Eminem act enrages Mariah

Tuesday 16 August 2005

Mariah Carey is angry and hurt that Eminem has been playing private voice-mail messages she left for him in 2001 to audiences of his "Anger Management" tour. During one "scene" in his concerts, Eminem is talking to the audience when Carey's song, "We Belong Together", comes on.
Eminem berates the deejay and then Carey's messages start to play. "I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife," she says. "Why won't you see me? Why won't you call me? You're not calling me..." As the messages play, Eminem pretends to vomit into a prop toilet and then launches into his song, "Puke", which has lines like, "You make me sick."
Pals of Carey say Eminem's anger toward the beautiful diva stems from the winter of 2001, when she asked for his help on her "Charmbracelet" album. Eminem claims they had an affair, which she denies. Eminem was annoyed when Carey wrote a song about their relationship on the album which noted: "You should have never intimated we were lovers. I gotta break it to you delicately - who's gonna love you when it's over? Who's gonna care?"
Eminem hit back in 2002, telling Rolling Stone the two had a brief affair and added: "On the whole personal level, I'm not really feeling it. I just don't like her as a person."
A friend of the diva fumed to us yesterday: "First of all, that is not her voice on the "messages" played in the concert - it is an imposter! She is considering suing him for defamation. They did hang out, but it was Eminem who followed her around."
"He became obsessed with her," Carey's pal continued, "showing up everywhere. She thought he was a friend. She thought hanging out with him was fun, but then he wanted to take it further, and she said no. She never slept with him and he felt rejected and scorned and got very angry."
Carey's manager, Benny Medina, said: "While we appreciate Eminem as an artist, lately his work has seemed tasteless and unnecessarily mean-spirited. The public seems to agree - just look at his declining record and concert ticket sales." Eminem's rep declined comment, but we won't be surprised if he makes his own statement at the Video Music Awards on Augusr 28.

(New York Post)

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