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Name: Nikki
Country: usa
Article: Mariah Carey shows off a toned figure (87,504) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 8 January 2019; 04:41)
She didn't have gastric bypass. That was a rumor started by Stella. You'd think most would've caught on to that when Mariah was never out of the public limelight for more than 3 days at a time. That's not a weekend kind of surgery. Mariah had begun working out over a 5 month period than was put on a specific 11 day liquid diet designed for her to melt fat and increase her metabolism in October. Mariah's nutritionist had a brief article about it, but it got swallowed up under all of Stella's "surgery" rumors.
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The tea (87,191) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 22 December 2018; 04:25)
I might be late to the party on this one, but has anyone else read that fabulous Rolling Stone interview with Mariah's co-creators for Caution? It's so informative and the fact one of them checked Wendy Williams was everything.

I'm not sure how many of you are aware, but a lot of songwriters are forced to give away songwriting credits. Mariah has mentioned this on more than one occasion. Remember when Beyonce took credit for "Irreplaceable" only for Ne-yo to check her because he wrote it? Mariah mentioned on the Genius interview that "Looking In" was a song she wrote solo, but she gave away credits "because that's what we do". Personally, I don't believe Walter had anything to do with AIWFCIY. Now that the song has been professionally analyzed with computers we find out it isn't a simple song, but one with a complex 13 chord progression. It was also completely created in a studio without any live instruments. Walter always said he played it on the piano and it was a simple track. I think it would be more interesting to see Mariah and Ben Marguiles reunite for something in this day and age.
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Grinchmas already? (86,717) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 1 December 2018; 03:42)
Mariah's enjoying some success and fans are having a good time, so it's time for the wet blanket. Typically, sales drop by 50% or more in the second week for album debuts which has been an ongoing trend for years now. Obviously, a second week isn't going to compare to weeks of pre-orders on top of a week of release for a debut. That should be common sense, but let's try to push a common occurrence as proof that people don't like this album because everyone has a right to my opinion. It's almost as good as complaining Mariah doesn't sing songs she doubts people are familiar with as if Mariah is vapid for heeding supply and demand. I know if I was a singer, I'd bypass the hit songs and current tracks from the album I'm promoting to sing obscure songs only a minority knows about. Clearly, that's the best career move. Grinchmas onward.
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Caution vs. MIAM (86,522) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 26 November 2018; 01:42)
I had to travel to 3 stores in a 2 town radius to find a copy of this album. That was a lot of driving. I think the stores underestimated demand due to the lackluster sales of that 2015 compilation and MIAM. Also, this album is cheap. I never thought I'd see the day where she sold a brand new album for ten bucks. MIAM sold for $17.98. It may not have sold well, but she still made out like a bandit. It's ironic how Memoirs was leaked 3 weeks before its debut and resulted in similar sales. Mariah basically leaked half the album of Caution before its release. Mariah's old school lambily is used to hearing announcements for upcoming events. That goes for everything from appearances to album releases. The fact that most of her promo is online isn't going to reach her fan base. There wasn't any announcement for Mariah's appearances on shows or live performances save for the AMA performance. But, even after that one she wasn't raved as a highlight. I didn't know about her GMA performance and several interviews she's done until today. If I'm not searching for her online then I don't know. However, AIWFCIY is everywhere already. One way or another, Mariah's 19th #1 will eventually be that song.
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Sheila (85,820) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 11 November 2018; 06:27)
I think you were confusing the Brenda situation with Whitney. Mariah was refused at Arista Records because she sounded too much like Whitney. Brenda and half the artists at the label were fired to promote Mariah. Columbia was a part of CBS Records, but they went through money troubles and were bought out by Japanese owned Sony Music. Mariah was promised the biggest promo since Bruce Springsteen which would've been worth 15 million, but they didn't have it. By the time 1990 came around they had to get rid of most on their roster to come up with 6 million to promote Mariah. When her debut became a success with 2 straight #1's Mottola was promoted to head honcho from his VP status beginning in 1991. Critics joked he should thank Mariah for his success which is why he hijacked Mariah's "The Wind" project and turned it into Emotions. Then, he stopped promoting her as a songwriter and producer. He wanted the world to believe Mariah was his creation due to that ego bruise he never got over.
