Mariah's "Weakness Of The Body"

Saturday 7 December 2002

A Mariah fan recently stumbled upon a demo track titled "Weakness Of The Body" - written by Ken Cedar and performed by Mariah herself. Ken says, "I was working with a producer at the time who was producing Brenda K. Starr. He knew of Mariah through Brenda and always used Mariah to record his presentation demos for the label because she could do such a good impression of Brenda. When he heard [the song] he thought it would be great for Brenda's project so he got Mariah to sing the demo for me."
The song never made it onto Brenda's album, but it did find a place on Judy Torres' 1989 debut album "Love Story". To hear a full-length audio clip of a young Mariah singing "Weakness Of The Body", log on to To hear a clip of the final version, as performed by Judy Torres, check out her official website at Below are the lyrics:

Verse 1
I know I hurt you so
The night you heard my true confession, boy
I had to let you know
I spent a night of guilty passion so
I called to say there'll never be another to take your place
Now I pray that you'll put an end to these tears of shame rolling down my face

I had a change of heart
But a weakness of the body
It tore my love apart and now I'm feeling sad and lonely
I had a change of heart
But a weakness of the body
How can I make it right, I gotta have you here with me tonight

Verse 2
It didn't mean a thing
I guess I needed to prove my love was true
I had to feel the sting
Of a night in another's arms away from you, oh
Now I'm lying, staring at the ceiling, counting my pain
Now I'm crying, I turned our days of sunshine into these days and nights of rain

Every morning I wake up, every morning you're gone
I look in the mirror and ask myself why I did you so wrong
Now I feel the love that burns so hot inside
Just trust me one more time and I promise I'll make you happy

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