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Name: Nikki
Country: usa
Article: It costs Mariah $150,000 "just to walk out the house" (100,423) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 10 June 2022; 06:58)
I listened to this interview and feel this excerpt is slightly out of context. Nick was discussing business and how much he was learning from his marriage to Mariah. She does big international things and he's dealing with big money and acquisitions through their marriage.
I don't think he was describing Mariah walking out to the grocery store. It sounds more like album promo with "security" and "jets". The big money deals she's involved with. Also, James never gifted Mariah a boat. He rented one for her for a week while they were on vacation.
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Re: Lawsuit (100,409) (100,421) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 10 June 2022; 04:03)
Lawyers are laughing as this is redefining "frivolous lawsuit". He's not suing for copyright infringement. He's trying to sue for having the same title song and the same "theme". Neither can be copyrighted. Songs with the same title and love song themes have both been around since the dawn of time. This is publicity.
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Re: I think her voice is shot (100,413) (100,420) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 10 June 2022; 03:57)
People like to attribute everything to her vocals, but there's been legal issues in the past. I don't mean lawsuits. Everybody is teaming up these days and that means more channels to go through. Even TGIFY had to be put on hold for the single release because all the artists were in, then their managements had a change of heart and they had to redo things before it was given the green light. Currently, MC had a project with other artists that didn't make deadlines even though it was finished. There's no money in the music biz anymore so now everyone needs things done a certain way. I don't think this has to do with her voice, I think she's got a lot of people involved in this project with their own brands.
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Re: Big Energy (100,313) (100,340) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 28 May 2022; 03:52)
You're not wrong. It's just that's not the only thing important to her when it comes to music. Mariah didn't allow OS to be streamed or accounted for on charts. So, she wasn't doing that for a hit. I think people forget there's not much money in music anymore and Mariah knows she's not going to get much help from her label in terms of promotion. She's been using her music as promo for other money making ventures instead. Fantasy being in the movie Free Guy and in BE has certainly given the track new life. It was a valiant effort, but I don't see it hitting #1. I do think it's possible for one of Mariah's old tracks to hit the top spot, or an old track sung in a new way. 90's is retro right now, so she has a shot.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,326) (100,339) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 28 May 2022; 03:45)
We could address some elephants in the room. Celine, Madonna, Barbra, and Taylor are white. They also reflect consistency. They stay in their musical lane and to the script of the image they cultivated. Mariah's genre hopped in music and in style. The 2 biggest things is really behind the scenes and promotion. Mariah really doesn't try to control her own narrative or be seen. That's the only reason J.Lo has a career right now. Celine plays ball with the industry. The Grammys always want female artists to cover male rock songs. Dion played ball and won a major category shortly after. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande didn't and she let the cat out of the bag that they wouldn't let her perform unless she did another dude's track. Mariah doesn't play ball. She did have the biggest success of '05, yet wasn't allowed to accept a single award on stage during the live broadcast. That had nothing to do with her clothing apparel. I do see a lot of respect for Mariah these days, just not from these old organizations. I think she'd do well to toot her own horn a little and be present in the public eye. She'd go a lot further. She needs her own platform.
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Re: A-List never dates an A-List (100,329) (100,338) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 28 May 2022; 03:20)
The Rock - I think they'd have the cutest babies.
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Re: Grammys revelation (100,084) (100,100) by Nikki from usa
(Wednesday 6 April 2022; 05:15)
I can't say Mariah didn't warn us. She said the Grammy's were boring and hasn't attended since she was forced to accept her Grammy wins backstage after the show.
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Re: MC trousers (99,894) (99,895) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 11 March 2022; 23:40)
Lorry Hill? Seriously? Her pictures don't match up to proper years and she misuses angles to try to make a case. There's a difference between surgery and contouring. Great for gossip, not legitimacy. Mariah's tooth thing is still current. Her after photo just has it from a flipped angle. I don't know if she's had any work done or not, but this is far from an accurate source. Trying to decipher things based off pictures with heavy makeup, lighting, clever angles, and you don't know what other kind of "help" they're getting isn't going to turn up anything but conjecture. Especially, when she can't even get the time period right. I'm referring to her channel in general - not just Mariah.
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Re: MC trousers (99,887) (99,892) by Nikki from usa
(Thursday 10 March 2022; 06:13)
According to some of the medical records Stella leaked, Mariah was getting butt injections. However, those are temporary. They take time to build up and only stay if you keep getting injections. Seems like she was trying a new look, but decided not to keep it. None of the mentioned cosmetics involved surgery, but there was some freezing of fat. Also, not everything on there was done to Mariah. Stella and even her underaged daughters had some things done under her bill.
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Re: Mariah featured in NYTimes article about cheating (99,704) (99,739) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 21 February 2022; 03:46)
I call BS on this. The NY Times and Post were butt hurt that Mariah was in contention with the Beatles records. They also used to accuse MC's stats of being fake because her label released her singles while airplay was high. That one was repeated in '99 with Heartbreaker. Ironically enough, Mariah made an announcement in August of '99 about when the song would be available for airplay and for a single drop. I believe you can find an article about that on this website still. Heartbreaker dropped on the date in September that she stated in August. Which proves the guy wrong who claimed she waited until her airplay was at a peak then switched the date. There's too many accusations made that turned out to be false because they didn't want her breaking any of their records. I call BS on switching barcodes, because that doesn't actually help the record labels. Billboard changed its rules in the mid 90's so many artists were debuting at #1 for the first time. MC benefited most because she appeals to more than one genre whereas the rest primarily ruled just one.
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Re: #1's Record Store Day release (99,717) (99,738) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 21 February 2022; 03:13)
Not true. Mariah's been trying to get a Beyonce duet since 2006. She's talked about it a lot. It's never come together. I don't know if it ever will, but it wouldn't be from a lack of trying.
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Re: #1's Record Store Day release (99,718) (99,737) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 21 February 2022; 03:12)
But, George liked her remake. He publicly tweeted it.
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Re: Sweetheart (99,723) (99,736) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 21 February 2022; 03:11)
Lol - maybe you guys don't like Sweetheart because it's not a Mariah record. It's JD's track and his production on it. Mariah is only a feature, but does mark the first time where she's all over someone else's record and sounds like the lead. We're so used to hearing rappers overtake her songs to the point she sometimes sounds like a feature on her own track.
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I want MC Fairytales (99,696) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 15 February 2022; 01:39)
I don't know what she'll do for an album, but I know what I want. I want Mariah to do an album where every song is based off a fairytale with her songwriter hat on full swing. I need at least one music video to be at night and feature Mariah in moonlight. Also, I want a real Mariah mermaid video. Whether she has to rock it mermaid Weeki Wachee style or CGI, I don't care. I know there's inflation and no money in music anymore, so I don't care if she has product placements in the videos to afford a good one. She could sponsor travel destinations. That's very Mariah. It doesn't matter, whatever works. Colors, Mariah. Bring on the colors.
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Re: New album is an old album (99,677) (99,695) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 15 February 2022; 01:30)
I'm not sure how you think all that works, but Drake worked with J.Lo and her albums haven't sold since the early 2000's. Beyonce worked with Tina Turner during the height of her fame.
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Re: One offs compilation album? (99,688) (99,694) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 15 February 2022; 01:22)
Not sure what you mean. MIAMTEC was supposed to be released in 2012. She pushed it back when Nick was hospitalized. After his diagnosis, she pushed it back to the end of the year until her AI deal was announced. The album was pushed back again. Everyone wanted Triumphant. She wasn't going to release it to radio. Rap stations begged, so she released it solely to them. Pop fans loved the remixed dance versions. One of them could've easily had a radio edit and be made into a single. Mariah was already scheduled for AI and her role in The Butler. She gave rap fans a low budget video for fighting for the track and it went to #1 on BET for a month. ESPN called her up for the track, she squeezed it in for the halftime show due to request, other sports venues were interested too. She had a major platform never used before if she went after it. However, that would've been impossible with her contracts and concern over Nick relapsing which is the whole reason she agreed to AI in the first place.
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Re: Never Forget You (99,320) (99,365) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 4 January 2022; 07:38)
If you'll recall - the public doesn't buy anymore. Mariah was "asked to choose"? Seriously? She didn't approve of Ben's removal and had no association with Walter prior to Tommy setting him up with her according to Walter.

