Mariah and her old love? Not again

Saturday 3 January 2004

Maybe we will never see Mariah Carey and Latin singer Luis Miguel together again, even when a journalist from an American news source reported that Mariah was back with her old love during her vacation days in Aspen, Colorado. Lack of evidence says it never really happened. According to a news source this story is confirmed to be false.
Supposedly Mariah Carey has been shuttling between her rented house on Red Mountain and Miguel's home nearby. The false story also reported that Luis Miguel bough a $20,000 art deco vase, adding the phrase: "This would be a perfect present for Mariah." This story created the rumors of a new beginning for the relationship. Many other news sources from around the world kept spreading the story the days after the first rumor was created by The New York Post.
Yesterday, another journalist from a Latin TV network (Univision) declared that there is not any proof of this story. He said that Mariah Carey was in a Christian Dior store in Aspen, Colorado. Inside the store Luis Miguel was shopping, someone warned Mariah about it, so Mariah delayed signing autographs in stead of going inside immediately. Luis Miguel also noticed that Mariah was outside, he decided to leave before finding Mariah.
"They never even talked" said the journalist. This was the only time when they were about to see each other, and they tried to avoid it. This new story can make some of the Mariah Carey followers happy, it means Mariah is a woman with dignity. Now, Luis Miguel is reported to be in Paris along with his new love, a Latin journalist and entertainer named Mirca Dellanos. On the other hand, Mariah is spending beautiful days in Aspen with her friends after a successful Charmbracelet Tour 2003.

(Mariah Hero)

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