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Lambs promo wish list for Mariah (85,403) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 29 October 2018; 03:12)
As many lambs have said before, Mariah's main vocal issue has and will always be maintenance. She's given hundreds of great performances over the years, but no one gives her credit for those and they don't go viral. Then, she always overdoes it. She doesn't take sufficient breaks in between performances and she's continually singing with inflamed cords. When she paces herself there's a 180 difference in her sound. With that said, she's a known live singer, and we want live performances.
1. I would love for her to do a collection of songs with James in Carpool Karaoke doing a mix of this new album and old hits.
2. Do a live acoustic concert on GMA.
3. Some kind of TV special behind the scenes like what she did with The First Vision or Mimi's era.
4. I want to see her on the covers of magazines and answering unique interview questions we haven't already heard 100 times.
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MC continued (85,282) by Nikki from usa
(Thursday 25 October 2018; 15:52)
I hadn't really noticed until the past couple of years how pop radio hasn't really played Beyonce since 2014. Beyonce still does well in R&B and hip hop radio, but she hasn't had a major hit since Drunk in Love. However, she is still able to pull out top 10 hits on Billboard from sales, streams, and video views. This radio neglect is surprising because Beyonce is only in her late 30's, but has been "over" at pop radio for the past 5 years. This just makes it more amazing that Mariah achieved her last #1 when she was 38 and was still getting pop radio play into her early 40's. This new roll out for this era is definitely thanks to Roc Nation. However, Mariah's fan base was centered on an era of being seen and heard. Specifically, in Mariah's case, it's important for her to be on several TV shows for interviews, live singing, and magazines. Her biggest supporters are from a physical purchase era and not the internet variety. Part of her issue is that she's been doing everything entirely through the internet these past few years and she's not a newbie internet artist. I have friends who love Mariah and weren't aware she's done anything since her last Christmas album.
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A little confused (84,756) by Nikki from usa
(Thursday 11 October 2018; 19:24)
Mariah's pretty well known for standing in one spot during a performance. She did the same thing at the 2013 BET awards. I'm not sure why this is making news, because it isn't new. However, in this case, Mariah's pink dress encompasses the entire stage and she has dancers dancing on it. So, why are people expecting her to move? She was brilliant by taking advantage of the fact she turns into a statue on stage and gave a good reason for it. I thought the visual was stunning. I also like the fact she's wearing something other than black for a change. She was a very pretty statue and the scene was appropriate for a slow song. I would love for the next major performance she does to see her kick off her shoes and run around on stage. Who doesn't love watching Mariah do drills? Also, in the theme of Halloween, I want to see Mariah do some kind of special with Elvira. They have the same fashion sense and campy sense of humor. Not to mention, it would confuse the hell out of people which Mariah hasn't done since marrying Nick Cannon.
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With You info (84,523) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 8 October 2018; 06:33)
Mariah's releasing this track to A/C and Hot AC which is weird because this is an R&B track with cussing. I'm assuming there's a clean version. However, the impact date for radio play isn't until October 15. Mariah's AMA performance takes place on the 9th while the iHeartRadio festival performance was playing on TV today. Honestly, I'll just be happy to see her promote a real single which is something she hasn't done since #Beautiful. Live shows, TV interviews, magazine covers, and maybe some YouTuber reach outs like she did with the MAC line all sound like promising endeavors. I was really expecting something more of a "roar" for a lead single instead of this purr. Maybe she'll meow at some point. The one thing I miss about her promo is she'd do something surprising. In '99 she was the first major pop artist to stream her song on her website. She used to leave voice messages. I don't think she uses social media to her advantage as she could. A well rested voice with an acoustic set and an "isolated vocal leak" of this caliber would be a positive domino affect. She could use one of those.
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iHeart radio: Mariah whistles (83,955) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 23 September 2018; 10:52)
Familiarity does not breed any kind of indifference, at least among fellow celebrities, as virtually every performer or presenter Variety surveyed backstage named Carey as the artist they were most excited about seeing on the evening's bill. When we posed that question to Panic. At the Disco frontman Brendan Urie, he was instantaneous with his answer: "Dude, Mariah. I want to kiss her feet and the ground she walks on. She's a goddess. I want to hear those whistle tones." He then proceeded to break into a pretty good approximation of those "Emotions" high notes that pierced the hallways. ~ Variety
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Randy (83,954) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 23 September 2018; 10:45)
For an introvert, never. Mariah won't let anyone in the studio with her while she's laying down vocals, so why would singing in front of a crowd get any easier? Even veteran performers say they get the jitters, it's not just Mariah. Although, I think her issue has more to do with being breathless while wearing a corset more than anything else. She didn't sound bad, she had a rasp. That's not new. Yes, she needs her ear monitors to hear the music just like every other singer in existence if she'd like to stay in key. Ever see a singing lesson Randy? If you haven't, no vocal coach says, "sing in C minor". The coach either sings the notes themselves and have the student match the note by singing it back to them or play the note on an instrument and have the student match it that way.
