Mariah's beau, Aaron Mathias, goes Hollywood

Monday 4 March 2002

If Aaron Mathias has stars in his deep brown eyes, it's no wonder. Barely out of acting school, this 24-year-old former model has quickly become a focus of casting directors and agents. He's auditioned for "Sex and the City", "Oz" and "All My Children". He's working on a feature film with Academy Award-winning director Sarah Kernochan, whose documentary "Thoth" is up for an Oscar, and he's got back-to-back meetings with New York talent scouts.
Why are things breaking his way? It certainly doesn't hurt that he's been linked romantically with Mariah Carey. "I feel like my life has become a Hollywood movie," he said during a recent interview. "You know, one of those old films where the country boy leaves his hometown for the big city because he's gotta get in films. He's starving and just about to pack it up when he gets the big break, and everybody bursts out singing while Fred and Ginger dance across the stage."
Actually, in Mathias' case, that's not far from the truth. Four years ago, Mathias packed his bags, stuffed a $100 bill in his back pocket and left his small hometown of Harris, Mich., for the Big Apple. He went to acting school - he studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater and the Caymichael Patten Studio in Manhattan - and tended bar to pay the rent on a shoebox-size Long Island City apartment he shared with three roommates.
One night, while he worked at Tonic, a stranger approached and told Mathias he had what it took to make it in film. "I'm thinking, Yeah, right," he said. Two months later, the stranger, who turned out to be Curt Johnson of New World Inc., a manager who handles actors and is also a producer (he's up for an Oscar with "Thoth"), started lining up auditions for Matthias.
As for the new woman in his life, he won't say where they met (Sundance, it is rumored), but he mentions he had a great time at the Super Bowl in New Orleans (where MC sang the national anthem). "I've always been a Patriots fan," he said. "Seeing them play was a childhood dream come true." For Mathias, the dream is just beginning.

(NY Post)

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