Mariah sets another record

Sunday 2 February 2003

In the latest edition of The Guinness Book of World Records, set for a March 2003 release date, pop-diva Mariah Carey scores still another title. According to Guinness officials, the siren's ethereal pipes hold the record for having hit the highest note in the history of recorded music. In a live rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" last year, Mariah hit a G7#-note, outdoing even the piano.

Technically, the exertion of G7#-notes is "dolphin speak," since, in theory, these are the only mammals physiologically equipped with the proper lung-structure to produce G7#-notes. So powerful are G7#-notes that these are capable of countering water and electric currents, and have even been known to outdistance space and range. In the world, Carey is the only other living creature to have ever generated a G7#-note.

Clinically, Mariah's voice is termed a medical wonder. But the "altisisima" Carey is no stranger to the Guinness Book, as the songbird is titleholder to dozen other titles. Correlating to Carey's latest record, in a back edition of the Guinness Book, Carey is credited with possessing a 7-octave range, meaning she is able to go from an A2 (eight full-scaled keys below the lowest possible note on a piano) to a G7#-note without deviating from perfect pitch and all in the time-span of one breath. Behind vocal wonder Carey, who still goes un-championed, are Yma Sumac, ringing in at 5 octaves, and the late Minnie Riperton, with 4.5 octaves.

(BBC News)

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