Mariah Carey roasted for looking "stiff and awkward"

Thursday 16 November 2023

Mariah Carey roasted for looking stiff and awkward |
Mariah Carey was called out for allegedly appearing "stiff" and disinterested during her recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. Hudson was in high spirits in a promo clip, laughing and peppering Carey with playful questions about her high profile career, but viewers noticed that the "All I Want for Christmas Is You" singer barely shifted her posture or expressions.

At one point, Hudson asked what Carey would have chosen as a profession if she hadn't been an award-winning singer. "I hate to say... I would be a hot mess," the 54-year-old replied very slowly, then clarified that she would "maybe be a beautician".

"Like, when I went to beauty school, there were girls who were really good and really deserved to be in the class. I was not one of them," she joked. "But, you know, I was okay. I was alright. My teacher didn't like me that much. They tended not to like you if you were late everyday."

While the "Emotions" songstress shared a few funny anecdotes with the Dream Girls actress, fans couldn't help but notice how little Carey appeared to move or emote throughout the interview.

"Mariah always looks so stiff and awkward. Barely moves her head because she only wants a particular side of her face shown," one user criticized in the comments section, further claiming she wears uncomfortable clothing and barely moves her mouth while speaking. "Mariah of the past is who I was a big fan of, normal everyday, normal dressing, relaxed and fun. For a long time now she has got sucked into her own hype of 'diva' it’s made her so boring."

(OK! magazine)

Betty from Canada
(Friday 17 November 2023; 13:26)
I hate people who complain about stupid things like that. Mariah is a normal human being and not every day will be her best day, can't they just imagine themselves going through something difficult in their own lives and have people complain about their so not great days.
JR from United States
(Saturday 18 November 2023; 22:18)
Exactly all these grown men on here complaining judging her. It's weird. Can't people just enjoy the music?
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