Eminem act enrages Mariah

Tuesday 16 August 2005

Mariah Carey is angry and hurt that Eminem has been playing private voice-mail messages she left for him in 2001 to audiences of his "Anger Management" tour. During one "scene" in his concerts, Eminem is talking to the audience when Carey's song, "We Belong Together", comes on.
Eminem berates the deejay and then Carey's messages start to play. "I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife," she says. "Why won't you see me? Why won't you call me? You're not calling me..." As the messages play, Eminem pretends to vomit into a prop toilet and then launches into his song, "Puke", which has lines like, "You make me sick."
Pals of Carey say Eminem's anger toward the beautiful diva stems from the winter of 2001, when she asked for his help on her "Charmbracelet" album. Eminem claims they had an affair, which she denies. Eminem was annoyed when Carey wrote a song about their relationship on the album which noted: "You should have never intimated we were lovers. I gotta break it to you delicately - who's gonna love you when it's over? Who's gonna care?"
Eminem hit back in 2002, telling Rolling Stone the two had a brief affair and added: "On the whole personal level, I'm not really feeling it. I just don't like her as a person."
A friend of the diva fumed to us yesterday: "First of all, that is not her voice on the "messages" played in the concert - it is an imposter! She is considering suing him for defamation. They did hang out, but it was Eminem who followed her around."
"He became obsessed with her," Carey's pal continued, "showing up everywhere. She thought he was a friend. She thought hanging out with him was fun, but then he wanted to take it further, and she said no. She never slept with him and he felt rejected and scorned and got very angry."
Carey's manager, Benny Medina, said: "While we appreciate Eminem as an artist, lately his work has seemed tasteless and unnecessarily mean-spirited. The public seems to agree - just look at his declining record and concert ticket sales." Eminem's rep declined comment, but we won't be surprised if he makes his own statement at the Video Music Awards on Augusr 28.

(New York Post)