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Re: Bill (83,951) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 23 September 2018; 10:32)
Those performances were live. The 2% lipped were obvious and were the usual parts. No, GTFO was live as well. If you'd spend half the time listening to the music as you do bashing it than you'd be well aware of all the "Mariah's" on that song, in harmonies, and singing with herself. She can't do that song without playback to cover the other Mariah's. She took the lead vocal, did the adlibs, and switched to the other parts as needed. She can be easily heard over the playback whenever she sings along with it. If anything else, the rasp throughout the show should've given a lot of the live moments away. If you think the whole thing was lipped than you clearly can't tell the difference when she's singing live or not.
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Re: voice question (83,915) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 22 September 2018; 04:22)
She's singing in falsetto. Which is actually impressive. She did a lot of runs, riffs, and scales in that range. Her agility is on point. She quickly shifted from falsetto to chest voice and back again within a few seconds. Her technique is on fire. Mariah is older so some wear and tear on her voice is to be expected, but she can still sing fine and hit her notes. It just depends on whether or not she follows proper maintenance for her voice and in between performances. If she does it will be fine. If she doesn't than it's going to show.
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Re: GTFO rollout (83,829) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 16 September 2018; 04:43)
Just adding on. Yes, ILT was a real single and it was a top 20 hit on Billboard's Hot 100. Mariah promoted it and sang it live several times. WBT was actually a shock for most people because it was a slow burner and they never thought that would be a hit. Apparently, it didn't do that well outside the US.
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The misconception (83,527) by Nikki from usa
(Thursday 30 August 2018; 16:07)
I feel really bad for people getting their hopes up. This isn't the 90's anymore. Even if she releases the greatest music of her career it will hardly get any airplay and her label has proven they're not willing to promote her. Mariah's best case scenario is the branding and hype from Jay's people and even that would be short-lived. The "hot" artists of today release new music left and right and only 1/3 of it becomes hits. This is a different climate. Artists almost release music itself as a promotional vehicle for branding themselves as a product so they can use other avenues to make money. When your likes depend a great deal on public opinion and how commercially successful something is than you're leading yourself up for disappointment. No matter what Mariah releases, good or bad, it will put her back in the spotlight. I just hope she uses all of this attention to promote herself as the creative songwriter and producer she is. She does have the perfect story of "the dream" as someone who went from rags to riches off the back of following her passions and using her amazing talent to make it happen. More than anything, I wish Mariah would take control of her own narrative and stop letting tabloids write it for her.
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MC and J.Lo (83,487) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 27 August 2018; 06:19)
Mariah's roots are R&B music which is where she resides. New York loves Mariah and she spent a good chunk of her adult life giving back and doing charity work. Which explains why Mariah could tweet she'd be in NYC in 24 hours, because a frenzy, and local police had to shut it down. J.Lo has never given back and the only time she returned home was to build a monument to herself. Which explains why she couldn't sell out a free concert in her hometown. That goes a long way to show who's truly respected and who's been surviving on hype and publicity. One is given to you by the public, the other you pay Benny Medina to obtain. J.Lo's schtick has always been to hop on whatever bandwagon is hot at the moment and jump off before it gets too cold. Everything else is fueled by constant publicity, so people don't forget her. Mariah isn't as comfortable in the limelight. But, people here aren't really honest either. You all say you just want her to make good music, but the reality is you just want her to be on top in the public eye. If she's on a major event you'll watch it, but you won't even look up her live concerts. As far as I'm concerned Mariah's last album as "Mariah Carey" the chart topper was #1's. After that she was on her own. I see her as being retired since '98.
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Re: Adam (83,486) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 27 August 2018; 06:02)
What, dear, are you smoking? Brenda was never that close to Mariah and was expecting a finder's fee for discovering her which Mottola would later take credit for. Brenda was upset for Medina being an ass to her which he is known for and has burned several bridges with many clients because of it. That's why he gets fired so much. If that's all it took to spin Brenda on Mariah then clearly it wasn't that deep. Brenda was offended when Mariah sent her thoughtful homemade gifts instead of expensive ones. Mariah already helped Brenda, gave her shout outs, and showed her love.
