Cannon-Carey marry, People scores invite

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Mariah Carey, or the promotions people pushing her new record, had a vision of love. And People, it seems, made the winning bid for a share in that vision. The mag, though typically out on newsstands later than its lower-brow bretheren scores the scoop this week with pics and quotes from inside the couple's secret marriage. The songbird, 38 (39 if you're reading OK!), wed playboy Nick Cannon after less than a month/five weeks/two years on a private island in the Bahamas on April 30 - without even signing a prenup to protect her $225 million! And almost no one - not their friends, not their families, not relationship experts currently not treating the couple - gives them more than a few months before they'll be saying "Bye, Bye".
Except for People... which has all the exclusives. Funny how that works. "We really do feel we are soul mates," Carey tells the mag after their sunset ceremony at her estate in the Bahamas estate. "I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me." Cannon adds, "She is beautiful on the outside and 10 times as beautiful on the inside." Clearly they hadn't wait for the honeymoon to get to know one another.
Even though they didn't pay millions for their usual wedding photos and fluffy publicist approved quotes, OK! tells readers how Cannon and Carey are absolutely sure there's never been a love like theirs - except for their first two marriages. It's all raindrops and kittens from Nick's buddy Ian "DJ Irie" Grocher. "Knowing him the way I know him, if this is what has gone down it's because of what's in his heart," DJ Irie tells the mag. "Obviously she must be the woman of his dreams!" A ringing endorsement from a good friend - who hadn't actually heard about the wedding until OK! told him.
Next to People, Life & Style and Star garner the most exhaustive wedding details of the ceremony. Florist Benjamin White arrived with a private plane full of flowers, Mariah sat next to her wedding cake on her private jet, 24 guests arrived with cups of Champagne the day before, and the couple was married by Bishop Clifford Petty of the Nations Church of God on the patio of her Windermere mansion - these are just some of the goodies the L&S bunch offer.
According to Star, it was 40 guests including some rapper you won't know and they watched the couple exchanged vows on the beach. The menu included fresh lobster from Ft. Lauderdale, and the night before guests stayed at the Pineapple Fields Resort. Do keep in mind that Star has a pattern of meticulously reporting the details of weddings that didn't happen.
And In Touch pulls a neat-o trick. On their cover they boast, "Mariah's husband's shocking interview: is he using her?" The actual interview is one indirect quote where Nick comments that his ex-girlfriend Christina Milian would be hard to top but Halle Berry might make a nice upgrade. Also the interview took place in 2005. We hope it's the start of a series, B-list stars in their own words three years ago.

(Radar Online)

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