Albums worth the ten bucks

Friday 5 May 2006

Music consumers have an endless amount of venues to satisfy their music needs. With legal (and illegal) downloading, satellite radio and used music stores, paying full price for an album seems almost laughable. Let's face it; music of late hasn't exactly yielded many trips to the music store. I'll be honest. I have no problem downloading a song from Bearshare or iTunes, or better yet, OurTunes, where I can copy the music from the folks in my dorm. The fact is many of today's artists use the 50/50 style for their albums: 50 percent quality, 50 percent filler. Luckily, the great album isn't exactly dead. There have been a few albums for which I didn't mind shelling out the ten bucks. Here are a few of those picks.
Mariah Carey, "The Emancipation Of Mimi": Yes, the album is a year old. Yes, it has been released twice. However, no artist had a better year than Mariah. This album was the best selling of 2005 for obvious reasons. With hits such as "We Belong Together", "Shake It Off" and "Don't Forget About Us" this is an album for any collection. It's definitely Mariah at her best, but should only be purchased once.

(excerpt from The Lantern)

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