed so much. She's pushed this era through with a few live TV shows and a crap load of interviews. That's in between mini tours. The whole purpose of releasing an album seems to be to go on tour. She should add an album to the ticket sale. I'm really hoping for a DVD release and a televised concert on TV or Netflix.
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Labels alter age (88,131) by Nikki from usa
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 21:34)
Artists in general are always questioned about their age because labels have a long history of altering them. They try to make the artists as young as possible to add more longevity to their careers, especially females.

J.Lo lied about her age by 1 year. That didn't come out until she was arrested with Puffy. Sony claimed she was 28 instead of 29. Eminem's label claimed he was 25 when he debuted, but he actually was 28. Nicki Minaj did the same thing.

I think what sparked Mariah's questioning is the fact her label has her graduating high school at 17. That's problematic when MC's a spring baby. She would've just turned 17 prior to graduation. Which means she spent most of her senior year as a 16 year old. She couldn't be that young unless she skipped a grade or started school obscenely early. Personally, I think it's because they wanted to exaggerate how long it took Mariah to get discovered. Spending over a year to get 1 record deal is more of a drama than having 3 record labels fighting over her within 6 months.
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Re: Matty (88,107) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 19 February 2019; 20:26)
GTFO didn't chart because it couldn't. It was never released to radio. Songs have to be available to radio to chart. That's why it was called a buzz single and clarified since day 1 that it wasn't a single. Sexy videos like I Don't went viral and get a lot of views. So, GTFO was released only to the net and later available on iTunes to gain exposure for her upcoming album. Meanwhile, the label said her first single release would actually be in October.

This is a current version of My All that Mariah sang on Valentine's Day.
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J.Lo's "management team" (88,008) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 12 February 2019; 07:00)
J.Lo is still being "consulted" by Tommy Mottola. Benny Medina is still her hype man. They can still pull strings for her, spin things in her favor, and hype her. But, I think some are confusing promotion with popularity. J.Lo's management trinity is great with strategy, but that only goes so far. Lopez has to pay them a hefty sum of everything she gets. All of J.Lo's biggest successes were stolen from others. Which is why she has to be seen, heard, and hold down 9 projects now. J.Lo shouldn't have to be promoted as if she's a newbie this late in her career. She's pushing 50 and her years are numbered. Shakira is far more relevant in the Latin community than J.Lo is.

Mariah's doing far better without all the middle men. The only problem being with Jay is that he keeps trying to promote her like Beyonce. Mariah's not a performer and I think this train is going to run its course sooner rather than later. She needs to find her own footing for things that suit her. However, she's also on a label that flat out told her she'd never have a hit again. So, they're not going to invest much in promoting her. "People skills" has nothing to do with this.
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Now, now (87,827) by Nikki from usa
(Thursday 31 January 2019; 17:14)
Did everyone forget already? Mariah cancelled her concert in Brussels due to a terrorist threat. This one is new. It may very well be cancelled at the last minute. It depends if this news makes it to her and her team because it is very recent. Her concert is tonight. Usually, golf tournaments aren't so eventful. A lot of stars have fans in the Middle East. Mariah has hit songs and album sales there. We've had plenty of US comedians over there the last few years, but I don't see anybody blasting them for it. Unfortunately, Mariah's current venue is a big breeding ground for an attack. A major star on a televised event.
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Mariah Saudi Arabia (87,778) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 29 January 2019; 19:08)
I fail to see what Mariah's performance has to do with politics. They're paying her to be there, not the other way around. This is for a golf tournament. I'd think it would be better to have a woman represent her talent before the public.

However, when Saudi women don't have rights, can't publicly speak, and will be imprisoned or tortured when they do than I don't see how the rest of you can say they're "feminists who aren't doing anything" or "where were they when Eminem dissed her?" If they have no power to be heard and can't do anything without a man's say so than how would you hear about what they're doing? The last news I heard from Saudi Arabia was about a man receiving 80 lashes for raping a woman while the woman was getting 90 lashes for being raped.
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You bite like a wolf and cry like a sheep (87,708) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 26 January 2019; 03:56)
Just my 2 cents. I'm a little shocked anybody would believe half this stuff coming from the scream team. We know Mariah's not walking around naked, she's been complaining since 2012 she can't take a bath without that one-sy bodysuit on. She was on Ellen a couple years ago and complained she never takes off her bodysuit because people are always walking into her bedroom and bathroom unannounced.

Lianna and Stella are a real piece of work and I don't believe a word of those claims. Those two are like two clucking hens on meth. Straight up. If Stella tried to pee on her Lianna would've punched her in the cooter.

I know folks are used to sensationalism, but I doubt half of what you're thinking is true. Based off Mariah's recent revelations, I'd bet anything those tapes show Mariah in manic and depressed phases with bi-polar. Maybe even crying talking about dark times from her past. People have a right to privacy and it's nobody's business. Being trusting is rare and not very rampant today. It's not right to dis her for that. She's willing to give newbies a shot for a dream and give people a chance when others won't. Like everything else: with sweets, come the sour. They took advantage, now MC's cracking heads.
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Re: Butterfly (87,706) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 26 January 2019; 02:30)
Not sure what you're talking about. Mariah said the Butterfly music video was based off a dream she had. The only difference was she didn't want show the blood when she hurt her hand on the barbed fence.
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Article: Mariah Carey shows off a toned figure (87,504) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 8 January 2019; 04:41)
She didn't have gastric bypass. That was a rumor started by Stella. You'd think most would've caught on to that when Mariah was never out of the public limelight for more than 3 days at a time. That's not a weekend kind of surgery. Mariah had begun working out over a 5 month period than was put on a specific 11 day liquid diet designed for her to melt fat and increase her metabolism in October. Mariah's nutritionist had a brief article about it, but it got swallowed up under all of Stella's "surgery" rumors.
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The tea (87,191) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 22 December 2018; 04:25)
I might be late to the party on this one, but has anyone else read that fabulous Rolling Stone interview with Mariah's co-creators for Caution? It's so informative and the fact one of them checked Wendy Williams was everything.

I'm not sure how many of you are aware, but a lot of songwriters are forced to give away songwriting credits. Mariah has mentioned this on more than one occasion. Remember when Beyonce took credit for "Irreplaceable" only for Ne-yo to check her because he wrote it? Mariah mentioned on the Genius interview that "Looking In" was a song she wrote solo, but she gave away credits "because that's what we do". Personally, I don't believe Walter had anything to do with AIWFCIY. Now that the song has been professionally analyzed with computers we find out it isn't a simple song, but one with a complex 13 chord progression. It was also completely created in a studio without any live instruments. Walter always said he played it on the piano and it was a simple track. I think it would be more interesting to see Mariah and Ben Marguiles reunite for something in this day and age.
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