Easter eggs

Friday 26 July 2002

According to DVD Easter Eggs, you can watch four rare music videos of "Last night a dj saved my life", "Lead the way", "Don't stop (funkin' 4 Jamaica)" and "All my life" on the Glitter DVD. Just watch the "Loverboy (Remix)" video all the way through and before it ends, press your DVD remote "Enter/Play" key. But Regina from Mariah Daily tells us that this extra feature is only available on the original promo version with the pink cover.
Miriam Verduijn tells us that there is another easter egg. When you select the "Biography" section, each time you see a song title select it. This will allow you to view the original video for any song mentioned, including several that were not #1's (i.e. "Sweetheart", "Anytime you need a friend", "All I want for Christmas is you", "Endless love" and several others). Also videos that are live in the main sequence are shown as the original studio version (if there was a studio video).
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