Do we also recall that Mariah primarily did the songwriting? Or the fact she wrote several songs solo, but Walter automatically got a writer's credit? Or was he sleeping with Mariah and Tommy when she wrote Looking In? What of the fact Mariah states in her book that Walter only helped write the bridge of AIWFCIY?

The songs Mariah likes has little to do with Walter. How many gospel tracks has Walter done since MC? You'll also notice how most of the songs you listed weren't singles and only a few hits with Walter were successful. Remind me, how many years of success did Walter have after Mariah left? After all, if people on YouTube don't represent today's public, than Walter's numbers should reflect how much the public truly loves his work, right?
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Re: Vogue - top 17 looks (99,325) (99,364) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 4 January 2022; 07:17)
Obviously, I don't know if you're a boy or a girl. I will say ta tas have a much different look peering down than in a mirror. Sometimes you look down and it seems like a little cleavage, but you see it head on and it tons more from the frontal view. You'd think everyone would see in front of a mirror before leaving, but that's not always the case. MC has a problem with clothes not arriving on time and then having to haul ass.
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Re: Never Forget You (99,304) (99,316) by Nikki from usa
(Wednesday 29 December 2021; 03:29)
I'm not sure if the point is nostalgia for Mariah's older fanbase or if they're legit talking new music. Where new music is concerned, that stuff doesn't play well these days. Music reactors on YouTube from this time period also seem to be unanimous in not liking the Music Box album the most from her catalog. They find it boring.