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Nick and Mariah's wedding bling: a closer look
When Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey made their first public appearance as newlyweds on Thursday, the pair simply dazzled - almost as much as their wedding jewelry. Carey showed off her impressive pink diamond sparkler from of Jacob & Co.
(Saturday 10 May 2008)
Christina Milian dishes dirt on Nick Cannon
Proving to the world that her fame hasn't gone straight to her head, Christina Milian was spotted taking her mom out to lunch on Thursday. The "Dip It Low" songstress treated her mother to a delicious meal at an Asian restaurant in Santa Monica, California.
(Saturday 10 May 2008)
Mariah Carey presented with a Jacob & Co. ring
Nick Cannon has presented Mariah Carey a ring from the design board of Jacob & Co. The two celebrities are known to soon tie the knot. The ring is crafted from platinum and features a 10 carat square emerald cut light pink diamond as the center stone.
(Saturday 10 May 2008)
Mr. and Mrs. Cannon fire up Manhattan
Call it the emancipation of the Cannons. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon stepped out publicly for the first time as husband and wife Thursday night in New York, making an appearance at the party for Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World.
(Saturday 10 May 2008)
Martha to Mariah: "Congratulations... you're fabulous"
Martha Stewart has offered her congratulations to her friend Mariah Carey, for the singer's nuptials to Nick Cannon. Access Hollywood broke the news of Mariah's wedding to the domestic goddess at the Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People party.
(Saturday 10 May 2008)
"Baby would be in Gucci, Chanel and diamonds from birth"
Now that Mariah Carey is married to Nick Cannon, could kids be next? Her pals wouldn't object. When asked if the singer would be a great mother, friend Tyler Perry said: "Absolutely. Her baby would be in Gucci, Chanel and diamonds from birth."
(Saturday 10 May 2008)
It's another Ellen worldwide exclusive with Mariah Carey
Next Tuesday, Mariah Carey will join Ellen to make her first TV appearance since marrying rapper Nick Cannon. Be the first to hear about the wedding, the reception, the honeymoon - straight from Mariah herself. "We really do feel we are soulmates."
(Friday 9 May 2008)
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's night out in NYC
In addition to the plethora of beautiful people at Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World" gala last night, onlookers got a special treat as Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon made their first public appearance as man and wife.
(Friday 9 May 2008)
Mariah makes first public appearance as married couple
After playing coy in the days surrounding their semi-secret wedding, Nick and Mariah are finally stepping out as a married couple. The pair made their first appearance as man and woman at the "100 Most Influential People in the World" event.
(Friday 9 May 2008)
Carey told Snoops wedding was just a video shoot
Mariah Carey managed to keep her wedding plans a secret from even her closest friends by convincing them all her trip to the Bahamas was all part of her video plans. Cannon plays the singer's love interest in her new promo for Bye Bye.
(Friday 9 May 2008)
Are Madonna's sales numbers a disappointment?
While Madonna scored yet another No. 1 album, it may not have been the blockbuster opening that some were expecting. She sold 280,000 copies of "Hard Candy", according to Nielsen SoundScan, in its first week in stores.
(Friday 9 May 2008)
Your weakend top 10 chart preview
Good news, kiddies - there will be five debuts in next week's Top 10, and one of them will actually break 100k. That would be Neil Diamond, whose second Rick Rubin-produced Columbia album is headed toward the top of the chart, with a projected 130-135k.
(Friday 9 May 2008)
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon step out for Time 100
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon make their first public appearance together as a newly married couple at Time's "100 Most Influential People in the World" gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Thursday. Mariah performed at the event.
(Friday 9 May 2008)
Mariah Carey's "I do" details
Mariah has confessed that she has just said "hello" to life as the wife of actor Nick Cannon. As the sun sank beneath the ocean waves on April 30, 2008 the bride clutched a bouquet of ivory roses and walked in a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.
(Friday 9 May 2008)
Carey called off
Thousands of Mariah Carey fans have been left heartbroken after the pop superstars' gigs were cancelled yesterday. Fans have been left fuming at the news they will no longer get to see Carey, the world's number one-selling female artist.
(Friday 9 May 2008)
Mariah in People Magazine
They hadn't even gone public with their relationship - in fact, they had only recently begun seeing each other - when Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon decided to take the plunge. "We got tattoos!" says Carey. "His is on one shoulder to the other."
(Thursday 8 May 2008)
Mariah and Nick spill wedding beans to People
Mariah really did get married to Nick Cannon in the Bahamas last week - and they have the tattoos to prove it. The 38-year-old singer and the 27-year-old actor confirmed to People magazine that they tied the knot at Carey's Bahamian estate April 30.
(Thursday 8 May 2008)
Is Mariah Carey's wedding just a publicity stunt?
With her new album release just a few weeks before Madonna's, what's Mariah Carey got to do to win over the charts? Why, get married of course! Carey's impromptu marriage to actor/rapper Nick Cannon in the Bahamas caused quite a stir.
(Thursday 8 May 2008)
Divas in Dubai update
Midas Promotions along with Blue Giraffe Entertainment and On Golden Pond Pictures regret to announce the "Divas in Dubai" concert event is being rescheduled to a later date. "Mariah and Fergie are disappointed that they won't be able to perform."
(Thursday 8 May 2008)
Mariah confirms marriage to actor
Singer Mariah Carey has confirmed in a US magazine interview that she has tied the knot with actor Nick Cannon. "We really do feel we are soul mates - I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me," the 38-year-old told People magazine.
(Thursday 8 May 2008)
Mariah back from Bahamas and ready to warble
Hollywood's hottest newlyweds are home. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have returned to the States and are primed to resume work. Nick's 18-year-old brother, Reuben Cannon, says his newly hitched brother is currently in Los Angeles.
(Thursday 8 May 2008)
Oprah scores Mariah scoop, surprises herself
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's nuptials might have been a little more planned out than previously believed - at least according to Oprah. How could the talk-show host tell? Seems like a "Mrs. Cannon" tattoo might have tipped Winfrey off.
(Thursday 8 May 2008)
Mariah's ex suggested Cannon for video
Mariah Carey's ex-boyfriend may have driven Nick Cannon into the pop diva's arms when he suggested she use the rapper/actor in her new video. Insiders claim it was music producer Mark Sudack who urged the pop superstar to call Cannon.
(Thursday 8 May 2008)
Cannon-Carey marry, People scores invite
Mariah Carey, or the promotions people pushing her new record, had a vision of love. And People made the winning bid for a share in that vision. The mag, though typically out on newsstands later than its lower-brow bretheren scores the scoop this week.
(Wednesday 7 May 2008)
Mariah Carey wedding photos: tattoo revealed
Yes it is real. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon really are married and the Mariah Carey wedding photos have now been released and they are online. People magazine grabs the scoop and the photos and they promise all of the details.
(Wednesday 7 May 2008)
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