Getting on Mariah's case too much

Friday 3 March 2000

I know a lot of readers think I get on Mariah Carey's case too much. I will always say she is a fabulous singer. But what goes on with her and Columbia Records is laughable, really. Next week, "Thank God I Found You" drops from number 4 to number 13 after spending a week at number 1 and a week at number 2. This single will drop off the charts faster than Gloria Estefan's "Music of the Heart."
I'm sorry, but this is because Sony manipulated the record to number 1 to keep Mariah's "record" intact. "Thank God" was never a number one record. Just tune into a Top 40 station and you will not hear it very often, whereas most of the real hits - by Celine Dion, Smash Mouth, etc. - are played nonstop. Pop music fans know a hit - it's a song that's played so often on the radio that you want to start screaming already. "Thank God" is not in that category.
I think the business of deep discounting and artificially boosting singles is a real disservice to artists like Mariah who are talented but have no way of gauging how their records are really selling.


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