Meanwhile, Mariah doesn't like the work she did with Walter. She always says the music is too "schmaltzy". I know Walter likes to say he was under contract as the company line. However, everyone was under contract, including Mariah. She still had albums to deliver. They split in '97 and she was on the label until '01.
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Re: Can't sing diss 1999 (99,311) (99,315) by Nikki from usa
(Wednesday 29 December 2021; 03:10)
Well, even the media knew that. There were plenty of incidences of Lopez dressing like her exactly. Even a magazine spread was identical. In one picture, the media actually confused her with Mariah and claimed Mariah was leaving a restaurant. Rainbow had to be pushed back to push Lopez's debut first, despite MC having to finish the record in 3 months. It's partly why she signed up to do Divas Live 2000. She announced that Mahogany song she'd tribute to Diana Ross. Lopez recorded it and slapped it on as a bonus to her debut in Europe. So, the label said Mariah couldn't release her version for 2000. Then, she was greenlit to start promoting her Rainbow project. She didn't have time to make a replacement record. Carey promoted her version, but had to do a last minute smash up of Love Hangover with Heartbreaker as her official tribute. She was making it during Divas rehearsals, so she didn't have time to rehearse prior to the show despite opening for the event. She did it impromptu opening night.
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Re: Don't Look Up (99,309) (99,314) by Nikki from usa
(Wednesday 29 December 2021; 02:55)
Since the president's played by Streep - do you think this is an ongoing joke about how Mariah stole her seat during the award show?
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,203) (99,222) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 19:49)
I have to ask, do you think Justin Bieber should go on Barbra Walters and cry that he can't hit high notes like he did as a kid? People's voices change with time. It's a natural part of aging. In opera, there are singing parts for children up to people in their 60's. A singer can sing their whole life in the opera, but they will be singing different parts throughout their life to match their vocal abilities. The most important part is to constantly develop more vocal skills. Mariah has more skills now than she did when she was in her "prime" as you all like to say. Most of you don't understand vocals. You determine what's "good" based off power and how well you like the tone. As a singer, Mariah wouldn't. In fact, she looks back at her performances and often cringes because she didn't like the way she sang it. I do understand you are a 90's fan, but it's a shame you're mourning her voice as if she can't sing anymore if she's not 26.

I come at this from a different angle. I'm interested in the biology of vocal chords and Mariah Carey's are interesting. Mariah's a rare acuto sfogato soprano. Typically, these singers careers only last 10 years. Constantly singing in the extremes of the vocal chords causes rapid wear and tear. So does singing with a lot of air as whistling does or having nodes. The "super human agility" is a biological factor of thin vocal chords with a lot elasticity. That elasticity begins to wane after a woman hits her early 30's and her voice will drop. Which is why acuto sfogato sopranos will either retire or choose a new vocal style part to fit their vocal abilities.

All vocalists experience this in their early 30's, but it shows up in different ways depending on vocal type. You'll usually notice a lot of singers singing staccato of stop and go rather than holding a note. Proper vocals are harder to maintain as you age. Bad vocal technique can be killer. Look at Adele. She was young when she came out, yet after a couple of albums she needed vocal surgery. That puts new perspective on how strict Mariah was in her regimen to sing as she does and put out that much product over that many years before getting raspy.
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Re: Smoke and mirrors (99,215) (99,219) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 17:06)
I think you're doing a lot of projecting. Mariah's been touring like crazy for the past decade. With and without criticisms about the state of her voice. It didn't stop her. So, to say that's the reason she's not touring makes little sense. Anyone who's been a fan of Carey for any length of time knows what a germ phobe she is, which is far more likely the reason. She's also from New York which has one the strictest lockdowns as we speak. If you think she has a problem making money than you clearly didn't notice how much those Apple specials have been raking in worldwide. She will eventually have to tour again, because she's under contract with Live Nation. The only way out of that is if she buys out her contract.

All live footage done by everybody is done multiple times with the best scenes chosen. That's how movies, music videos, and live clips have always been done. It's not a special conspiracy for Mariah, she's always done things this way since the beginning.

You're also making the assumption that her views on her vocals are the same as yours. Mariah's fans are the only ones who expect her voice not to age.
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Re: Interesting thought (99,214) (99,218) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 16:45)
You are aware it's a male dominated business, right? Can you even name an artist who primarily works with females?
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Nick a no no (98,719) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 10 October 2021; 04:48)
You don't buy things for the kids behind the parent's back. That's not cool. Especially, since Nick only sees his kids 6 times a year. Nick didn't have 5 kids when Roc and Roe were 8. Nick seems to be confusing time frames. That seems like a more recent conversation. He's up to 7 now.

All of that is neither here nor there because kids tend to spend too much time on their phones instead of interreacting with other humans. I can understand MC not wanting her kids dependent on electronics when they already have some. That can add another danger she may not be able to monitor. These are celebrity children. Mariah's the one caring for them most of the time. It also makes me wonder how hands on Nick is when he's with them or if he distracts them with gadgets, so they don't bother him.
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