Mariah sets record straight

Thursday 4 April 2002

Mariah Carey wants to get something straight. She's not rooting for an Oscar award, but she also doesn't think she's that bad of an actress, either - and she isn't. "If I had no acting talent, the Ally McBeal people wouldn't have asked me to cameo. They just called me and asked me if I wanted to do it. I agreed - I mean, might as well, right? If you got a little extra time, might as well! It was fun although it was a little scene. I played a cute character named Candy."
Carey realizes that the flack she received from "Glitter" was probably because she played - well - a singer. Regardless of the bad press, Mariah said, "Glitter is very important for me, because not only I play in it, but also composed the music to it. Acting is very different than singing. To express myself creatively as a singer, a songwriter and a producer is one thing, and then being able to act is a whole other side of my creative self. I think separating the two is probably the best thing for me."
And Carey will get to draw a fine line between the separation of acting and singing in this summer's production, "Wise Girls" with Mira Sorvino. The film already opened to rave reviews in January during the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and Carey hopes that people worldwide will also see her true talents in the movie.
"In Wise Girls, I play a character named Raychel who's a waitress and she's completely the opposite of me in many ways but I really enjoyed doing that. Actually, in real life, I used to be an often-dismissed waitress because I was clumsy, so it was fun to be a little more assertive this time around," Mariah joked.
However, Carey assures her fans that her heart is still at music. She recently said, "I think it's better when I sing and I don't want to sacrifice music for acting. Acting lessons helped me as a musician and as a person and I became more open to people. Acting helped me in finding myself, that's all."
Despite that, Carey has already signed on for her next film titled "Sweet Science" in which she will play a determined boxing manager. But in keeping with her true self, she is also working on her next album.

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