Mariah's live interview on UK's radio 1

Sunday 18 September 2005

Yesterday, Mariah graced the BBC Radio 1 studios and sat down for a live interview with DJ Tim Westwood at around 9:30pm British time. Here are excerpts from the interview.

About "We Belong Together"
Westwood: I mean you're really coming with the heat. Did you think you had a monster like this?
Mariah: No. I mean I really love the record and I was really like happy making it and everything but never did I think, "Okay, I'm gonna have my biggest song of my career on this record" like I was really excited and I was hopeful that it'll do well but I wasn't expecting a 14, 15 with number one on the Pop and Hip-Hop charts.

About the "Shake It Off" remix
Westwood: "Shake It Off" Remix is really strong out there man. Jay-Z stepped up, Jeezy on there, incredible. This feels like hip-hop 2005, you know what I mean? This is a strong record.
Mariah: It just came out. Are you guys playing the one with the bleeps? See in America, we have to play the bleeps. You have the good moments here in London. You can really hear the exact version.
Westwood: What's it like having him as a boss? Must be a nice feeling for you.
Mariah: Well, he's technically not my boss dahhhling. I'm an independent contractor. Listen I'm honored to have him on any record whether he's my boss, he can be king of the hill, king of the world, we love hovy baby.

About Live 8 and the "Shelter From The Storm" telethon
Mariah: It's really cool there with them 'cause I'm not about the finale. I hate a finale. Anybody who knows me will know. I hate it when they throw everybody together and they're like, "Alright, yey. We are the world" you know. I don't know, I always feel that way but then the kids made it really an important, real moment as opposed to like "everybody get out there and pretend we're all bestfriends and hold hands as we sing", whatever. So it was nice.
Westwood: The event itself was incredible for you?
Mariah: It was because just to be a part of something that means something right now is really important. We just did a telethon in L.A. for the Louisiana situation so that was a big deal in America. I don't know if anybody saw it here. It was on a bunch of stations and stuff so it's nice to be able to be involved in things that are not just like self promotion moments like right now, "here I am, The Emancipation Of Mimi in stores". Hahaha.

About not winning at the VMAs
Westwood: Congratulations to the VMAs, how many joints, four?
Mariah: Dahhhling, I ain't win nothing. I am the Susan Lucci of the VMAs. But that's okay.
Westwood: Why didn't you win an award? What happened? What went wrong?
Mariah: Dahhhling, I don't know. They don't know, those MTV people (laughs). You know what? Actually I wasn't there. I got to tell you the truth, it's too bleak to sit in the audience for a whole awards show for me, I can't take it.
Westwood: Man, you gotta go to them to win, they won't give it to you otherwise.
Mariah: Well, they gotta change the lighting (laughs). It's bleak lighting, it's overhead and they stick the camera in your face the whole time. You know, it was like "perform in the pool" and I'm like, "well I got to be the one walking on the plexi-glass in 3-inch heels" and what not, you know, they know I'm a trooper and I'll do it and we love MTV and they're fabulous and maybe one day, they'll wanna give me one of those moonmen so I can put it in a shelf with the rest of the nice awards.

(Mariah Daily)

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