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Cancelling Oz (83,361) by Nikki from usa
(Monday 13 August 2018; 15:29)
I'm surprised it took this long, but I originally thought she "rescheduled" this tour for so late in the year because she planned on cancelling it a few months later. The whole thing was created by Stella, so I was assuming she was waiting for it to be legally clear before opting out. Although, we might hear more from Stella now that this has been cancelled. I know many people might assume she just wasn't selling well, but the fact it wasn't even promoted suggests she had no intention of doing it. In any case, most of Mariah's concerts don't sell out 2 months in advance, so whatever "refunds" need to be given back shouldn't be in large quantities. I think it's being cancelled too soon to cite bad ticket sales as the culprit. I'd prefer a new album, but I'm not expecting Mariah to chart. She'll just have more material for her next tour. Then, maybe she'll do it with some energy because the music is new.
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Re: Here's some proof (83,301) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 5 August 2018; 06:08)
It does matter whether it's true or not. She's not called that. Tabloid fodder isn't reputable no matter how much you try to use it to validate your own opinions or try to turn it into the status quo.
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Here's some proof? (83,293) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 3 August 2018; 05:25)
So, articles filled with the words "rumors" and "allegedly" is proof of things that happened or were said. Not to mention, repeatedly referring to Mariah as "petty" throughout the article isn't any sign of bias or sensationalism, but complete objectivity of presenting the facts. Got it.
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Re: New single at iHeart festival? (83,246) (83,250) by Nikki from usa
(Thursday 26 July 2018; 08:54)
Mariah stated she wasn't going to do any new songs, but if she did do a collab it would be a previous one.
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Where Are You Christmas (83,249) by Nikki from usa
(Thursday 26 July 2018; 08:54)
The song was written by Mariah as the lead writer. She was intending to sing it, but Mottola didn't want her singing for a rival company. She gave it to Faith, so it could be heard. Mariah did mention she was happy with Faith and said she did a good job.
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Studio singer? (82,956) by Nikki from usa
(Saturday 30 June 2018; 08:03)
Heck, no. That's reserved for Milli Vanilli. You all know that's Mariah's voice and how she sounds on records is how she sounds live. It was airy during Daydream and that's how it sounded live. She got raspy for Rainbow and that's how she sounded live. There's no trickery there. That's all MC. Point blank: Mariah's not a performer. She's a creator and that's where she's happiest. Mariah will put on a live show when she's excited about something, but she's not going to turn that into a steady diet. Also, creating a plethora of vocals is how you record a song. Labels don't always like the way you sang a song, so they'll have you do other variations. That's a part of the normal process. Mariah is forever multitasking. She's not just singing on stage, she's recording a song the night before, and has an interview afterward. When she decides to sing live she doesn't actually give herself the breaks she needs to pull it off. She's doing back to back shows. She doesn't show up to rehearsals and wings it. MC doesn't care about performances because everything is about getting back into the studio to create a new "baby". When MC is excited about a new song, that's when you'll see her next great performance.
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Top 50 artists (82,899) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 24 June 2018; 22:36)
I just have one question. Where is AIWFCIY? That's been noted as her biggest seller in the new millennium multiple times.
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Re: Mariah the trendstter (82,867) by Nikki from usa
(Tuesday 19 June 2018; 01:44)
I agree with you wholeheartedly. That seems to have always been the case. From her birth of hip-pop to even the 80's style resurgence circa '03-'05. She may have received a lot of crap for Glitter, but the styles came back. The off the shoulder and asymmetrical tops and dresses. The music sampling and style was reminiscent 80's. Even J.Lo ripped off Flashdance for one of her music videos. Now, all the retro Mariah did in her last studio album is what everyone else is doing.
I feel like Mariah's last album was in the same vein as her Emotions album. It also had all the throwbacks to different time periods, but actually included Jazz. Even her pics from that day were saluting different time periods.
Do you remember Milli Vanili? When they got caught lipping it was Mariah who was doubted as a live singer because she hadn't gone on tour yet. So, we got the live Unplugged performance. She's in a similar boat now due to those staged performances. It seems like Mariah's reliving herself to an extent. I almost hope so, because that means we get another televised live Unplugged performance that will be released as an EP. Then a whole new direction. Viva la Mariah.
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