Whitney and Mariah dominate the music of today

Monday 10 July 2000

The name Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey quickly perk up anyone's attention. Why shouldn't they? They are the two biggest music sensations since the funky pop man Michael Jackson. Of course Whitney and Mariah are women as Michael is a man (or is he?), but contrary to what rumors go around, Whitney and Mariah completely dominate the music of today. Whether it's Mandy Moore or Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears or Aretha Franklin, all have one thing in common... the two divas of the ninetees influenced them somewhat.
During the late eightees and early ninetees, Whitney Houston was the good pop girl. So sweet and so sincere until she got hitched by Mr. Bad Boy himself, Bobby Brown. Whitney told Bobby "Don't Be Cruel" but Bobby didn't listen and admitted Mrs. Houston to the "Heartbreak Hotel". There are many rumors Whitney has followed Bobby's influence, but rumors or not we still love to crank up the ol' cds and listen to Whitney belt out "The Greatest Love Of All".
Miss Carey on the other hand, was in for a bad marriage also. She left the "Heartbreaker" after she was fed up with his controlling behavior. Since the divorce, Miss Carey is showing the public what Tommy used to gain, and none of the men seem to argue with it. Women have little rumors and whispers when she comes on TV. They call her names and such, but Mariah tells them off when the first words from her lips are "They can say anything they want to say..."
No matter how many people argue about Whitney's "supposed" drug addiction or Mariah's skimpy image, there's no argument over the talent these two women contain. Jealousy or pure hatred towards them, we all remember at least one time when a song of theirs warmed our hearts and that's what makes them two singers that will be remembered.

(The Dallas Observer)

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