Janet and Mariah - the leak

Thursday 17 January 2008

Sooooooooo... what I heard L.A. Reid was out in the UK to let a group of tastemakers hear the new albums by Janet and Mariah Carey. I will keep it 100 and tell you that people I know say that Mariah's sounds like a better overall album. On the flip side, I was also told that Janet has the better, standout singles. I personally am mostly interested in Mariah, because R&B is stale to me and her last CD was hot. From what I heard, the crowd seemed to favor Mariah as well.
Here are some bullet points and I will unveil the rest on Thursday. Reid said Mariah had a failed album and Janet had two failed albums at EMI and Def Jam brought Mariah back and will do same for Janet. Janet's CD is about 80% finished. Reid commented that he really didn't want to sign Janet because of her last two projects but realized that it was EMI's fault, not the icon. To him, Janet is an icon and trendsetter and she had the wrong team. Is that a JD diss?
Reidie informed everybody that Mariah's CD is called That Chick and will be released on April 1st - April Fool's. L.A. Reid didn't play the full album of either star and what was heard sounded really good. They did play a lot though. Tomorrow we'll have a break down of the songs that were played.

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