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Sunday 26 September 2004

Last month, Cool Clarity, an online music forum based in the United Kingdom, announced that Mariah's first single from her new album would be "Stay The Night" featuring Kanye West and that it would be in stores on October 11 (in the UK). A few weeks later, it was removed from the release schedule, but it has re-appeared this week under a different date. According to the site, "Stay The Night" will now be released November 15.
In related news, the Japanese leg of HMV says Mariah's new single will be released on November 3 in Japan. They have also added a description of the single to their website. Please keep in mind there has been no official confirmation as of yet.
Despite reports that Mariah's upcoming album has been pushed back to early next year, nearly all Japanese music stores are still reporting a regional release date of November 10. The majority of those stores, including Tower Records and HMV, also just recently updated the price of the album, changing it to 2,548 yen ($22.99).
It also appears that "Misty Moon", the song Mariah recorded for use in Coca-Cola Japan's Sokenbicha Tea commercials, will be included on the upcoming album as a bonus track exclusively for Japan. Instead of being tacked on to the regular tracklist, however, the song will be packaged with the album as a limited edition 3" CD single.

(Mariah Daily)

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