Sex scandal

Thursday 14 July 2005

The National Enquirer (UK) has Mariah on the cover with the caption "Mariah Carey Sex Scandal". The story inside is about Alison's arrest which the Enquirer, rather melodramatically, claims is a "shocking secret she hid from millions of fans".
They report that "an anguished Mariah put on a brave face as she stepped on stage at Live 8", having just heard the news. A source is quoted as saying: "Alison has been a source of humilation to Mariah for many years, but she hoped that was something in the past. The news Alison had been arrested again came like a sledgehammer blow as Mariah prepared for the Live 8 concert, which was vitaly important to her. She listens tearfully as a family member explained Alison had been arrested again. Mariah has hoped and prayed her sister's life of shame was over and would never be an embarrassment again. As she went on stage in London, shw was haunted by the pain it would bring her family. In the past, Alison hurt Mariah by claiming that the singer's early career had been financed in its early days by money she earned from prostitution. Mariah has forgiven her for this cruel slur, even helped her with money and support on occasions. Now the nightmare has returned-just when Mariah's career is skyrocketing again after falling into the doldrums."
National Enquirer UK also reports that the "real reason" Madonna snubbed Mariah at Live 8 is that she doesn't regard Mariah as "spiritual enough". Apparently "Madonna made overtures to Mariah through intermediaries suggesting that she should embrace Kabbalah. But Mariah's ignored them and that infuriated Madonna who said she wanted nothing more to do with Mariah because she wasn't spiritual enough."
National Enquirer UK also picks Mariah out as one of the best dressed of the week with the caption: "The Queen of Cleavage Couture really hits a high note, pouring herself into a paisley low-cut creation".

(National Enquirer UK - Mariah Connection)

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